[SOLVED!] Keeley Compressor Plus vs 4 Knob – A comparative take for free


Have you heard about compressors for guitars and other musical instruments? Well, if you are a musical enthusiast, then, you must have heard about the compressors which are used for compressing and sustaining the various tones and notes of guitars during a musical event. So, let us discuss one of the most popular compressors in the world, the Keeley Compressor Plus vs 4 Knob.

The Keeley compressor plus model of compressors is the result of ultimate innovation and advancement of the earlier models of the Keeley compresses, which included the two and four knob models. Well, there are various features which have been added to make the entire experience quite innovative and interesting. Talking about the innovations, the new Keeley compressor plus model comes with an easy release button which has been tuned for the humbuckers as well as for the single coils.  

This essentially means that your humbuckers will get the correct amount of punch as well as an attack which a humbucker must-have. The Keeley compressors have an extremely talented and driven workforce who have put all their efforts to make the perfect tune controlled compressor which you can find in the current market scenario. Apart from all these above-mentioned features, the new Keeley compressor plus model also incorporates a controller which helps to retain and hold the high tunes and also helps to make your music more clear and sharper.

Well, although there have been extreme changes regarding the designs and functionalities, yet, the Keeley compressor plus incorporates most of the features of the older models and if you are planning to buy a compressor lately, the compressor plus might be the perfect one for you.

Keeley Compressor Plus vs 4 knob

Well, when Keeley compressor announced that they were going to release the Compressor Plus model, most of the people thought that it was an upgraded version of the old 2 and 4 knob series, with a few added features. But, little did they know that it would turn out to be a completely different model with two new added features, which included the compressor expander as well as the compressor sustainer.

So, let us now discuss the differences between the compressor plus model and the 4 knob model on the terms of compressor expander and compressor sustainer.

Compressor Expander

illustrative image of keeley compressor plus vs 4 knob

illustrative image of keeley compressor plus vs 4 knob

The compressor expanders were not a part of the old 4 knob series of Keeley compressors. These were incorporated with the new compressor plus model and they can be used with a wide range of functionalities over the time period of a single chain. As most of these expanders do not add much of a noise in the music, they tend to expand and control the peaks and thus, they enrich the sound quality of your music. However, it has been released from the manufacturers of this product that you should always prefer the limiting amplifier in order to bring out the best from the compressor plus model.

Compressor Sustainer

illustrative image of keeley compressor plus vs 4 knob

illustrative image of keeley compressor plus vs 4 knob

Most of the earlier models of Keeley compressor, such as the two and four knobs, used to have an incorporated sustainer circuit, which made these compressors very big in size. But, the latest models of the Keeley compressor plus series have an inbuilt sustainer mechanism, which helps to retain and add the required gains as the sounds tend to fade.

Compressor with an added expander

The compressor which is out there in the market do not feature an Expander functionality, but, the compressor plus model removes this obstruction and provides you with the facilities of an expander along with it. This essentially means that apart from limiting and controlling most of the peaks in your music, the new Keeley compressor plus model also helps you to expand and widen out all the fade notes to enrich the overall quality of your music. Apart from this, this compressor plus model also helps the music to sustain and allows it to hold and retain the perfect amount of sound, which helps to enhance the overall quality of the music.

New additions to the Keeley Compressor Plus

Though there have been many innovative changes which were incorporated in the new Keeley compressor plus model, still, the showstopper of all these innovations is the release switch. This release switch is responsible for the smooth transition between the humbucker guitars and the single-coil. 

Basically, the humbucker guitars tend to have an enhanced amount of sound and power as compared to the single-coil guitars and this is the reason behind the compressor’s compression effect. Hence, to cope up with this problem, an innovative release switch was incorporated with the new Keeley compressor plus model, which releases most of the tension and compression in the compressors and all the notes of your music sound sharper and more clear.

Tune Controller of Keeley Compressor Plus vs 4 Knob

Most of the earlier models of compressors have there owned delay in analogue form and similar other sound effects. But, the main problem with this kind of compressors is that they used up a lot of space and thus, the size of the compressors could not be controlled.

Hence, keeping this in mind, the new Compressor Plus model was incorporated with an advanced tune control, which helps to add those perfect ups and downs in your soundtrack.

Thus, to conclude it all, it can be easily said that the compressor plus model is the best among all the others present out there. But, the real question which arises over here is that are you experienced enough to control most of the electronic control mechanism? Well, if you are a beginner, it is highly advisable that you start your learning curve with the vintage models of 4 knob and 2 knob compressors, as this compressor has numerous circuits and are very difficult to work with.

Apart from this, if you are an experienced player, the new and innovative compressor plus model is the perfect one for you, as it has all the features within a very confined space and you can easily use it at most of the live events or musical concerts without any issues.