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SOLVED - How To Play Sound Through Skype Screen Share: Detailed Guidance SOLVED - How To Play Sound Through Skype Screen Share: Detailed Guidance

How To Play Sound Through Skype Screen Share: Detailed Guidance


Skype is considered to be one of the most prominent telecommunications applications these kinds of days Due to the numerous features it offers to users. Among Skype’s features, screen sharing (enabled by clicking “Share screen”) is highly appreciated by people that just hate to type extended messages during conversations. But while the screen sharing feature of Skype indeed works fine in most cases, things get slightly frustrating once it comes to audio playback. Hence, one question often trouble new Skype users: how to play sound through Skype screen share 

You need to play sound from your computer with Skype but don’t know how?  In that case, you have come to the right place. This article would show you what needs to be done so your partners on Skype could hear audio playback on your PC using screen sharing. 

The Root Of The Issue

Your microphone should prove adequate in usual Skype voice communication but it’s a less than ideal broadcasting source. Even if you don’t notice any issues in sound quality, the possibility of displeasing audio feedback is rather high nonetheless. So to play sound using Skype screen share, it’s strongly recommended that you tweak your audio setup a bit. If you manage to apply proper adjustments, your partners shall hear exactly what you hear.  

Popular Options For Skype Users

Generally speaking, tech-savvy people often have a variety of ideas regarding how to play sound through Skype screen share. That being said, in case you want something straightforward, you must check out the following.    

  • Enable “Stereo Mix” In Windows

Overall, if the operating system of your computer happens to be Windows, you would be able to use “Stereo Mix”.  To put it plainly, “Stereo Mix” lets you play audio playback on your computer like it comes out from your speakers. Needless to say, “Stereo Mix” of Windows is well-suited for capturing sound for screen-sharing sessions on Skype. In order to enable “Stereo Mix”, follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Right-click the Audio icon and hit “Recording devices”

Step 2: Pick the “Recording” tab and right-click on a blank area. Ensure that both “View Disabled Devices” and “View Disconnected Devices” show as checked. Then “Stereo Mix” is going to pop up.

  • Step 3: Right-click “Stereo Mix” and click “Enable” to use it
  • Step 4: Launch Skype, go to Setting and click Audio & Video. On the right side, you could see your mic setting, change it from default to “Stereo Mix”. Now, your partners on Skype should be able to hear the audio playback on your computer without experiencing issues.  

Note: “Stereo Mix” seems to be missing on your computer? If that occurs then it’s highly likely that your PC is using outdated drivers. To address that, all you have to do is to update to the latest drivers. Once you have up-to-date drivers on your PC, “Stereo Mix” would show up. But in the case that “Stereo Mix” remains elusive after everything you have done, you might have to accept the fact that “Stereo Mix” isn’t supported by your soundcard. At that point, you must resort to other options to play audio playback with Skype. 

  • Plug In An Auxiliary Cable

If your computer happens to lack “Stereo Mix”, an auxiliary cable is an excellent alternative to your Skype audio trouble. Generally speaking, one end of the cable would go into your computer and the other should be plugged into your PC’s microphone input jack. Then you need to go over to the “Sound” setting to switch your default device from “Microphone” to “Line-In”. Afterward, just launch Skype in order to test things out.     

  • Download Voicemeeter To Your Computer

In case you don’t know, Voicemeeter is a Donationware (free to use) virtual audio mixer that provides users with three inputs and three outputs. Voicemeeter proves highly capable of managing audio sources from/to devices as well as applications. 

To download the latest version of Voicemeeter, you only need to go to its website. After you finish installing, connect your audio devices such as headphones, microphones, … then launch Skype. Select your monitoring device, add your mic and designate Voicemeeter as your default playback device. Next, it’s necessary for you to download another free app called VB-Audio Virtual Cable before you could start sharing audio playback using Skype. Once everything is in place, your PC audio setup should be ready to play whatever sound through Skype screen share.

Final Words: Skype And You

All in all, Skype is a wonderful app that keeps people connected: it lets users make hassle-free voice calls, video chats and so on. By learning how to play sound through Skype screen share, you could get the most out of your conversational experience. 


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