[SOLVED!] Which to choose: Tama Iron Cobra 600 vs 900?


The diversity of style means the winner in Iron Cobra 600 vs 900 changes from case to case. Unsurprisingly, it takes a lot of time for music enthusiasts to make up their minds on which one to get. Impressed by the pedals but have trouble choosing one over the other? In that case, this article is exactly what you need.

Iron Cobra 900 review

For experienced players who have a firm idea with drums, it will be so regretful to ignore the 900 series from the Tama Iron Cobra. The pedal comes with the Super Stabilizer design basing on a solid foundation. Getting the absolute stability requires the foundation to combine with a full baseplate as well as a frame. Mainly, there is the Hinge Guard Block of 3 pieces for each heel of the pedal. Its role is to boost more durability and kick the footboard leverage.

Power Glide Cam

Thanks to the LiteSprocket design, the Power Glide Cam at the heart of product gets lighter to bring the smooth feeling naturally as playing the drum set. Because of being a double chain cam, it represents an essential part in accelerating the stroke. Then, the critical contact makes it perfect when traveling to the bass head.

Along with the Power Glide Cam, it is the Speedo-Ring Rocker. Here is a typical instance of the spring friction removal. A high-quality rocker built-in ball does its task of streamlining so well. Besides, the Quick Hook spring is an indispensable element for the wobbling elimination. It not only gives the Speedo-Ring a dominant transmission at most but also makes it quicker to set up.

In addition to the Quick Hook ring, a Cobra Coil spring also join the system. Its work will improve both in speed and stroke action. Plus, it pushes the footboard to the original. Hence, the link of foot and pedal becomes tighter.

Swivel Spring Tight

Not the Power Glide Cam, not the string system or any other, it is the Swivel Spring Tight mechanism of tension locking to innovate the whole development of the Tama Iron Cobra 900. Playing a roll of swiveling, it enables players to have free and smooth spring movement well.

The Power Strike Beater comes with a smart redesign in this Iron Cobra version provides the more focuses music outcome. It optimizes the impact on the beater action precisely. Notably, the 900 is the one with the bass drum protection by the Para-Clamp II Pro. It saves prevent all cases of scratching or slipping with rubber padding piece.

Iron Cobra 600 review

Being an innovative version of the 900 Series inspiration, the Tama Iron Cobra 600 comes as a twin chain. It bears reversible features with nearly the same components as the former. At first glance, the product may surprise users with solid baseplates. Besides, another excellent equipment is the twin surface beater. In spite of not offering the version for the left-sided, it is still available for both sides.

In 1998, the 2nd IC pedal generation was at launch. At the same time, the branded shape of the Iron Cobra also came to the public. The brand has made a lot of improvement along with twists then. However, the primary visual expression has stayed the same. Notably, not only the standard convex footboard but also the tapering post of the original version, it is impossible for you to mistake from other products.

Duo Glide Cam

Thanks to features of the double-sided cam, the Duo Glide Cam of the Iron Cobra enables users to flip it through 180°. Furthermore, this part brings the Power Glide as well as the Rolling Glide cam. With the 600, there is an attachment connecting the Duo Glide Cam with the pedal. Hence, it doesn’t matter how you play drums; nothing will lose.

However, it is a must to prepare spare cams in case of transporting despite available interchangeable ones. Plus, the switching step to loosen the rod of single tension often takes minutes to be completed. Sometimes, it annoys players.

Automatic adjustment

Like both the 900 series and the Para Clamp line, the 600 pedal is ready with a double chain as well. Its hoop clamp will adjust the bass drum hoop height and angle without the user’s manipulation. But the automatic requires the pedal to be flat all the time. There is two low friction contributing to the further drop-downs, namely, Speedo-Ring and Spring-Tight. The purpose of pushing the brand do that specially shaped rod is to limit the twisting of the spring.

Comparison of Iron Cobra 600 vs 900

With the purpose of detaching among series, the Tama takes advantage of the black powder covering. They apply such shrewd coating in most of the products of the 900 series. Despite smaller sizes, these pedals are amazing with the considerable amount of this black coat.

In term of the comparison between the Iron Cobra 600 vs 900, the former gets a bonus point since it is one of two series having the inscription of “The Legend in Innovation” printed in the footboard.  Additionally, the limited hard-shell case is available with this only.

As mentioned above, the 600 inherits most of the visual of the 900. Admittedly, the solidity is the best definite resemblance within two versions of pedals from the brand Iron Cobra. Here is also one of the characteristics defining well the branded products. Because of a sunk foundation, the Iron Cobra 600 pedals makes users feel the perfect underfoot. It is the reason why there is no surprise to consider it as the double chain at all.

When doing a contact between the beater and head, players will feel it so smooth that there is no seamlessness for sure. For more detailed, it is like with none of the unbalanced force amounts. The Rolling Glide along with the Duo Glide Cam on the Iron Cobra 6 are the keys. They respond correctly as the food makes twitches. The great do not stop there. It will be more aggressive with rapid intensive bursts by switching the cam.

Final verdict

It is a little bit hard to decide between Tama Iron Cobra 600 vs 900. One is the innovative product borrowing good points of the former version while the other is the one with perfect foundation and smart design. However, in comparison, the 900 version is still better and an excellent choice for players having a serious decision with drums.