[SOLVED!] Alpha Pots Vs. CTS: A Summary For Novices


Considering the popularity of Alpha and CTS in the world of potentiometers, it’s no surprise that Alpha pots Vs. CTS is a hotly discussed topic. Looking for more details on the potentiometers so you could determine which one suits your guitar most? In that case, you won’t regret reading this article to the end. Down below is everything that you must keep in mind once it comes to Alpha and CTS. 

A Comparison Of Potentiometers


All in all, there is no denying that the Alpha pots will break down sooner than their CTS counterparts. A number of users even report that they notice scratches on Alpha pots after the first use. The average lifespan of CTS pots is calculated at about three years which beats the Alpha pots. That is why in terms of longevity, CTS is the one that comes out on top in Alpha pots Vs. CTS.


For your information, the consistency of the Alpha pots is not as good as that of CTS pots because of the difference in build quality. The superior working principles allow those at CTS to turn out solid potentiometers over time. 


Generally speaking, the Alpha pots have an audio taper and a standard resistance tolerance of about 20%. In the case of CTS, its posts have a 5% drop from each level. 

Usability And Availability 

Based on customer reports, Alpha pots prove easy to use compared to the CTS pots and it’s possible to get them from many locations. In addition to that, once it comes to servicing, the Alpha pots outmatch CTS pots. The simple construction of Alpha pots also makes them well-suited for novices in the process of learning the ropes. As a result, regarding usability and availability, Alpha is the winner in Alpha pots vs. CTS.


In most of the cases, Alpha pots tend to be the economical options as they have an average price of $10 while CTS pots cost around $23. If you have a low budget then you should opt for Alpha pots. 


ConsistencyAverage Better
PriceCheaperMore expensive



Alpha Prod Inc is a well-known supplier of rotary & sliding potentiometers and encoders in the world. They’ve been providing customized products, including potentiometers, encoders, trimmers and other bespoke resistance devices to big OEMs throughout the world since 1978.


CTS is an American potentiometer manufacturer that is used in most American builds. Their potentiometers are the most suitable for US-made guitars. CTS pots are high-quality pots that are set as the standard in the industry for other guitar manufacturers. 


Between the potentiometers, the CTS pots have a clear edge in terms of longevity, quality, tolerance, and consistency. In exchange, Alpha pots reach the market at cheap prices, don’t need a lot of skills to use and there is no shortage of them at the moment. If you recently picked up guitars and cannot spend a lot of money, Alpha pots should be enough. Once you have advanced your skills and saved some buck, feel free to switch CTS pots.