[SOLVED!] Mogami 2524 Vs. 2319: Breakdown Of The Cables


Searching for an in-depth analysis that could tell you the winner in Mogami 2524 vs. 2319? The instrument cables from Mogami have unique characteristics that permit them to excel in distinct settings. That means the guitar community is at odds about the cable that comes out on top. Still, by checking out this article, you should be able to determine which cable suits you most. 

A Comparison Of Cables 


For your information, Mogami 2524 is a high-definition cable that proves well-suited for guitars with pick-ups. The internal conductor construction of Mogami 2524 includes up to fifty individual wires which makes the cable more flexible. Furthermore, thanks to a combination of oxygen-free copper (OFC) and conductive plastic shield, Mogami 2524 features the highest signal consistency. In use, the absence of mechanical noise means guitars do not have to worry about  Mogami 2524 interfering with the tone and falsifying the sound. 

Like Mogami 2524, Mogami 2319 is also a high-definition cable that can be used for guitars with pick-ups. Other similarities exist too: the internal conductor construction of Mogami 2319 comprises fifty wires and it makes use of the OFC + conductive plastic shield combo. However, the Mogami 2319 has a small cross-section of only 5mm so the cable is a solid choice for the elaborate rack and pedalboard wiring. 


Mogami 2524 is best used in wiring a rack owing to its long length but it won’t let people down as an instrument cable. Pedalboard wiring is also possible but the large diameter could make it hard to machinate between pedals, especially when you have to twist and manipulate around the tight corner. Additionally, if you use a true bypass loop trip on the board, the presence of Mogami 2524 adds a lot of bulk while running cables from the loop trip to the effects pedals. 

On the other hand, Mogami 2319 seldom causes trouble once it comes to pedalboard wiring. The small diameter of Mogami 2319 allows music enthusiasts to achieve compact wiring in tight settings regardless of pedalboards. Aside from that, compared to Mogami 2524, Mogami 2319 won’t take much work to wire when you have to use multiple pedals as well as a true bypass loop trip. 

Note: Keep in mind that if you opt to use Mogami 2319 on a pedal board with many true bypass pedals, the sound might be a bit darker than 2524. The reason is that Mogami 2319 possesses a pretty high capacitance of 47.3 pF/ft while the 2524’s is merely 39 pF/ft. 


Mogami 2524Mogami 2319
Conductor details50/0. 12A12/0. 18TA
Conductor size0.565mm^2 (#20AWG)0.305mm^2 (#23AWG)
Insulation2.7 (0.106”)1.6 (0.063”)
Sub-shield 3.3 (0.130”)1.8 (0.071”)
Main-shieldApprox 55/0.18AApprox. 38/0.16TA
Jacket6.0 (0.236”)5.0 (0.197”)
Roll Size100m (328Ft) / 200m (656Ft)100m (328Ft)
Weight per 100m5.1kg3.5kg

Electrical And Mechanical Characteristics

Mogami 2524Mogami 2319
DC Consistence at 20°C Inner Conductor0.033Ω/m0.064Ω/m
DC Consistence at 20°C Shield Conductor0.014Ω/m0.026Ω/m
Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C 130pF/m155pF/m
Electrostatic Noise0.15mV Max.0.13mV Max. 
Microphonics0.3mV Max.0.3mV Max.
Flex life15,000 cycles11,000 cycles
Tensile Strength (26°C, 65%RH)578 N303 N

An Introduction To Mogami

Mogami has a clear-cut philosophy about quality so it’s only natural that Mogami is the go-to brand for many professional studios as well as bands worldwide. The Mogami manufacturing factory is located in Nagano, Japan where they work on superior design and high-quality products. The main material that Mogami uses is pure Oxygen Free Copper to provide the best signal transmission along with the XLPE insulation for high dielectric strength and dimensional stability. Reputable cable lines of Mogami include Mogami Gold, Mogami Platinum, Mogami Gold Studio Accessory, Mogami Unbalanced Accessory, Mogami Pure Patch Professional, Mogami Digital Interface Cables, etc. 


Regarding the best cable to get, it depends on your wiring preferences. The Mogami 2524 should give a good account of itself if you intend to wire a rack/use it as an instrument cable. In the case that you plan to wire a pedalboard, the recommended option is the Mogami 2319.