[SOLVED!] Pro Tools First Won’t Open


Pro Tools First won’t open is a critical error caused by the PC not meeting the system requirements and you have to check out your setup. Other solutions include uninstalling and reinstalling Pro Tools First, disabling antivirus programs, updating the iLok License Manager, running Pro Tools First as administrator, sorting out plug-ins, etc. Read till the end to get the most out of Pro Tools First.

Pro Tools First Won’t Open Because…

Pro Tools is such a versatile music editing DAW, but setting it up can be tricky. That’s why many users have experienced just almost any problem there is with Pro Tools. Sometimes, prior knowledge, especially when you read the manuals, is essential. You’ll know what causes the problem based on certain cues in Pro Tools behavior upon opening.

System Requirements Not Met

Two things that you must think about when you use Pro Tools First – compatibility and optimization. In a previous article, we have cited the system requirements for Pro Tools to run successfully. Now, we include Windows optimization because this will definitely better the performance of the Pro Tools First.

Pro Tools, as power-intensive software, has certain requirements for it to run smoothly – without any problem. Different optimization guide is available for the operating system that you are using, as well as the version. You may refer to Avid Knowledge Base.

Yet, aside from these guidelines, there’s one essential that you need to do upon installation – that is, to deactivate your Antivirus. Sometimes it’s a huge problem because your antivirus filters every file which could mean that some components might be quarantined. This means the installation of the software isn’t complete.

Cracked And/or Outdated License

Just like any other software, the combat against piracy is an everyday challenge. With Pro Tools First, however, you’ll find it stricter, yet, you’ll definitely be bombarded with errors that will keep haunting you until you’ll get a license.

Pro Tools First Won't Open

If you are 100% sure that you have a genuine license, it could only mean an outdated license. For errors related to the outdated license, Pro Tools first will crash immediately as soon as you try to launch it, yet you can see the Avid Knowledge Base.


Sometimes, it’s kind of ironic when the cause of the error in your Pro Tools is the peripherals and connectivity. Are you currently using an audio interface, controllers, video cards, etc.? When it comes to hardware issues, Pro Tools First splash screen loads and the progress bar start to load, as well.

Try to observe closely and take note of the details on the screen. Relaunch the software and see if it behaves similarly to your first attempt. If it is so, get as much details as you can get because it could be the key to solving this problem. Sometimes, the reasons could be one of the following:

  • Outdated audio interface/controller driver
  • Driver names have special or illegal characters
  • Bad connection, especially if you are using USB splitters and hubs

Bad Plugins

Sometimes, if you are new to the system, you’ll try to explore and get as much plugins as you want (for future use, perhaps). However, you can’t use them all. Instead, they are just sitting at the corner of your plug-ins folder, and now, they are causing this commotion.

Relaunch Pro Tools First Without Problem

Pro Tools First won’t open isn’t a unique problem, and it’s not very threatening, as well. You just have to pay attention to details and follow the instructions in order to cast your worries away. In order for you to not beat around the bush, the solutions are presented from easiest to a bit complex.

Uninstall and Install Pro Tools – Disable Antivirus

If you are using antivirus, make sure that it’s still at bay as you try to configure Pro Tools First. This is so it won’t interfere with the installation of Pro Tools. When you uninstall the software (from the Control Panel), you have to select Pro Tools, Avid HD Driver, Preferences, Databases, and MIDI Device/Path Settings. This will clean all the Pro Tools components.

Pro Tools First Won't Open

While your antivirus is still turned off, download the latest Pro Tools and install it as you did. Make some changes with the setup – now you are ready to get your hands on Pro Tools.

Updated the iLok License Manager

Still, getting the error after re-installation? Update your iLok License Manager. If you can find the newest version, download and install it. You must log in to your iLok account and see if Avid licenses, particularly for Pro Tools is activated.

Run Pro Tools as Admin

Just to make sure that you will be given permission to do anything with the software, you need to run it as admin. To do so, simply right-click on the Pro Tools shortcut (icon) and look for Properties. Then, you have to go to Compatibility tab and tick the Run this program as Administrator checkbox. This gives you a boost and immunity from any restrictions.

Sort Out Plug-ins

If you load your system with plug-ins, you have to filter them out sometimes. To do this, you have to transfer all your plugins from the plugins folder into a new location. Relaunch the software – and by this time, you should be able to successfully load the session. Only reinstate the plugins that are useful, the rest in the recycle bin.

Here’s a very useful YouTube video that explains further about the plugins in Pro Tools. It shares additional tricks and tips on how to handle plugins when it’s the reason why Pro Tools First won’t open.


Pro Tools First won’t open because of a lot of factors – outdated driver, plugins, outdated license and so much more. This article has presented to you, from all angles, the reason why it happened and the corresponding solutions.

When you try to figure out what causes the problem and how you can get rid of it, always approach it in a strategic way. How we present the solutions in this article is a great way to quickly alleviate the problem, giving you more time to enjoy your music work.