[SOLVED!] How to Write a Music Review Essay


Since listening to music is easier than writing music reviews, how to write a music review essay is a question that troubles a lot of music-oriented students. You have a hard time putting what you feel while listening to music into words?  In that case, you should find this article useful.

Music Review Essay

The review of the song about the musical configuration is our judgement or comment. Therefore, you need to make this essay less personal and include all authentic information. Like all other academic writing pieces, an essay includes:

  • An introduction.
  • A central body dealing with different aspects of music reviews.
  • A final thought or conclusion.

7 Tips To Write A Music Review Essay

Keep in mind that when you are going to write a song review, you will convey your thinking about that song to the readers. So, when you are analyzing this music genre, these tips will play a vital role to write an engaging and readable piece.

1- Listen

First of all, you should listen to the song 2-3 times from start to end. As your listening process is going, you should also note down the primary feelings and think about them. After it, think about the introductory and summing parts of the song. On the other hand, you should also try to listen to the music from a critical perspective. The listening source may vary according to your choice.

2- Research Is Important

After completing your listening, the next step is research. You should try to read articles and reviews with the artist to collect evidence about the song as well. In this way, you will know other people’s reviews about it. Moreover, you will also come to learn the precise language to use in music essay writing.

3- Think About Context

In the 3rd step, you should wisely think about the song from the background perspective of its genre. You should also take a look at the background of the artist. The context outlook may be compared with its category, its stick of gum pop like classical type, etc. Either is blurring the line between heavy metal and committed punk.

4- Consider Album Aspects

While writing a musical review essay, you should look at all parts of the album, like how it performs as a whole, as a separate song, its lines, reproduction, tools and preparation. Now develop an entire fancy and describe it in detail, including all exciting things.

5- Impartiality

You should not copy others’ writing while writing your review. Your analysis should be impartial and unique, as it is your own, not others’ thinking. If you find it interesting and like it, you should let other people know about it. However, if you are critical about it, write your thoughts.

You can recognize other people’s feelings and think about the song, but this is your analysis. That is why your thinking and analysis is most important.

6- Write Evidently

Now you are close to closing your review essay. It must be clear and easy to understand. You should use headings and subtitles and highlight different song characteristics in distinct pieces to make it easier to follow. To make it more appealing and attractive, you can use images of the artist or the album creation to divide the text and explain your essay.

7- Modify Your Analysis/Review

After writing the rough draft of your essay:

  1. Look at how to modify it.
  2. Find ways to make it solid and notable. You can also read it loudly or request others to review and give their feedback.
  3. Proofread it, check the grammar mistakes and make suitable changes.

Encourage and Discourage


  • You should have to write your review essay outstandingly. Note that review writing is a type where you must express your opinions and impressions. If not, it will be boring.
  • Try to write in a clear and convincing style. If you like it, support your argument. If you dislike it, let the people know its weak point.
  • Make a comparison of your review category to other reviews of the same genres.
  • Before starting your essay, read other people’s reviews about this piece.


  • You should not show biased behaviour about your analysis of the music.
  • Your conclusion should not be illogical. If you are encouraging the audience to buy this album, you should support it logically.
  • Don’t write too much length content. Try to write short but precise and concise sentences.


Music is an important part of our life. It soothes our moods and spreads happiness. But as much as it is interesting, it would be challenging for us to write a music review essay. While focusing on the above tips will help you to guide about it.