[SOLVED!] Reason 10 Review: Take a look at this versatile interface!


The Reason 10 is released as a way to give lovers of the prop the extra value which they have been craving for. With the release of Reason 9.5, a number of lovers of this unit unlocked a new world of possibilities. The software syncs easily with a computer and provides access to control a variety of VST instruments and the different effects of the unit. The release of Reason 9.5 represented a new turn of events for Reason. They have added some recognizable features which are an improvement of its predecessors.

The release of the latest version quickly overshadowed its predecessors. After having improved on the different features of the previous version, Reason 10 has set its own mark. This version of reason offers a lot more than you can think to its users. It has come up with all the features needed to create a very good match with your musical instruments.

It was only a short time ago, that the 9.5 took the whole world by storm. Now, it’s time to look critically at the latest version. Well, there have been quite some changes made to Reason 10 but don’t go expecting anything too much. But you can be certain that this unit lives up to its expectations and ticks all the required boxes.

General Description of the Reason 10


The Reason 10 features a similar user interface to its predecessor. Now, this interface runs perfectly but it could use some tweaks in a few places. Well, that’s quite satisfactory to use but it lacks some features compared to some other top DAWs. The reason has always been known to place performance ahead of style and the latest version lives up to this.

The issue with this DAW isn’t complicated. Well, we can say it’s due to its simplicity. The team of this propeller head is designed to be very basic. It is easy to use but can’t be used for any heavy lifting. There’s not much space to work within its interface. If you make use of a large screen with Reason 10, then this wouldn’t be a problem. However, small screens including laptops may cause users to have to shuffle through many windows. Aside from that, it’s really quite enjoyable to use and there are a lot of features to marvel at.


Reason 10 comes packed with a lot of power. Its efficiency alone makes it compete with the leading DAWs on the market such as Logic Pro and Cubase Pro. It’s easy to use the unit, designed to be user-friendly, easily accessible and runs efficiently on all systems. It excels in an impressive all-round performance. The features which it offers give you all that you need to make good music.


The new instruments that you will find include a couple of synths, a couple of rack extensions, three sample-based instruments and an additional load of loop and hits. All of these amount to a 6.7GB download. The interface of the Reason 10 is a 3GB download. This version is considerably heavier than the previous version. However, the R10 is all about these extra features which it offers.

The first synth of the R10 is referred to as Europa. It is a Dynamic Wavetable Synth and is made up of 3 different engines. It also has different modulation options, four envelopes, three LFOs, and six modules. The sound produced by the Europa can be varied based on the settings and effects which are applied to the equipment. It is capable of producing loud sounds that are tagged as Epic, Hyper, and Hard. If you like loud, concert-like tunes the Europa would be your biggest choice.

The presence of Presets in the R10 such as FACT Lead Point will give you a dreamland type of feel. It may seem quite complex to use but there’s a lot of room to experiment and have fun.

There’s also Grain. It’s also another beast that is capable of producing an impressive sound. It shares similar features with the Europa and is an impressive option to make use of. It is made up of three LFOs, four envelopes and effects. However, the core of the Grain is quite different. This is the second synth of the pair and offers something different to the overall sound. It is useful in adding magic to the music.

Even without the Rack Extensions, Reason has been known to be quite useful in producing electronic sound and music. However, it also has three instruments that help to produce acoustic sounds namely; Klang Panel and Humana. The instrument is packed with a variety of hardware features that make it an efficient machine.

Features of the Reason 10

  • New Hardware including two new synths, three-sample based instruments, piano instrument and so on.
  • The total download of 6.7GB plus 3.88GB.
  • VST plugin support.


ReasonThe reasoning to give you a lot of reasons to create a variety of tracks. It gives you the avenue to experiment. You’ll find everything there from rough patches to even finished effects and masterpieces. The program is quite fun to use and has a fairly simple work process. To put it simply, it runs quite effectively with little or no hassle. It’s easy for producers to easily fall in love with it. Reason 10 also features an instant cool factor.

Surely, you don’t have to make use of all the features you find on this instrument and this is quite lovely about it. Europa and Grain are impressive synths to use and are customizable. What you get for the R10 is satisfactory; there’s room for improvement but overall it’s a great choice.