[SOLVED!] Black Strat With Tortoise Pickguard


In discussions about the color for pickguard of Strat guitars, different people often have different opinions about black Strat with tortoise pickguard. You also want to give your Strat a tortoise pickguard but don’t know if it’s going to turn out ok? Then it’s strongly recommended that you spare a bit of time to check out this article. Down below is everything you should know about the use of tortoise pickguard on black Strat to read to the end to make a wise decision. 


In layman’s terms, the tortoise pickguard could match many colors so the black Strat with tortoise pickguard should look well. Other pickguard colors that complement a black Strat include red, brow and so on, especially if the guitar features maple fretboard. Depending on the setup, three-ply white, three-ply black and mint work too. All things considered, as long as you take your style into account, you would be able to create a solid guitar. 

Why Is The Black Stratocaster So Popular? 

The popularity of the black Strat is attributed to David Gilmour, the guitarist of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. He has been using a black Fender Stratocaster since the 1970 Bath Festival. Noteworthily, the guitar played by David Gilmour was given a nickname, the “Black Strat”. 

Who Is The Curren Owner Of The “Black Strat” Of David Gilmour? 

After an auction organized in 2019, David Gilmour’s infamous “Black Strat” was sold for nearly $3 million. The person who acquired this guitar was the Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay.

Is David Gilmour’s “Black Strat” The Most Expensive Guitar? 

The answer is no. Currently, the most expensive guitar which has ever been sold is the 1959 Martin D18E. The reason why this guitar is so expensive is that it was owned and played by Kurt Cobain.

Which Color Is The Most Popular Among The Stratocasters? 

Classic Black and Sunburst are the two most popular colors in the Strat line. Another color that has made its way into the hall of fame is Candy Apple Red. 

Will The Pickguard Material Affect My Strat’s Tone? 

Yes and you should know the relationship between the Strat and the pickguard is quite complicated. Particularly, the more resonant the guitar is, the more easily it can be affected by the pickguard, thus leading to changes in the amplified sound. That also explains the tendency of jazz-box builders to favor floating pickguards. 

What Is Tortoise Pickguard Made Of? 

Obviously, the tortoise pickguard is not made from tortoise shells. In fact, it is made of celluloid or often known as Viscoloid. Celluloid was first used to make pickups in 1922 by D’Andrea, yet the celluloid mandolin picks were available in the late 1800s. 

Is It Necessary To Have A Guitar Pickup? 

Actually, having a pickup or not does not matter too much. Numerous guitars are produced without pickups and they are still loved by many people. Moreover, some guitarists install pickups just because of cosmetic reasons. 

Can Pickup Covers Influence The Tone? 

Yes, but the covers only affect the tonal properties slightly. In detail, uncovered pickups offer brighter and more open sound than covered ones if the features like magnet, coil and properties of the pickups are the same. 

Do Pickguards Age? 

Yes, they do. If celluloid is exposed to moisture, light, air, and acids, it will start breaking down. That is why shrinkage can be seen in old pickguards and eventually, the original footprint will begin to show up around the edge. Aside from that, the edges sometimes even get curled up as a result. 

Does It Take A Lot Of Work To Replace A Guitar Pickup? 

Not exactly as the process is no-nonsense. However, like other guitar mods, you need to plan ahead, prepare the right tools and have a good grasp of the process. 

Is It Possible To Play A Strat Without The Pickup? 

The answer is no as the pickups play an important role in the standard Fender-made Stratocaster. Such guitars use integrated pickups, pickup selector and volume/tone controls. 

Can Pickguard Thickness Dictate The Sound? 

Yes, the pickguard thickness influences the overall tone significantly. For your information, the thicker a guitar pickup is, the more frequencies it diminishes, thus decreasing the tone quality. Also, thick pickups decay as time passes by and they will reveal shattered-like patterns that make the guitar look worse. 

Which Pickup Is The Best For Strat? 

Your best bet at the moment is the Fender Original 57/62 with RWRP Middle Position. In the case that you like to go for a budget model, take a look at Fender Tex Mex Stratocaster Pickup Set. Additionally, if you like Seymour Duncan, it won’t hurt to give Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Psychedelic Single Coil Set some thought. 

Why Does My Strat Sound So Different From An Original One? 

The difference in sound might be the result of the stock wiring leaving the bridge pickup unconnected to the tone control. In terms of solution, all you have to do is to install a jumper wire to allow the bridge and middle pickups to share the same tone control.

Are Heavier Guitars Better Than Lighter Ones? 

The answer is yes in most of the cases. Heavier guitars offer better sustain along with more resonance and this is usually the result of wood types and body sizes. Because of you will get a fuller, warmer and louder tone. 

Is It Worth Shielding The Strat? 

The project might be time-consuming and takes a lot of effort but the result is rewarding. Once shielded, your guitar is going to be much more alive and allows you to use distortion without having to magnify the hum.