[SOLVED!] iLok License Manager Server Unavailable


For most of the time, iLok License Manager server unavailable is the result of hiccups and the best solution is to restart it. Aside from that, it’s wise to check out the internet connection, disable the antivirus program, tweak the proxy settings and contact customer service. Take a look at this article to be able to put iLok License Manager to good use.

A Summary Of The Server Error 

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iLok License Manager shows you the server unavailable error every time you launch it and you don’t know what to do? Then this article is exactly what you need at the moment. Down below is everything that you must keep in mind while troubleshooting the server unavailable error of iLok License Manager.


Generally speaking, iLok License Manager could experience a number of problems but regarding the server unavailable error, you should consider these possibilities.


Being a well-designed software, iLok License Manager runs well in use but it nonetheless acts up every now and then. For most of the time, hiccups in iLok License Manager never last too long and resolve by themselves eventually. However, exceptions exist: some hiccups would disrupt the operation of iLok License Manager for quite some time. As a result, if iLok License Manager keeps displaying the server unavailable error, you need to take hiccups into account.

Internet Connection Is Unstable

To put it plainly, iLok License Manager is only able to connect to the server if people secure access to the Internet. In the case that the Internet connection runs into trouble, it’s impossible for iLok License Manager to stay connected to the server. Needless to say, articles that cover the topic of “iLok License Manager server unavailable” usually include Internet connection in the list of suspects. On the bright side, the server unavailable error automatically vanishes as soon as Internet connection returns to normal.

Antivirus Programs 

For your information, iLok License Manager is a safe software but certain antivirus programs may view it as a threat. Once it comes to addressing threats, antivirus programs implement various isolation precautions including preventing access to Internet. Thus, if you come across the server unavailable error out of the blue, you should give antivirus programs some thought. As long as the antivirus programs have their way, iLok License Manager would have a hard time connecting to the server.


By taking advantage of proxy, you could protect your privacy while surfing the web but it’s not always a smooth ride. On occasion, proxy interferes with functions of software that require an Internet connection to work and creates all sorts of errors. Since access to the Internet plays a key role in the operation of iLok License Manager, it inevitably suffers from proxy settings. That is why if you keep proxy on your computer enabled, the server unavailable error is going to persist.

Issues With The Server 

Believe that there is nothing out of the ordinary from your end but the server unavailable error lingers? Then there is a very good chance that the server for iLok License Manager is down. Regardless of the contingencies that developers of software take, server outages may still occur all of a sudden. Also, it’s worth pointing out that iLok sometimes shuts down the server on its own initiative to perform maintenance, fix bugs, etc.


Overall, no approach works all the time since different troubles often need different fixes. However, if you happen to be in a hurry, it’s strongly recommended that you try out the following measures.


Despite its simplicity, restart is one of the top fixes for software errors on computers. By restarting your computer, you only get rid of hiccups but also redistribute resources which guarantee smooth operation for the software. Therefore, if you notice the server unavailable error, Exit iLok License Manager, it’s a good idea to restart your computer and see how things turn out. Usually, hiccups that plague iLok License Manager go away after people reset their computers.

Inspect The Internet Connection 

A glance at the connection symbol on the bottom right of the screen should tell you whether you have Internet access. Moreover, it’s suggested that you check out the router that your computer uses. In layman’s terms, the router dictates the stability of your Internet connection so problems that involve the router cause extensive disruption. Last but not least, you have to give your service provider a call to make sure that your connection is up and running.

Think About The Antivirus Program

Go through the settings of the antivirus program on your computer to see if they stop iLok License Manager from working. In many cases, changing the settings of antivirus programs would put an end to the server unavailable error. Besides that, if you have more than one antivirus program, it’s widely advised that you uninstall one to avoid inter-software conflict. Finally, you may want to switch to another antivirus program if the original program is incompatible with iLok License Manager.

Apply Changes To Proxy 

In the beginning, you should disable the proxy of your web browser before attempting to use iLok License Manager. If the server unavailable error still hangs around, it’s wise to use PsTools to get to the bottom of the situation. Using the result that PsTools delivers, you could narrow down what might have gone wrong with the proxy of your computer. When the proxy no longer troubles iLok License Manager, the server unavailable error is going to disappear.

Contact The Customer Service

Visit the iLok website as soon as possible to get some contact details. You must use the opportunity to look for server-related announcements on the website such as the schedule for maintenance, update, … If you fail to find relevant information, proceed to reach out to customer service. Assuming that the server is down, personnel from the customer service would provide you with an estimate regarding the resumption of service.


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Is it normal for the syncing to be long?

When you sync with iLok License Manager for the first time, the syncing process often takes a while to complete due to database updates. Hence, you should be patient and allow the syncing to progress. Developers plan to expand the server capacity soon which would cut down the time it takes to sync data. In any case, it’s a good idea to enable Automatic Updates to keep things up-to-date.

How do I upgrade to a new license?

To upgrade to a new license, you only need to sign into iLok License Manager then activate the new license. You also have the option of dragging the license from your account to iLok. In any case, a dialogue that lets you surrender existing licenses should pop up too.

What should I do if I deposit a license to the wrong account?

If you mess up while depositing a license, get in touch with the developer of that software at the earliest opportunity. That would help you gain access to technical assistance and undo the license deposit.