[SOLVED!] Line 6 Firehawk Vs. Helix: Which One Is The Better Model


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From recording in the studio to playing on the stage, every guitarist around the globe could benefit from having high-quality multi-effects pedals around. As the pedals modify signals from the instruments as well as add “effects” to the sound, people would be able to perform as they desire. Nowadays, the market for multi-effects pedals offers various models but regarding overall quality, Line 6 Firehawk and Line 6 Helix truly stand out from the rest. Naturally, the subject of “Line 6 Firehawk vs Helix” attracts lots of attention from music enthusiasts. 

You have a hard time picking between the Line 6 units? In that case, you have come to the right place. Down below, you shall find everything you need to know about Line 6 Firehawk and Line 6 Helix from strength to weakness. 

Characteristics Of The Line 6 Pedals

To reach a proper conclusion while talking about “Line 6 Firehawk vs. Helix“, it’s essential to firmly grasp their features. 

Line 6 Firehawk

Line 6 firehawk

  • 128 onboard presets, unlimited presets in the cloud
  • Onboard tone control
  • Remotely control amp parameters
  • Audio streaming and control
  • Bright LCD display 

Line 6 Helix

line 6 helix

  • 1,024 preset locations.
  • Large color LCD display 
  • External amp switching
  • Deep MIDI control 
  • Customizable scribble strips

In-Depth Reviews Of Performance

Line 6 Firehawk

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  • Excellent Compatibility With Popular Electronics

Being compatible with Mac, PC, iPad and so on,  Line 6 Firehawk prove extremely versatile in a wide range of settings. With the free Firehawk Remote app, it’s possible for you to control and adjust virtually every aspect of the pedal to meet current demands. If necessary, you could play songs in the music library of mobile devices through the Firehawk model using wireless playback. At all times, you should be able to create, download and share tones with members of the Line 6 online community.  

  • Streamlined Layout And Straightforward Operation 

The arrangement of the controls on Line 6 Firehawk is intuitive: guitarists shall have a rather easy time accessing footswitches, volume knob, expression pedal,… while performing. As the pedal features a combination of amp-style controls and color-coded LEDs, it’s a breeze to tell the locations of assigned effects. Just as important, Line 6 Firehawk cover a variety of amps from vintage to modern gains. Last but not least, the presets all receive their names from well-known songs so you know what would happen.  

  • Great Sounds In Multiple Configurations 

Technically, Line 6 Firehawk reaches its peak performance if you connect it to a mixing console and full-range sound system. That being said, the pedal from Line 6 is capable of delivering superb sounds through a clean guitar amp with some tweaks here and there. Usually, the distortion is dynamic and even the most lazing high-gain tones remain noise-free. 


  • Connectivity Is Less Than Ideal 

Customers report about connectivity issues while using Line 6 Firehawk: they have to move back and forth between the Bluetooth settings and the app to reconnect. Also, the annoying lags that take place between patches generate a good deal of frustration.  

  • Require A Lot Of Tweaks 

Line 6 Firehawk is far from gig-ready out of the box, you have to invest considerable time and effort just to set the pedal up. 

Line 6 Helix

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  • Elegant And User-Friendly Design

Instead of the sharp-angled corners like other pedals, Line 6 Helix feature courteously rounded edges. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your legs being gouged by the Line 6 model during performances. Furthermore, the expression pedal possesses non-skid grip so slipping is less than an issue in most of the cases. All the switches have LED lights that lit up in Preset mode which not only look pretty cool but also keep you in the loop. 

  • Plenty Of Refreshing Factory Presets 

Line 6 Helix comes with an impressive number of factory-installed presets that permit music enthusiasts to put it to good use out of the box. Unless you have specific requirements, a single preset could help you last through an entire gig without running into difficulty. Of course, if you prefer to tweak the sound of the pedal, you should be able to do just that. All you need to do is to check out the tutorial videos and the manual to nail the basic steps. The learning process might take some time but you would master the control interface eventually.  

  • Rock Solid Construction 

Considering the fact that Line 6 Helix uses rugged metal in its construction, it’s able to hold together for years. That is a major plus if you intend to take the model from Line 6 around to perform at various locations.  In fact, because of the large knobs, it’s possible for you to adjust the settings with only your feet. But needless to say, for thorough editing, you should place the pedal on your desktop. 


  • Inconsistent Performance Between Products 

While Helix is a high-class model, a couple of guitarists complain about a faulty scribble strip which ruins their overall experience with the model. Things get even more frustrating if you live outside of the US as you have to wait for months for Line 6 to make necessary repairs. 

  • The Acquisition Cost Is High

With a price tag of more than a thousand dollars, Line 6 Helix is less attractive compared to Line 6 Firehawk in the eyes of budget-minded. Articles that talk about “Line 6 Firehawk vs Helix” also point out that the high cost of the Helix indeed turns a lot of guitarists away. 

Conclusion: All Depend On You

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As different people have different tastes, it’s hard to decide which one is better regarding “Line 6 Firehawk vs Helix“. You have to take your needs and requirements into account to make a wise investment. 

Overall, if you need a straightforward, no-nonsense multi-effect pedal, it’s strongly recommended that you grab Line 6 Firehawk. While the Firehawk experiences minor issues, it’s good enough for most of the time.  On the other hand, if you have money to afford quality then Line 6 Helix would definitely be a great purchase. Of course, the Helix is by all accounts expensive but its performance justices the cost.