[SOLVED!] Jay Turser Guitars Review – Products and User Feedback


Jay Turser offers decent guitars at a very affordable price. Yet, some people are still doubtful about this brand and are looking for Jay Turser guitars review. Thus, this article is made to tackle different Jay Turser guitars and what guitarists are saying about them.

Introduction to Jay Turser Guitars

Since 1988, Jay Turser has been producing electric and acoustic guitars. It’s an American musical instrument manufacturer that expands to basses, mandolins, and banjos. It’s currently a brand under Davitt & Hanser, which is a division of JAM Industries. Prior to JAM Industries, Jay Turser was affiliated with the U.S. Music Corporation.

JAM Industries is a Canadian corporate group awarded Canada’s Best Managed Companies designation for 2018. This means, it’s a great company and very popular in Canada.

However, the production of the Jay Turser guitars isn’t in Canada, but in China. Most parts and electronics for these guitars are from Asian suppliers. For the body and neck, on the other hand, the company imports woods like rosewood, mahogany, and maple. All their products are sold worldwide, targeting entry-levels and beginners. Jay Turser guitars are usually offered in kits, which include all the accessories you need and some instructional DVDs.

In fact, in 2008 Jay Turser closed a deal with the world’s largest nut and saddle maker, Graph Tech Guitar Labs. Jay Turser wanted to incorporate their nut and saddle into their guitars. Graph Tech Guitar Labs is also a supplier for great guitar makers like Taylor, Yamaha, Martin, Fender, Schecter, Ibanez, Gibson, and so much more.

Do you think Jay Turser guitar is worth buying now? Let’s have a look at some guitars they have on their website. As of now, they have acoustic, electric, and bass.

Acoustic Guitars

Jay Turser has plenty of acoustic guitars on their website. Common to the acoustic guitars they offer are ¾ size dreadnoughts. Most guitars have a basswood body with mahogany neck, and rosewood fretboard. You can find that most acoustic guitars from the Jay Turser have a gloss finish, and they offer left-handed guitars, as well.

The JTA-424QCET acoustic-electric guitar, which has an auditorium size and a single cutaway, is different as it has a Catalpa top. It has piezo pickup and chrome die-cast tuners.

Electric Guitars

All electric guitars in its collection have double cutaway with solid body construction. They have a full-faced white pickguard and fulcrum tremolo. Jay Turser electric guitars are equipped with single-coil pickups (only differ in the configuration) and the five-way pickup selector switch. Like the acoustic guitars, they have chrome die-cast tuners, which most users suggest replacing with better tuners.

Jay Turser creates the ultimate popular series of guitars that are expected to deliver a legendary tone with excellent electronics and great design. It has a single-cutaway with lightweight solidbody configuration. Still has single-coil pickups, but has a string through body adjustable bridge. With this kind of bridge, you’ll be able to achieve greater sustain, nice resonance, and a more remarkable tone.

Bass Guitars

If you are looking for a cheaper low-pitched guitar, Jay Turser also has some great bass guitars in-store. You can find violin-shaped bass guitar, traditional P-style guitar, and J-style offset body. Each Jay Turser bass guitar is worth checking out – they are unique and do their job well.

Choose the violin-shaped bass guitar if you want to achieve fat and thump-y tones. It has a semi-hollow body, two humbuckers, and an adjustable archtop-type bridge.

Some Popular Jay Turser Guitars and What Players Are Saying

Don’t you know that there are so many musicians and professional guitarists out there who have been solid Jay Turser guitar users ever since? Most of them ditched their expensive guitars because the cheaper Jay Turser guitars seem to be better in terms of performance, build, and of course, the price. Here are a few guitars reviewed by happy buyers.

Jay Turser 300 Series JT-300-MBL Electric Guitar

This electric guitar is impressive in terms of workmanship, action, neck, and sound. Setup is easy, and the intonation can easily be adjusted. Some users even said that its performance is at par with the Fender MIM Strat.

On the other hand, common disappointments they have with this guitar is poor electronics, especially the pickups onboard. Though it’s just nothing because you pay very low, it could have been awesome if everything is in great shape and no need for replacement/upgrade.

Jay Turser JTA-424-QCET-LH-TSB Acoustic-electric Guitar

A nice guitar for beginners. Easy to tune without any string buzz or unwanted noise. Like most good commendations about Jay Turser guitars, they are well-constructed with a beautiful finish. It really sounds good, even comparable to Yamaha FG-411L dreadnought acoustic.

The major downside of this guitar is the string. Stock strings aren’t of good quality and need replacement. Other than that, it’s a great acoustic-electric guitar, especially for beginners on a budget.

Jay Turser Bass Guitars JTB-402-BK

A decent bass guitar with well-polished frets. Tuners are sturdy and seem durable. It has very responsive pickups – neck and bridge pickups. Has very good sustain and on spot intonation.

New bass guitars from Jay Turser have a noticeable hum. And, when you touch the strings, the hum will decrease. This could be because of the single-coil pickups used in this guitar and/or poor grounding issue which can be addressed.


Even though Jay Turser guitars have existed for years and decades, the brand isn’t widely known yet. Some people are still doubtful whether buying cheaper (more affordable) guitars from Jay Turser is worth it. Interested buyers, especially beginners, usually look for Jay Turser guitars review.

This article offered all the information you need – the background of the company and its guitars. Likewise, you can read some user feedback for their guitars. Indeed, there’s no perfect guitar out there. They have flaws because different players have different preferences – aesthetics, sound quality, build, etc.

So, is a Jay Turser guitar worth buying? It’s yours to answer. Why don’t you share with us your experience with a Jay Turser guitar, if you own or played one?