[SOLVED!] Korg KP3 Vs. KP3+: Which Model Should You Invest In


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First appeared in 2006, the Kaoss Pad series of effects units has earned critical acclaims for its expeditious effect programs, intuitive interface and generous functionality. The effect combination of KP3, the third model in the series, is considered to be the staple in various genres as well as applications nowadays. However, knowing that KP3 still have room for improvement, Korg decides to take things to another level by designing KP3+. Needless to say, the subject of Korg KP3 vs KP3+ attracts a lot of attention from music enthusiasts around the globe. 

You want to know which Korg model is more suitable for your needs and requirements? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything you have to keep in mind regarding KP3 vs. KP3+ from specification to performance. 

Specification Of Korg KP3 vs. KP3+

Korg KP3

image of Korg KP3

  • Dimensions: 8.27 x 8.9 x 1.93 Inches (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 2.87 Pounds
  • Number of Effect Programs: 128
  • USB: Type B

Korg KP3+

image of Korg KP3+

  • Dimensions: 8.27 x 8.9 x 1.93 Inches (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 2.87 Pounds
  • Number of Effect Programs: 150 
  • USB: Type B

Comparison Of Cost – Performance Between Korg KP3 vs. KP3+: Breakdowns

another image of korg kp3

  • Cost

As an updated version of KP3, KP3+ is more expensive than its predecessor but the price difference is pretty reasonable. Of course, if you happen to have a tight wallet then Korg KP3 is going to be a great choice. On the other hand, for people with some money to spare, Korg KP3+ is the superior unit between the two. For your information, if you are willing to look for sale options, it’s possible to get KP3+ at a price comparable to that of KP3. Obviously, the overall condition of the units affects the price so you must be careful. 

  • Performance

While Korg KP3+ retains various popular features of KP3, it boasts a number of upgrades that justify its expensive cost. For instance, Korg KP3+ possesses up to 150 programs, 22 more than the basic KP3. Of the programs, 108 are carried over from Korg KP3 while 42 are new/improved effects. Based on the customer feedback of KP3, Korg tweak the design to make KP3+ so the transition is a breeze for most of the time.  Users of KP3 could get used to the controls and functions of KP3+ in just a blink of an eye. 

Conclusion about Korg KP3 vs. KP3+: It’s Up To You another image of korg

Both Korg KP3 and Korg KP3+ have characteristics that music enthusiasts like which make it’s pretty tricky to determine which model comes out on top. Because of that, while talking about Korg KP3 vs. KP3+, it’s of utmost importance to always take individual preferences into account.  

For budget-minded users with basic needs and requirement, Korg KP3 would be more than enough. Despite the fact that it falls behind its successor in certain regards, KP3 remain a robust mode; for multiple applications. In the case you prefer to use the latest unit in the Kaoss Pad series of effects units and have money to back the purchase, KP3+ is what you need. All in all, think about your taste and you could come up with the ideal conclusion regarding KP3 vs. KP3+