Audacity Stops Recording After A Few Minutes

Designed from the ground up to capture all sorts of sounds, Audacity usually allows people to record audio at will. When Audacity begins recording, it won’t stop unless users want to so keeping the recording going is a breeze. Still, … Read More

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How To Isolate Bass In Audacity: Hints

During track practices, the ability to isolate sounds is essential as it helps music enthusiasts get used to audio and reproduce the tracks with precision. At the moment, once it comes to sound isolation, people could rely on a wide … Read More

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Audacity Remove Hollow Sound: Instructions

By taking advantage of Audacity, people would be able to change various aspects of their recordings in times of need. Since the effects in Audacity tend to bring straightforward results, it’s a breeze to get rid of undesirable noise. Nonetheless, … Read More

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Audacity Track Won’t Expand: Advice

During the process of editing audio on Audacity, people always have the option of changing the size of onscreen tracks. Depending on individual liking, Audacity users could either click the triangle icon or press shortcut combinations to collapse/expand tracks. Usually, … Read More

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Pro Tools First Won’t Open

There’s joy and excitement in downloading and installing Pro Tools First, because you know you are one step closer to creating a masterpiece. However, instead of setting up the software, Pro Tools First won’t open – a very big disaster. … Read More