Sophie Schandorff and her modelling career

Top Model Denmark contestants, February 2005. But which one’s Sophie?

Amy Winehouse’s (soon-to-be-ex?) husband Blake has been linked with model Sophie Schandorff, after some courtroom flirting between the pair. Not much is known about the mysterious Sophie, although Musictoob speculates that this may well be the Sophie Tine Schandorff who was a contestant on Top Model Denmark back in February 2005. It’s not clear from surviving photographs which one’s Sophie, but her vital statistics are listed as follows:

Sophie Tine Schandorff
Birth date: 18th February 1986
Height: 174 cm/5′7
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue

Sophie didn’t win, but pundits at The Fashion Spot forum certainly thought she had potential: “I think Sophie has the most striking face, and it’s a plus that she’s one of the younger girls”, said minasdecobre on the forum.

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