[SOLVED!] Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5, what should you choose?


Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, human creativity has also been raised to a higher level. In the field of guitar production, too. There are many types of guitars that have appeared on the market with different styles, designs, and uses.We know it can be a hard choice to lay your hands on that perfect piece when it comes to guitar selection. Are you confuse between Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5? Let us help you.

What makes Godin A6 Ultra such a famous acoustic guitar?

When it comes to the league of acoustic guitars, the Godin A6 Ultra is clearly in a class of its own. It is one of the best known in this category of guitars and in this section of the piece, there will be an explanation as to why this instrument has achieved such fame and acclaim. The best answer to this question is that the guitar has the most impressive collection of features and qualities. 

For example, it comes with its outstanding plugged-in acoustic sound but that is not all. It also has an excellent body design that ensures that there is no feedback while the user is doing loud and live settings. This is one feature that many guitarists describe as being priceless. 

This guitar also has other features like its dual outputs (which are electric and acoustic). This is perfect for a massive sound further accentuated by a special Godin preamp particularly crafted for the A6 Ultra. With this, the guitarist is able to exercise full control of the tone through the sliders for acoustic volume, mid, bass equalizer, treble electric humbucker volume, and independent control settings. The control is made very easy via the single acoustic mix or through the two outputs using just the fingers. 

illustrative image of Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5

In addition to all these, the A6 is perfectly suited for various genres of music, so if a musician wants to try out some jazz, old country, rock or even blues, this is one guitar that will never disappoint. This is one special acoustic guitar that has a variety of sounds that are not only unique but with quality that you cannot just get on another guitar. 

illustrative image of Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5

Tips of modification on an A6 Ultra

It is not uncommon for users to complain that after a while, they are getting some humming sound from A6 Ultra and a few are lost as to how to go with the modifications. For those who usually experience this, they often discover the hum once they plugged the instrument in. But if this is what you are experiencing, all hope is not lost as there are tips on how you can go about modifying it. 

First, you can work on the noise gate, plug and unplug the guitar in all the jacks then reduce the volume. If this does not work, another thing you can check is the grounding and check all the outlets and ensure that there is no electrical interference from any side. These tips often work and assist those who may be worried about how to go about the modification. To make it all easier, the settings are easy to comprehend and work with. So, in cases where modifications are to be done, even an amateur can get a grip of the device in no time. 

In some other cases, the problems can be with the wiring and it may not even be obvious to the most experienced users. If this happens to be the case, it will be better not to embark on self-modification of the device but to reach out to the nearest expert store, preferably the one that handles this exact brand. This will sort warranty issues and also ensure the guitar is not damaged while the problem is also fixed – often at the most pocket-friendly rates. 

a man is playing Godin A6 Ultra

Taylor T5- an acoustic guitar with the best electric tones

The talk of the best acoustic guitars is definitely not complete without mentioning the Taylor T5. For several reasons, this device is considered to be the best as far as generating electric tones are concerned. As far hybrid guitar niche is concerned, the Taylor T5 is one piece that deserves maximum respect. 

From the stable of the renowned Taylor Guitar Company, the Taylor T5 has come to stun everyone and all its series have been adjudged to be the finest in their respective categories – Standard, Custom, Pro and Classic. 

Even though many have described the Taylor T5 as a first-class device, there are several reasons behind such a conclusion. At first look, it has nothing that can be said to be sophisticated but its elegance cannot be denied. The classic series comes with the finest mahogany tops while the back and sides have an attractive satin finish. 

image of a Taylor T5

Tips for modifications on a Taylor T5

Modification for the Taylor T5 is quite similar to the one described above for the Godin A6. Some users complain of hearing disturbing hums shortly after purchase (immediately after plugging it into power supply) but the same solutions apply. Further modifications can be done by following the detailed guides or manuals sent with the instrument. 

However, in cases where advanced modifications may be needed, it is instructive that expert assistance is sought directly from the customer care units of the Taylor Guitar Company. They have units that are often more than happy to assist in all ways possible. 

a man is playing Taylor T5

Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5 – which one to go for?

Well, considering the fact that both acoustic guitars are considered champions in their respective ways, knowing which one to select between Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5 can be a bit dicey. However, the selection can still be made depending on the cost. In terms of price, some will prefer to go for the Taylor T5 as it has more pocket-friendly series and models than the A6 Ultra which some will consider being on the pricey end. 

illustrative image of Godin A6 Ultra vs Taylor T5

But price aside, it seems all parameters of quality as far as acoustic sound is concerned will always place A6 Ultra at least a notch higher than the Taylor T5. For durability, both score excellently and the same goes for the overall design. The finest wood and metal are used in the manufacture of both and they are both long-lasting so that cannot be a factor in the elimination. At the end of it all, the ultimate decision will be left to the guitarist who will have to choose based on the device that will meet his or her needs the most.