[SOLVED!] Creamback Vs. Greenback: A Couple Of Takeaways


Considering the popularity of Celestion, it’s only natural that many speaker comparisons concentrate on models made by the British brand such as Creamback vs. Greenback. You like both Celestion speakers and have a hard time deciding which one to get? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to show you everything you must keep in mind regarding Creamback and Greenback so you could make a wise investment. 



Made for lower-powered amps (30W or less), Greenback speakers usually see use in Vox AC15 and Vox AC30. Greenback. In the case of Creamback, models in the line could support high power ratings ranging from 45W to 75W. 


For ease of convenience, we will talk about two models that have similar specs: G12M Greenback and G12M-65 Creamback. Overall, the sounds of Creamback prove to be warm and have depth. On the other hand, the sounds created by Greenback seem a bit thin but tend to be bright and vivid. 

Number Of Cabinets 

For your information, you could change the number of cabinets and still use the same amplifier head. For instance, if you own a 60W head, you can make use of either two cabinets with Greenback G12M speakers or one cabinet with Creamback G12M-65. 

To be more specific, consider two setups with a 120W head: 

  • 4×12” cabinet with Greenback speakers 
  • 2×12” cabinet with Creamback speakers 

First, let’s forget the speakers’ types. Once it comes to the difference between a 2×12” cabinet and a 4×12” cabinet, the former provides a much brighter and thinner sound. Meanwhile, the e 4×12” creates a fuller and warmer sound with more bass response. 

Based on the result, it’s safe to say the Creamback creates warmer and fuller sounds compared to the Creamback. The design excels at preventing losses of depth that could occur as you shift from a 4×12” cabinet to a 2×12” one. The reason behind the invention of Creamback was to allow guitarists to use a smaller cabinet and still have a similar tone to the Greenback. Even though it’s not 100% identical, the tone did come very close. 

Creamback Vs. Greenback: Summary 

Power Handling45W – 60W25W – 30W
SoundWarmer, more depthThinner, brighter and more vivid
Number of cabinets12
PracticalEasy to transportHard to move with 2 cabinets

Specs Of Notable Creamback Speakers

ModelPower RatingSensitivityDiameter
G12 Neo60W97dB12”

Specs Of Notable Greenback Speakers

ModelPower RatingSensitivityDiameter


Different people have different preferences so the community is at odds once it comes to Creamback vs. Greenback. In the end, it’s up to you but you should consider how you want to use the speakers. 

  • The Creamback line is somewhat more suitable for many purposes with higher and more variable power ratings (from 45W to 75W). Also, models in the lines deliver warmer sounds and add more depth while minimizing depth losses during cabinet switches. Besides that, the Creamback keeps the number of cabinets down regardless of the amplifier head so you can transport everything easily. 
  • The Greenback line only offers 2 power ratings which are 25W and 30W, and requires more cabinets to produce thinner and more vivid sounds, but much harder to transport.