[SOLVED!] A Komplete Audio 6 review, it’s the perfect interface


Hardware tools for music are produced by only a select few. This is due to the delicacy and attention which is given to these tools. The brand, Native Instruments has been known for software tools over the years. It has also been responsible for a few hardware options. They’ve released some quite impressive products into the market and they look set to get better at what they do. 

When it comes to audio interfaces, Native Instruments has provided us with the Komplete Audio 6. This is a USB-powered desktop unit that can be purchased in just under $500. Let’s take a look at this piece of hardware in the Komplete Audio 6 review. 

General Description of the Komplete Audio 6

Design. By taking a look at the design of the Komplete Audio 6, you’ll identify the combination of a standard desktop interface with a number of ideas. To start with, the device has a tough aluminum chassis that has input ports at the front and output ports at the back. 

The design of the Audio 6 is known to feature a major difference. Some of the control and metering tools of the instrument are moves to the top of the unit. This is a great idea that helps to save usually wasted space. It also offers it an attractive and appealing design to thrill its users. However, due to this feature, you can’t store the unit in tight corners and conditions. It could cause damage to the controls at the top panels which would limit the functionality of the unit. 

Since this unit can be gotten for below $500, it’s no surprise to find just four channels. These include two XLR/TRS ports at the front and two ¼” TRS ports at the rear panel. Asides this, you’ll also find the headphone output with a unique control. These are quite simple features but they are more than enough to perform reasonably. 

At the top panel of the Komplete Audio 6, you’ll find the volume control and different indicator lights. Despite its low cost, the instrument still features high-quality preamps and Cirrus Logic converter. You’ll also find a 48V phantom that can be used to connect the condenser microphones. The Audio 6 unit packs a lot of heavy hardware for guaranteed performance. 

The software installed onto the unit is also equally impressive. As software manufacturers themselves, they have stocked this unit with a copy of the Cubase LE and Traktor LE 2 DJ software. More than enough room been created for VSTi and plugins. 

Performance. How well does the Komplete Audio 6 work? You may keep wondering about the special features of this interface and what it offers to users. Some of its features are easily found in some cheaper models but this one excels on a top performance. Yes, the interface may have a max sampling rate of 96kHz but its preamps and converters do a lot of good work. They are of the highest quality and offer top-notch performance. 

It delivers a clear, low-latency sound regardless of the instrument or sound source in question. Also, the control panel at the top allows users to clearly see what’s going on in the Komplete Audio 6. When you combine this interface with a software suite, you get one of the best performances money can buy. The quality of performance which it offers is basically one of the best in the market. 

Features of the Komplete Audio 6


Four different input and output channels. There are four different input and output channels. You’ll find two XLR/TRS combo channels at the front while there are two ¼” TRS ports at the back. Despite the limitations of having only 4 channels, these channels are effective. 

Simple design. The design of the Komplete Audio 6 is as simple as they come. It has an aluminum chassis on the top and bottom of the interface. There are also different buttons and knobs on the unit. There are also ports which are located at the front and rear of the interface. 

State-of-the-art Hardware. All of the hardware in this unit is top-notch. There is a 48V phantom power which is useful for connecting condenser mics. It also features high-quality preamps and a Cirrus Logic Converter. 

Impressive software. The software used in the Komplete Audio 6 allows for easy connection to a desktop or computer. The software present in the app include; Cubase LE and Traktor LE 2 DJ software. Komplete Elements also helps to allows balance when operating the interface. 


  • Rock-solid and efficient interface. The Komplete Audio 6 is an interface that you can rely on for efficient performance. A lot of users have relied on the unit and it has delivered without disappointment. There are a lot of positive reviews about this product online. Even experts have rated it to be a top-quality interface. 
  • Large Volume Control. A lot of reviews have found the extra volume button to be quite useful. It allows for easy changes to the volume levels even when in use. 
  • It can be used for a variety of applications. It is possible to make use of this interface with different sound sources. All you have to do is set it up and you’re good to go in one instant. 


  • There have been certain complaints about the compatibility of the operating system and drivers. Some of these issues are solved by software updates. You also have to be sure about the working condition of the computer which you want to make use of.

Final Thoughts

Komplete Audio 6 has excelled as an affordable way to record high-quality sound for different applications. It’s one of the best interface options which you can find under $500.  Having just two channels may limit its functionality for some producers but it remains a very impressive interface to use.