SOLVED! - Pro Tools Is Unable To Communicate with HUI

Are you trying to pair up your Pro Tools with your audio controller, and you are prompted with the error, “Pro Tools is Unable to Communicate with HUI…? You are in the right place. If you bumped this problem specifically in Pro Tools and not with other DAWs, this article will give you the best explanation.

Yet, before going into the nitty-gritty of this issue, let’s lay down the foundation of your understanding of the issue. What triggers it, thereby knowing the approach on how to mitigate it. If you are a beginner, perhaps, the prompt seems like a showstopper to you. Yet, this shouldn’t limit and define your capability, because if you set up the HUI protocol correctly, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities. Now, let’s get started!

What is HUI? Why Are You Using It with Pro Tools?

HUI stands for Human User Interface (HUI) protocol. It allows the smooth communications between your audio control surface and the DAW that you are using. Initially, the HUI protocol was specifically designed for Pro Tools, but was later on, got supported by other DAWs like Nuendo, Logic Pro, and Digital Performer, to name a few.

You can watch this step by step video to solve this issue:

The HUI protocol allows seamless communication between your connected hardware and your DAW. With the exchange of MIDI signals, there is synchronicity of the states of the controls in your audio controller, like the sliders, wheels, buttons, and even the display. Moreover, you’ll have basic control of your DAW from your controller. This lets you do mix automation – you can do it in your audio console, which can be seen in your DAW real-time.

Understanding the Error: Pro Tools is Unable to Communicate with HUI

Controller Firmware Not Updated

If you have enjoyed your setup – Pro Tools + Controller – for quite a while and all of a sudden you experienced this, perhaps, it’s a firmware problem. The complete error message goes as follows:

Pro Tools is unable to communicate with HUI. Power-cycle HUI and check its connections. Note, if HUI is not in use, update the Peripherals dialog to prevent further warnings.

You may try to power cycle, but even after doing so, the error still persists. You can try updating the firmware of your audio controller.

Use of USB Hub

You ran out of USB ports and used a USB hub? Perhaps, this could be the culprit. A user in the Avid Pro Audio Community forum observed this error when using a USB hub.

Pro Tools Not Running as Admin

If you are trying to launch Pro Tools for the first time and what welcomes you is this message, you need to ensure that you have admin rights when using Pro Tools.

Session Is Created Somewhere Else

There could be some compatibility issues when you need to run sessions that are created on another system. If you haven’t gotten this problem before, then perhaps, the cause is really the session you just ran. Simply Create a New Session, then import all the tracks. This should allow you to execute the project without getting this issue.

Get it Solved Now!

By now, apparently, you might have some clues as to the trigger of the error message. Is it because you need to do a firmware upgrade, or do you just have to run Pro Tools as Admin? To make things easier for you, solutions are presented from easiest to more complex ways.

Never Use Power Hubs

This could be the cause of the strife sometimes. Especially if you don’t connect your controller to your computer, you might waste so much power with the hub alone. This will create a disconnect between Pro Tools and your audio console. Try to connect your audio controller directly to your computer and observe if it’s working well.

Run with Admin Rights

Especially if it’s your first-time running Pro Tools, you may face a lot of error messages that may be solved by simple tweaks in the settings. If possible, you have to launch Pro Tools as an administrator. To do this, right-click on Pro Tools and select Properties. Click the Compatibility tab and look for the Run this program as Administrator checkbox. Tick on it to proceed.

Yet, if your computer has several users using Pro Tools, you can click the Change Settings for all users button and then tick the Run this program as Administrator checkbox. Click Apply, and then, OK. Relaunch Pro Tools, and in this case, it should be working properly. Here’s a nice YouTube video that will guide you through the whole process.

Update Firmware of USB Device

As a general rule, for some problems, especially when it comes to hardware peripherals and software, you must ensure promptness of update. There are a lot of troubles that are solved by just updating the software. Actually, a lot of fellow users out there find relief with just a quick firmware update.

Then, to reconnect the HUI protocol that you are using, launch Pro Tools>Setup>Peripherals>MIDI Controllers. You have to type HUI under Type. Your external audio controller can be found as options under Receive From/Send To. This means you have successfully connected your external device with Pro Tools.


Getting control over your DAW from your external audio controller is quite amazing. You can be more efficient since you can do music editing easily and with lots of fun. This would be if you won’t encounter Pro Tools unable to communicate with HUI problems.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the headache anymore because all the solutions above are proven to work and have helped fellow users. With the straightforward explanation and easy-to-follow instructions, you’ll be able to set up your studio well without getting this horrible error.

There you have it. Which method works for you? We’re glad we could help. Share with us the solution that works for you, so our fellow Pro Tools users may know!