[SOLVED!] Epiphone SG Special Review: Features, Pros and Cons


When trying to get an electric guitar, it’s important that you know exactly what you want and what you should look out to buy. There are a variety of guitars in the market which are affordable but with poor quality. It can become very difficult to get something simple to purchase while on a budget. 

However, the Epiphone SG Special is an exception to this rule. Despite being priced at only $200, it was designed with a high level of quality. It is one of the most popular models released by the guitar manufacturer. It’s an instrument that has been used by even experienced guitar players. A lot of beginners have also fallen in love with the guitar because it’s affordable and they can easily make use of it. 

What is the Epiphone SG Special? 

Let’s take a closer look at the SG Special. This guitar is an entry-level model and as such possesses only hardware available on similar Epiphone guitars. For lovers of the Epiphone SG, the SG Special is only a smaller variant of the original. The hardware of this guitar is chromed and has a different contrast to the rest of the body.


Despite its affordable price, it’s body is still made from solid Adler. This a great bonus. The Adler ensures that the provides a high-quality tone characteristic of the more expensive guitar models. The neck is made from hard maple and the design allows learners to learn as quickly as possible. 

One of the bonus features of the Epiphone SG Special is the KillPot Switch. It can be used to mute the guitar for a second when pushed. It offers the guitarist a chance to manually include “pauses” as they play. It offers another dimension to playing and would be an interesting introduction to suit your musical needs. 


The features of this Epiphone SG Special include the following;

  • Sleek body design
  • Variety of attractive finishes
  • Tough mahogany body
  • KillPot control and switch 
  • White dot inlays
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Available in a number of finishes

General Description

Body and Neck. The Epiphone SG Special is known to have a similar feel and aesthetic with the original SG. Its body is made from a mahogany veneer. The body is designed to be lightweight. It can easily be moved around and is comfortable to hold. This makes it easier to maneuver for beginners. 

The neck is quite playable. The neck is designed with a traditional SlimTaper S-shaped profile. This also includes a 22 fret rosewood fretboard. All elements of its appearance give the feeling of an Authentic SG guitar. The shape of the body and neck make it easier to play at a high tempo without stressing your hands. 

Hardware. It’s no doubt that the Epiphone SG Special has a special design that names it appears like a professional guitar. However, the hard truth is that it’s still an entry-level guitar. Due to this, you’ll find a 650R and 700T at the neck and bridge respectively. They may be considered to be quite simple but they still rank well when compared to what’s available on other entry-level guitars. 

The pickups for the guitar are simple to use and quite reliable. The remaining pieces of hardware included are similar to what’s on Epiphone’s entry-level models. Everything used is basic but is reliable enough to consistently produce great sound.

Sound. A single trial with the Epiphone SG special will reveal that the guitar has a hard rock tone. It’s also considered to be a versatile instrument. The tone is balanced but with more high-pitched sounds. More importantly, it’s reliable tuners help to keep the sound stable. When combined with the equipment, you get the chance to enjoy the guitar without any limits. 

It’s a perfect instrument for practice and jamming your favorite tunes. It would be too much work to make use of this guitar for something professional. 

Who is the Epiphone SG Special suited for?

Basically, anyone can make use of this special guitar. This guitar can easily fit into a number of categories but it’s worth noting that each of these guitars is made with a certain sound in mind. The Epiphone SG Special guitar sounds more like a hard rock guitar. As a guitarist, you are able to get good distortion and overdrive from this instrument.

The guitar may be unsuited for professional events which may require a more precise and subtle sound. Overall, it’s a nice guitar to play and can easily be used to get the sound that you are looking for. 


  • A simple, lightweight and cost-effective option for a guitar
  • KillPot Switch makes it easier for you to include special effects into your play style easily
  • Attractive design with a glossy finish
  • Costs less than $200
  • Has an impressive aesthetic appeal and feel
  • Capable of producing a hard rock sound.
  • Easy to adjust the tune. The guitar stays in tune and has a variety of playability options
  • It can be used for fast tempo music with little stress.


  • It doesn’t include or come with any special accessories. You would need to purchase any necessary accessories separately
  • The gulf in quality is obvious when compared with the more expensive Epiphone models
  • Simple materials are used in the production of this guitar
  • A lot of professional guitarists would not pick this instrument

Final Thoughts

When you compare the number of features that you stand to gain from this guitar with its price, you’re inclined to fall in love with it. The Epiphone SG Special is seen as a great choice when considering low-budget options. As you get better at playing it, you can carry out upgrades on the pickup and strings. 

The Epiphone SG Special doesn’t promise anything too much but it’s a great choice to offer the quality that you need.