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SOLVED - How To Reduce Static On Mic: Several Tips And Tricks SOLVED - How To Reduce Static On Mic: Several Tips And Tricks

How To Reduce Static On Mic: Several Tips And Tricks

With good headsets, people would be able to make video calls, audio chats and so on without having much difficulty. That being said, even state-of-the-art headsets nowadays might produce static on occasions that cause various audio issues. In that situation, it’s essential to address the source of static properly before you put on your headset again. But as many things could lead to the introduction of static in headsets, one question is hotly discussed/debated: how to reduce static on mic? 

Feeling frustrated by the near-constant crackling sounds in your headset but don’t know what needs to be done? If that is so, you come to the right place. Down below, you would find virtually everything you must keep in mind regarding static on mic from causes to solutions. 

Why Static Shows Up: Possibilities

As mentioned above, static in headsets may emerge because of various factors but in most of the cases, it often falls into one of two categories: headsets and audio setting. 

Issues with the actual headsets: Defective products slip through quality control from time to time. Obviously, flawed headsets tend to have less than ideal audio performance and static is one of the most common traits. Over time, certain internal parts of the headsets suddenly fail which cause distorted sounds, static, … In addition to that, static appears on mic due to user’s mistakes as well. For example, a couple of people forget to push the jacks of the headsets deep enough into the plug holes. Others even plug the jack into the wrong plug hole. 

Issues with the audio setting: In the case your headset works just fine then it’s highly like that the audio setting is at fault. By examining the audio setting of your computer, you should be able to identify potentials sources of static on mic. After that, all you have to do is to apply adjustments to the settings and see how things turn out. Remember to write down the original audio setting in case you make mistakes while adjusting. In any case, depending on the situation, brand new sound cards could sometimes be necessary.  

Troubleshooting Static On Mic: Instructions

  • Proceed to disconnect and reconnect the jack of your headset but instead of forcing the jack in, gently push it. To make sure that your jack is in the correct plug hole, especially if it’s hard-to-reach, use a torchlight to check the symbol right above the hole. In the case your headset happens to be wireless, consider moving it away from the computer to see if that reduces the static on mic. Moreover, turning off other wireless devices in the surrounding while your wireless headset is in use might minimize potential inferences.   
  • In the case nothing changes, plug in your headset into other devices like laptops to see if the static persists. If you still hear the crackling sounds then one of the wires inside the cord must have been loosened. To confirm that, you should wiggle section after section the cord. Once you locate the loose connection, use some tape to loop the cord around that spot as a temporary fix. For long term solutions, re-soldering is a nice choice but many people opt to buy brand new headsets and ditch the olds ones altogether. 
  • If you fail to see improvements, turn the volume of your computer up and down. If the static on mic drop, the amplifier of the computer must be unable to drive the headset properly due to its lack of power. At that point, consider grabbing an external amplifier to provide your headset with enough power.  
  • The crackling sounds still linger? In that case, just unplug your headset and connect a different headset to your computer. If the static on mic remains noticeable to your ears, the plughole could be too dirty and require thorough cleaning. So get yourself some cotton swabs as well as rubbing alcohol to clean the hole. Take the opportunity to check if the sound card of your computer is seated correctly. 

Note: In a couple of cases, users notice that just by getting the computer grounded, static on mic drops markedly. Actually, grounding the computer is among the preferred options for people that want to know how to reduce static on mic these kinds of days. To ground your computer, plug it into a nearby wall outlet then touch its case.  

Tweaking The Audio Setting Of The Computer To Reduce Static

Generally speaking, you have lots of methods to tackle static on mic by adjusting the audio setting of your computer. But in the case you have no idea how to start, check out the following: 

  • Go to Sound, which could be found in Control Panel  
  • Click the Recording tab, open Properties and choose Enhancements 
  • In the Enhancements tab, enable both Noise Suppression and Acoustic Echo 
  • Hit Ok

Environmental Sounds: In-Depth Analyses

Many people that experience what they believe to be static on mic but in reality, it’s an environmental sound. Similar to static, environmental sounds also lead to audio issues but they could be solved much easier in most cases. Down below, you would find several tips and tricks to minimize sounds from the environment. 

  • Turn off external hard drives 
  • Shut down air ventilator/air conditioning
  • Close windows as well as doors
  • Consider setting up double glazing windows 

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