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You have been searching, with little luck, for a place where you could read good articles about music? Then you can stop searching because Musictoob is for you

Created in 2008 by  Andy Pembertons & Jeff DeLia and now moved the headquarter to Hanoi Vietnam. Music Toob provide useful information about music world: instruments review, issue fixing for sound software to insights into music-related topics. Also, it’s worth pointing out that unlike similar sites on the Internet, Musictoob aims to keep all of its articles as realistic as possible. Hence, you should have an easy time putting lessons you learn from our articles into practice.

Our Articles 

At a glance, you will see that Musictoob features various articles but in general, we have three focuses: news, gear reviews and tips and tricks


You want to be an up-to-date music enthusiast? You don’t know how to tell two concepts apart? You seek answers to some of your curiosities? In that case, you may want to spend a bit of time reading articles in the News category.

Put together to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of music enthusiasts, articles of the category deliver information in well-written forms. To familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of an issue, all you have to do is give the article that covers it a look. Furthermore, since our writers make an effort to keep the article relevant, they receive updates every now and then. Last but not least, Musictoob incorporates inputs from comments under articles which maintain a level of interactivity.  

Gear Reviews 

Packed with articles about instruments, accessories and so on, the Gear Reviews category attracts a lot of attention from those that want to optimize their loadout. As our writers always put the gears through extensive tests before writing, they could provide the readers with firsthand experience. By going through articles from top to bottom, you should be able to determine the suitability of particular gears with relative ease. That means you don’t have to worry about dropping big bucks on less than ideal products.   

Tips And Tricks 

As the name suggests, the Tips And Tricks category is a category that deals with how to do things in an effective and efficient manner. 

While different people have different preferences once it comes to music, it never hurts to learn from others. Overall, articles in the category show readers a couple of ways to approach a subject without ending up in a tough spot. Depending on the situation, you don’t have to follow the writer’s instructions to the letter but it’s best to avoid significant deviations. Like usual, feel free to leave comments to express your opinion on the articles, share your thoughts, suggest modifications, etc.

Our Direction

Jeff DeLia creates Musictoob because he wishes to build a site that music enthusiasts could enjoy. Besides that, via Musictoob, Jeff intends to offer a paid consulting service to people who could use some help with their music style. 

At the moment, the language of choice for articles on Musictoob is English since the majority of our readers reside in USA, Europe, etc. However, in the future, we may introduce other languages as the reader base increases. We also have a plan to expand the categories of articles on our site in order to tackle more topics. To do so, we need to bring readers with the necessary qualities and capabilities onboard which requires time. 

Our Staff


Jeff DeLia

Presently, Mr. DeLia is the Artist Manager/Music Supervisor of 72 Music Management. Up until nowadays, Mr. Delia has managed album to two Grammy Awards with seven Nominations. Clients of Mr. Delia include prominent names in the music industry such as A.J. Croce, Bobby Rush, Sarah Grace, Dom Flemons, etc. 

Andy Pemberton

Editor in chief of new music website

Andy has over 20 years experience shepherding multi-million dollar media brands in the US and the UK.

In the UK:
• Andy has edited Q, Europe’s biggest and most respected music magazine. He has presented the Q Awards and has been a regular talking head on BBC and Channel Four.
• He has written for The Guardian, The ObserverQMojoEsquire and many more.
• While at Mixmag in the 1990s he coined the term “trip hop” (see Oxford English Dictionary) and popularized the term “Superclub”.

In the US:
• Andy launched Blender magazine, the approximately one million-selling competitor to Rolling Stone in the US in 2000.
• At Blender, Andy won Ad Age’s Launch of the Year in 2002 and became a regular on US TV including appearances on VH1, CNN and ABC.
• He edited Spin magazine and re-launched
• Andy has written for The New York Times and GQ.


Liza Levy

With plenty of experience in Talents Relations at Berklee College of Music, Miss Levy is by all accounts an excellent asset to the Musictoob team. As a hardworking person, Miss Levy handles tasks with all of her attention and that guarantees the best results possible. Her wide-reaching knowledge allows Miss Levy to write about an assortment of subjects with great precision as well. 

Sue Edwards

Graduated from the University of Leeds with a BA in music, Miss Edwards is a successful professional manager. Using what she has learned from her job, Miss Edward is able to write impressive articles about music-related topics. Needless to say, most of her pieces receive a shower of praises from our readers. 

Frank Giardina

Being a Product Manager at Ultra Records, Mr. Giardina works with all kinds of artists which grants him outstanding perception. That is why Mr. Giardina is capable of producing top-notch works regarding the music industry including trends, practices, regulations… Owing to his talents, Mr. Giardina naturally earns the endorsements of quite a few people in variable fields. 


Marco Castro

As a musician, composer and producer, Mr. Castro knows a lot about the music industry from coordinating events to releasing albums. Hence, our writers consider the inputs of Mr. Castro to be invaluable while reviewing various topics. Mr. Castro is also intimate with guitars on the market and that lets him send accurate assessments to Musictoob. 

Chris Eckman

Mr. Eckman is the owner of Zuma Soundworks and that means he has extensive knowledge once it comes to music. While he graduated from Whiteman College with a BA in physiology, Mr. Eckman chose to pursue music. All things considered, the number of achievements that Mr. Eckman manages to gain proves that his decision in the past is the correct one. 

Serhan Lokman

Known as a co-founder of Gulbaba Music & Artist Management Company, Mr. Lokman is familiar with hosting events. Moreover, Mr. Lokman is an Artist Manager that introduces new artists to a wide range of music expos. Unsurprisingly, as someone with an inside look into the music industry, he could write compelling articles anytime and anywhere. 

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