How To Find A Good Piano Teacher


A piano is a musical instrument that can refresh listeners’ minds with magical chords and tunes. You can learn at any age you want to start with a good mentor. A good piano teacher is a good mentor who helps their students reach a triumphant peak.

Maybe they won’t serve you for long but their inspiration and motivation will work as fuel to inspire. You can fulfill your dream and lifelong burning desire to be a pianist at any time of your lifetime. I hope this article will help you to find the best piano teacher of your requirements who will foster your growth on its instrument.

How to Find a Good Piano Teacher

Finding a good piano teacher is not an easy term. Before you find a local Piano teacher you have to go through some justifications about the teacher. If you are looking for a piano teacher in the USA, You can search on the Website MTNA.

Here you can find the world’s top-class piano teachers with years of experience. If you are looking for a list of Piano teachers in Canada,  who are experts with Classical Piano lessons, jazz piano lessons toronto , Harmony piano lessons Toronto, Pop piano lessons, Sight -Reading piano lessons, and so on.

Here you can get another facility that if you want to learn from a teacher of any language you prefer you can easily find a list of your preferable teacher. Before you appoint a piano teacher It’s also important to know the level of the students whether they are beginners, intermediate, or advanced level. Now. If you follow the below techniques, you will get the best piano teacher you are looking for.

Finding A  Piano Teacher

This is not an easy and quick approach to finding a good piano teacher. You must keep patience and follow some techniques while finding a teacher.  Appointing the wrong piano teacher will bring your hope nipped in the bud.

Because learning piano is not an easy term, you can’t walk a long way without the help of a good piano teacher. The techniques you can apply while finding a piano teacher can be separated into two terms: hiring a piano teacher and appointing the best piano teacher.

Goals And Expectations

Before you are looking for a good piano teacher, it’s really important to set your goal first. And know the expectations from your own self. Ask your first.  Are you going to learn just as a hobby? Ask yourself first, what is the reason for your piano learning?

Where are you going to apply your piano skill? Is there any duration of your course time to be finished? Asking these questions will make it clear to you to identify the teacher that matches your needs.

Consider The Student

What type of piano teacher do you need for the student? Before you find the teacher it’s really important for you to consider the type of student.

  • Firstly consider the age of the student. If they are below 10 maybe it’s time to find a friendly teacher who at least has a piece of proper knowledge about the basics. Childhood is the time to make the student love the instrument they will learn.
  • You can observe the student’s interest in the type of music they love to listen to playing with the piano. You can also ask them how they feel while playing the different melodies of classical, jazz, pop, and rock music.
  • Consider the student’s ability to learn and see how fast they can catch up with the cords and rhythms.

Consider The Lesson Format

Consider the lesson format you want to learn. Identify your choice first that will help you to narrow your list.

  • How would you like to learn your piano lessons? Some students like to learn privately at home but it costs much. But learning privately will give you much scope to get more advice and learning styles from the teachers. While learning in a group format lesson will give you a nice environment with the other students and you can advance your level with the competition with them. This also will save your expenses.
  • You have to consider the location whether it is helpful for you to be timely reachable. Where are you actually going to learn lessons at the teacher’s home or in a studio or at school? If it is not just a walking distance, you have to think about how easily you can reach the destination.
  • Consider the time if you can adjust with your other working schedules. Learning a lesson is a time-consuming matter that you really need to refine your skills.

Teacher’s Recommendation

Make a list of individual piano teachers’ names and determine whether their personality matches help from your neighbors and colleagues about the piano teachers they suggested for their family members or relatives. Note if they offer more than 2 or 3 teachers’ names and ask for the best recommendation.

  • Secondary schools and Music universities can suggest the best teachers to locate in the particular area you usually need to go to.
  • Local music instrument shops or piano stores can be an excellent source to recommend you to a good piano teacher.

Search On Yellow Pages And Websites

You can look at the yellow pages of a telephone book. They often have ads for the piano teachers, which will point you out to the local music or piano stores for recommendations of a good piano teacher.

MTNA and National Piano Federation websites can give you an idea of the best piano teachers in your nearby locality.

Compile A List Of Teachers

Note down the teacher’s name and make a compilation of the list with the note of why you can hire them. You can make a shortlist of the possible teachers can contact to interview

  • Note down the teacher’s contact info besides their name and mark why they are more choice-able than the other piano teachers.
  • Do not only go for the best matches with a skilled professional teacher. You also have to keep in mind that you need such a teacher who is skilled and can adjust with their friendly and polite attitude.

Contact The Teacher

After you have made the compilation list of the teachers, you have to approach step by step.

  • Try to contact them with the possible ways they feel to contact you. If they give you an email address, send them mail. Some of the teachers will provide their contact numbers only available only for a few several times. Try to contact only the preferable way they like to talk or choose to chat.
  • If you can’t reach the teacher by sending an email for more than one week, try to meet with them if there are other possible ways. If you still can’t get in touch with them, you can sort them out from the list.
  • If the teacher really seems to be best suitable for the students you are hiring for. You can just leave your information to their concern.

Interview The Teacher

Taking a face-to-face Interview with a teacher will make you understand if the teacher will be the right fit for your needs.

  • Welcome a teacher for an interview. You can send them invitations for a meeting. This is the way you can ask the teacher about their background in the music world. When they have started with music, they have certification or awards on music.
  • You can ask the teacher about their former students and the current students. And also teachers’ feedback about the student.
  • While you are taking interviews with the teacher, notice her inner quality. A good teacher must be patient, have a positive attitude, and have inspirational power.
  • This is most important to understand whether you can be able to adjust with the teacher. Try to trust your instinct, how much you or your child can be comfortable with the teacher you are going to appoint.

Attend A Recital Or Piano Lesson

You can get a much better idea of the teacher while you see the teacher in action. If it is possible, try to participate in a recital program or any trial classes of that teacher. This is how you will get a chance to know about the teacher’s personality and skills.

Compare Your Experience

Once you have met or interviewed the teachers, you can compare your ideas about them.

  • Make a checklist among the teachers, what you like and didn’t like during your meeting with each of the teachers.
  • Once you know the qualities of the teacher that matches your requirements. Make a shortlist and note down the reasons why you have selected them.

Make An Offer

After you get the top listed right teacher meets your requirements. Make an offer and know their decisions if they can manage to make a schedule for you.

  • Contact the teacher and let them know that you like them to be your teacher or instructor.
  • The teachers also need to check their possibilities of how they can take your offer. In that case, try to respect their decisions. Maybe they think that their styles and method of teaching can’t best serve you. Be patient and go for the next teachers you listed.

Final Thoughts

Your success in your piano career mostly depends on how you have started at the beginning. If you can cover up the difficulties as a beginner, obviously you can go far with your career. You or your child can get lifetime enjoyment and rich awards with the appreciation of the right teacher.

A good teacher will always help you to step forward in your career and keep you motivated at any stage of your life. They will always stay by your side blessing you with their knowledge and motivational influence.