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If you need to know how to muffle audio online, look no further than Audacity, an open-source and free sound-changing program that can also function as a record application. Using this app, you can easily add various effects to the tune, including muffling audio. Spare some time to check out this article to master various options of Audacity and use them to make songs sound muffled.

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Talking about the phases where it is available, Audacity is, perhaps, the best recording programming which is open on all significant working structures, for example, Apple OS, Windows and particular other working systems. Developed way back all through the spring-fall of the year 1999, Audacity was the brainchild of two University graduates, named Dominic Mazzoni and Rodger Dannenberg. At the point when the perspective and structure of the item was developed, the architects dispatched the item on a Public stage in the hour of 2008.

As per the progressing reports, Audacity has been developed that Audacity has transformed into the most noticeable and most downloaded propelled sound from Fosshub, with records exhibiting that the downloads have outperformed 75 million checks since the fundamental cash related quarter of 2015. These bits of knowledge are from a single site page and if the total count is to be considered, Audacity has been downloaded by the customers for more than 200 million times since its release. Graciousness to these achievements and its incredible qualities, the Audacity gathering won the respect for the best programming for media in the Community Choice Awards of 2009. 

What is the muffled effect for an audio clip?

Have you ever heard about how a silencer works? Well, if you are a movie enthusiast, you must have seen various movies where the person who is about to shoot a gun puts a silencer at the nozzle. This is done so as to reduce the sound of the gunshot as well as muffle the sound effect.

In similar terms, it is often required to put some additional effects to a song so that it seems to come from a distance. This is where the muffling effect comes into action. Once the sound is muffled, you will hear a different soundtrack as that of the original. It has been seen that most of the times, various movies and films demand that some songs come from other rooms or should have a distant effect and that is why the muffled effect is used to muffle various songs.

How to make a song sound muffled?

Now, we come to the most important part of the article as to how can we make a song sound muffled. As you can see, we have already discussed the needs as to why we require a muffled sound. However, apart from these, if you have a sound clip where the background noise is quite higher and you need to club two such audio clips, you will need to use the muffling effect to blur the background. So, without any delay, let us look at how we can muffle a song or any audio clip for that matter in Audacity:

So, once you open the audacity app, you will now need to click on the File tab and select the Open tab from the dropdown menu. Once you click the Open tab, you will now get a wide array of sound clips present on your computer or system in which you can add the muffling effect from audacity. Now, once you have decided that on which file you are doing the muffling effect, you can select it and press ok to confirm. So, once your pressed OK, your sound clip will now be imported to the main screen of the audacity app for you to edit and add several types of effects for the overall sound quality of your audio clip.

However, one thing which you should keep in mind while adding the muffling effect is that if you are planning to add the muffling effect to a song, you should clean out the background music in order to get the perfect quality of muffle for your song.

Now, once this is done, you will need to select the part of the song you want to muffle and click on the tab showing “Effects”. Once you have clicked on “Effects”, you will now get a drop-down menu of different sound effects, out of which, you will need to click on “Low Pass Filter”.

illustrative image of how to make a song sound muffled

So, once the effect of Low pass filter has been selected, you can now alter the frequency and sound intensity of the audio clip as per your requirements.

illustrative image of how to make a song sound muffled

I, however, would suggest that you adjust your roll-off sound intensity to 24dB and the cut-off frequency to 1500 hertz for the best muffle effect. So, now, once all these are done, you will need to take a major step of removing all the noises and other disturbing background noises from your audio clip or else, your final output would not be of high texture. 

So, in this way, you can use the Audacity app for editing various audio clips and add numerous effect to your song or any other audio clip to make it sounds much better and sweeter and apart from this, you can also use other apps such as Adobe Audition and Pocket Band to add such muffle effects to your song.

Features of Audacity

Let us discuss a small portion of the unique features of Audacity. 

But most of the specialists and record producers will as a rule use Audacity as an instrument for recording diverse sound fastens, yet, it has been seen that Audacity can moreover be used for various after age purposes, which fuse including various effects, blender tracks, altering, obscuring similarly as normalizing a couple or all bits of the sound catch. Besides this, Audacity has moreover found expansive use to mix and record different tracks and has been starting late used in the national level course of the United Kingdom for their Sound Engineering unit. 

Other critical features of Audacity join multi UI subjects which help the customer to pick an altered look and all-around experience of the application. Besides this, there are different record choices which help the music creator to investigate through various decisions to achieve the perfect sound. In any case, truly, the best segment of Audacity is its changing decision.

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