[SOLVED!] Bigsby ES 335


Being able to own and play a Gibson guitar, especially the ES-335, is a goal set out by many members of the guitar community. Some people even modify their ES-335 for improved performance as well and Bigsby ES-335 is one of the popular combos. Don’t know whether it’s a good idea to put a Bigsby on your ES-335 and could use some insights? Then it’s strongly recommended that you spare some time to check out this article. 

Bigsby + ES 335: Breakdown 


For your information, it all comes down to preferences: if you like the appearance of Bigsby and your playing style fits it, feel free to go for it. However, you should know that the Bigsby ES-335 combo is neither good at playing in tune nor offering decent stability compared to the original ES-335. If you still rely on a trem but do not want to touch the Bigsby, you should think about getting a Duesenberg Les Trem.  


  • Step 1: Position the Bigsby so that the strings straightly follow the path over the bridge under the roller and onto the securing pins. 
  • Step 2: Remove the stop tailpiece, tailpiece bolts and strap button of the guitar then place the masking tape to mark the screw hole’s center. 
  • Step 3: Use a large washer between the strap button and hinge plate to keep the Bigsby in place. 
  • Step 4: Loosen the E strings, get a large clamp to hold the Bigsby firmly and mark the screw-hole positions using masking tape
  • Step 5: Drill pilot holes for the hinge-plate screws then grab a suitable screwdriver to install the Bigsby screws and button. Last but not least, install the remaining two screws in the top and the Bigsby ES 335 combo is good to go. 

Is Gibson ES-335 A Popular Guitar? 

Undeniably yes, especially once it comes to blues music. The smooth and open sound of the ES-335 makes it superbly suitable for this genre. Also, the guitar’s appearance denotes status as well as improves stage presence, thus being loved by the 20th Century electric blues artists.

Who Played The Gibson ES-335? 

Throughout history, many famous guitarists have played the Gibson ES-335 such as BB King, Eric Clapton, Grant Green, Jorma Kaukonen, Alvin Lee, …

Is Gibson ES-335 Hollow Or Semi-hollow? 

This guitar is famous for being the first commercial one to have a semi-hollow body which is sometimes regarded as semi-acoustic. 

What Differs The Gibson ES-335 From The ES-339? 

A lot of listeners cannot distinguish between these guitars since both of them have bold, fat tones alongside a satisfying percussive attack morphing into smooth sustain. The only slight difference between them lies in the resonance and mid range. Particularly, ES-339 offers less acoustic resonance while focusing more on the mid range. 

Is The Gibson ES-335 Still In Production? 

If you are looking for a Gibson ES-335 fresh from the factory, you will be disappointed since the manufacturer has stopped producing it since 1982.

Is The Gibson ES-335 Heavy? 

The weight of the Gibson ES-335 ranges from around 7 lbs to around 8 lbs 12 ounces. That is higher than other guitars in the same line (for instance, ES-345 and ES-355 have a maximum weight of 10 lbs).

Can The Gibson ES-335 Sound Like The Les Paul? 

Surely not because they have different bodies. The Gibson ES-335’s body is semi-hollow while that of Les Paul is solid. As a result, the sound and sustain cannot be the same. The sustainability of a Les Paul is much higher, but its tone is not as warm and resonant as the Gibson ES-335. 

What Are The Differences Between The Gibson ES-335 And The Gibson ES-333? 

As their names imply, the two guitars are identical to each other in terms of sound. However, you can still distinguish between ES-335 and ES-333 based on their appearance. Specifically, the ES-335 has a thick full gloss finish compared to the thin satin one of the ES-33. Additionally, the logo in ES-335 is inlaid pearloid while ES-333 has a silkscreen one. 

Which Pickup Comes With Gibson ES-335? 

While purchasing the Gibson ES-335, you would likely see one of these pickups: Calibrated T-Type Lead Humbucker and Calibrated T-Type Rhythm Humbucker.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Gibson ES-335 And The Epiphone DOT

The Gibson ES-335 belongs to the high-end vintage tier while the Epiphone DOT is much more affordable. Also, the Gibson ES-335 contains a maple center block while the Epiphone DOT has a maple body and a mahogany center block. 

What Can The Bigsby Do? 

By taking advantage of the Bigsby, guitarists could bend the pitch of either notes or entire chords via their pick hands to create different effects. The Bigsby has been the first successful design of a whammy bar or tremolo. All in all, the correct name of the Bigsby should be vibrato because of the produced sound. 

Is Bigsby Worth Using? 

Certainly yes. If you understand its limitations and take measures to avoid them, the Bigsby should be an excellent addition to your guitar. If tuning issues happen, they likely come from the bridge, bridge saddles, nuts, tuners, etc. 

Does The Bigsby Fit Every Electric Guitar? 

Basically yes. It is produced in two categories: long and short so the Bigsby can be installed in almost all electric guitars. 

A Guide For Novices

  • To prevent unwanted noise coming from the Bigsby and ES-335 combination, it is wise to connect the strings to the ground.
  • If you want the Bigsby ES-335 to generate high-quality sound, you should upgrade the pickups and your best bet at the moment is a set of Monty’s PAFs. 
  • A good way to hide the extra bushing holes as well as decorate the guitar is to order a plastic cover that you could customize.
  • If you have a hard time figuring out which Bigsby would be the perfect fit for your guitar, try out B7.