SOLVED! - Marshall Code 50 review; this guitar is special!

Marshall is a brand that you can trust to get reliable amps to offer you quality sound during your recordings or performance. The amp is important to ensure enough projection and volume when you’ll be performing in front of a large audience. The audience gets to enjoy your performance more. But what does a quality amp work like? This Marshall code 50 reviews will offer us more insight into the quality of this amp. 

The Marshall amps are known to regularly feature some solid and simple designs. However, they compensate for it all in the quality of their amps. The Marshall 50W is one of the best options and products which have been manufactured by Marshall. It is available for under $300 and is one of the best products for that price range. So, let’s take a closer look at this amp. 

General Description of the Marshall Code 50W

Controls. Take a look at the marshall amp and you will clearly see that there is a huge difference between it and a regular Marshall product. First of all, the control buttons of the amp are locates on it instead of in front. Then, the control panel is also divided into two portions. The lower portion of the controls is where you find the knobs. These knobs are usually used to control bass, mid, treble and gain. You’ll also find the volume knob here. Close to the knobs, you’ll find the orange-lit LCD display. 

Above these knobs, you’ll find different buttons. These buttons are used to access the different effects, cab emulations, and present which are found on this amplifier. The Marshall code 50 has more than enough of this for users to utilize. It may take you some time to learn how to use all of these features. 

Physical appearance. Code 50 was designed to be quite plain and simple. The entire body of the amp is black asides the control panel and the Marshall Logo found at the front. The control panel is designed with a gold theme and it blends well with the black color of the amp. According to the name of the product, this amp is capable of delivering about 50 Watts of power to its users. It has a built-in 12-inch speaker which accounts for why it’s so large. The power in the amp is usually channeled through this speaker. 

There are a variety of presets and effects to choose from to add fun to the whole experience. In total, there are 4 power amp models, 8  speaker cab models, and 14 preamp models preset. Also, you still get 24 effects extra presets. The Marshall code 50 also allows its users to store presets or listen to cab emulation via headphones. You will get as many as 100 different slots to store your favorite presets. Even without the effects, the amp is still known to produce an impressive sound quality. 

Editing of presets can be done through the front panel, Bluetooth or through the Marshall Gateway Interface app. It allows users to update the settings in real-time. 

The Marshall Code 50 is also known to include a USB interface, built-in tuner, mp3 player unit and headphones socket. 

Performance. A key factor noted about every Marshall amp is the consistency in the quality of the performance. It is an amp that is perfect practice amp for the lover of Marshall. When it comes to applications, you’ll find out that you’ll use this amp more at home and for gigging. With 50 Watts powering a 12-inch speaker, you can get enough projection to fill up a small venue with a decent volume.

When used with a full band, the Marshall Code 50 is able to keep up with the drummer and keyboards. For a live performance, you would need to spend some money on getting the PEDL-91009 foot controller.

Features of the Marshall Code 50

To outline the features of this amp, we have to answer the question, what makes this amp different? What are the features which have been packed into it? 

Powerful 12-inch speaker. The amp has a 12-inch speaker which is still reasonably loud. It is loud enough to be used to entertain a small audience. 50W of power are designed to pass through the speaker and the performance of the amp’s speaker is unbeatable. 

Simple appearance. Not much design work has gone into the Marshall Code 50 amp. It is plain black expect the Marshall logo in the forehand and control panel in front of it. 

Access to presets and effects. As a user, you can always find a variety of presents and effects that help to ensure that the overall sound quality is impressive. 


  • Good quality amp
  • Great value for money
  • It is known to be a quite durable machine and is built to able to withstand wear and tear. 
  • A great choice for practicing. This amp may not be powerful enough for a live performance but it will make your practice a lot better. It will offer you a good volume and you’ll clearly hear all of the music. 
  • It can be connected via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connection may sometimes be needed for editing presets. 


  • None

Final Thoughts on Marshall Code 50 review

Overall, Marshall Code 50 is an affordable amp that combines a great level of versatility and performance. This amp is a great choice to be used at am for practice and gigging. It is also powerful enough for a small audience. It can easily the best friend of a musician. If you’re considering a low-budget amp to buy, its a great choice.