[SOLVED!] Fender The Twin Red Knob


Fender is known for making quality amplifiers but not all of its products receive positive reception and Fender “The Twin” Red Knob is a prime example. While a number of people believe the Fender amplifier to be a solid model, others find it less than ideal. You intend to pick up a Fender “The Twin” Red Knob but don’t know whether it’s a good investment? In that case, this article is going to be of use to you. 

Specifications Of The Fender Amplifier

  • Production years: from 1987 to 1994 
  • Cabinet dimensions: 22 x 26 x 12
  • Cabinet hardware: large chassis straps 5 5/8”, black strap handle, glides and corner protectors 
  • Covering material: black tolex, snakeskin, white snakeskin, red cobra and dark gray grill cloth 
  • Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Speaker size: 2 12″ Fender speakers
  • Speaker impedance: 16 ohms (there are two 8-ohm speakers connected in series)
  • Speaker model 8 ohm eminence made Fender special design blue label speakers
  • Effects: reverb, channel switching, effects loop
  • Watts: the lowest is 25 Watts while the highest is 100 Watts 
  • Tubes preamps: 5 12AX7 and 2 12AT7
  • Tubes power: 4 6L6

An Analysis Of Fender “The Twin” Red Knob

In most of the cases, Fender “The Twin” Red Knob gives a good account of itself at medium gain levels. However, the performance of the Fender amplifier is mediocre at high gain levels. Aside from that,  Fender “The Twin” Red Knob is versatile since the power cut switch is capable of changing between 100 and 25 Watts. Additionally, the amplifier made by Fender offers a clean sound that easily satisfies everyone’s ears so many users agree that it’s a real gem at a low price. 

That being said, Fender “The Twin” Red Knob needs lots of adjustments to get the most out of it. Moreover, the sound of the amplifier from Fender is kind of loud even though it is good in terms of quality. It’s noteworthy that a lot of people complain about the weight of  Fender “The Twin” Red Knob too: 77 lbs is too heavy to carry around. 

Where Are Fender Red Knob “The Twin” Amp Produced? 

All of these amps are produced in the United States, the home of the Fender brand. 

Which Genre Suits Fender Red Knob “The Twin” Amp Best? 

Given its versatility, the Fender “The Twin” Red Knob can be used with almost all music genres. Some of them are rock, blues, soul, funk, electronic, pop, etc.

Which Artist Uses The Fender Red Knob “The Twin” Amp? 

The number of artists who use Fender “The Twin” Red Knob amp is large and they have been able to inspire other music enthusiasts. Some of the more popular names include Kevin Parker, Eric Clapton, Robben Ford, Blixa Bargeld, Kevin Shields, etc. 

Is The Fender Red Knob “The Twin” The Same As The Fender “Evil Twin”? 

The answer is no, for sure. The “Evil Twin” amp was first introduced in 1994 when the Fender Red Knob “The Twin” production ceased. However, these two amps are quite similar to each other in terms of design and specifications. So, if you want to differentiate between them, bear in mind that The “Evil Twin”’s knobs are black. 

Is The Fender “Evil Twin” The Next Version Of The Fender Red Knob “The Twin”? 

Yes, you can consider “Evil Twin” to be the successor of “The Twin”. Although the brand has not officially mentioned it, it is possible to see the link from the manufacturing time. 

Can I Buy A Fender Red Knob “The Twin” These Days? 

Sure, you can easily find one on the Internet. Even though production stopped a long time ago, there are still people selling Fender Red Knob “The Twin” in good condition.

Are Fender Red Knob “The Twin”’s Part Replacement Available? 

If a part of your Fender Red Knob “The Twin” is broken, there is nothing to worry about since finding replacements is a straightforward affair. Also, there are many videos on the Internet that can guide you through the fixing process. 

Can I Find Out The Age Of My Fender Amp? 

Yes, but you can only do so with the amps being produced from 1990. All you have to do is to look for the date code which is printed on the quality assurance (QA) sticker. 

How Long Does An Amplifier Last?

If you own a solid-state amp, it can work for more than 30 years regardless of the use frequency. The same thing applies to the tube amps but you should remember to re-tube every 2 years. 

Are Modern Amps Better Than The Old Ones? 

As technology advances, modern amplifiers usually have superior quality compared to old ones. That is proven through the distortion as the old ones tend to have more of it. 

What Do I Need To Do To Make My Amp Sound More Rock? 

If you plan to play rock songs, you should have the bass on 5, the treble on 4 and the mids on 7. Of course, that configuration is just the start since you might need to play around before finding the most suitable settings. In the case that you want a thick tone without seeing the gain go up, it is wise to increase the mids 


  • To get the cleanest sound from a Fender “The Twin” Red Knob amp, you should use effect pedals with it. 
  • In case you are experiencing tube distortion from the Fender “The Twin” Red Knob amp, it is because you have not turned it up enough. 
  • The Fender amp works best when you play it in an arena or outside. That is also the intention of the manufacturers since they needed an amp that worked in large venues back in the day. 
  • Keep in mind that switching between high and low watts only works when the amp is turned off. 
  • To get the smoothest overdrive sound, you should start with the dirty channel first. After that, it is advisable to set the tone controls to 5 and the channel volume to 3.