[SOLVED!] Taylor 314ce Review: Take a look at the powerful Taylor


Rarely do you get to use the term “entry-level model” to describe a guitar that costs under $2000? The Taylors are guitars which an impressive pedigree and a rich history. However, the Taylor 314ce can be said to be the lowest-priced solid wood guitar that Taylor offers for sale. It’s a workhouse that promises a number of impressive benefits. It has been claimed that this acoustic guitar is designed to generate more resonance for a louder volume and better projection.

The Taylor 314ce wears the V-class bracing quite well. It’s the most affordable model which carries this particular feature. It’s also one of the most affordable versions to be totally made out of wood. If you want to begin to take a look at the high-end guitars which Taylor offers us, then we’ll be starting here. Keep in mind that certain Taylor brands cost as much as thousands of dollars. Even more, this guitar is made totally from wood which means its an impressive buy at that price.

General Description of the Taylor 314ce

Body and Neck

The Taylor 314ce features an original Taylor design which was introduced in 1994. The design is nostalgic but golden and has truly stood the test of time. It great to look at and is a guitar that suits a variety of playing styles. The entire body has a 25.5″ scale length. On its body, you’ll find a Venetian cutaway which makes it quite easy to play the frets. The material used in the construction of this guitar makes it versatile and perfect for all styles.

It is made from a Solid Stika Spruce Top with a solid Sapele back and sides. The materials make it capable of providing an overall good sound. The top of the guitar is finished in gloss while the sides are made out of a satin finish.

The Taylor 314ce has a playable satin-finished tropical mahogany neck that joins the guitar at the 14th fret. The neck of the guitar is light to hold. It’s slimmer, playable and can easily be held. The neck is made from genuine African Ebony Fretboard which features 20 frets and dot inlay. The satin finish of the guitar that the satin finished used on the neck is smooth but easy to hold. There’s not much bad to say about this design and it quite appealing.

The Taylor 314ce is a mid-sized guitar. It’s s dreadnought which has a very loud sound. It’s a style which is suited to the softer style of your finger. The grand auditorium helps to perfectly allow different styles of playing.


There’s a lot to talk about here starting with Taylor’s Expression System 2 which features a behind-the-saddle pickup. It’s impressive to use in amplifying the sound of the guitar. The controls are pretty standard featuring only volume, bass, and treble. It has a simplified control interface without any onboard tuner.

Take a look at the other parts of the guitar and you’ll find equally good hardware. The Headstock has six quality nickel tuners with nickel buttons. On the African ebony bridge, you’ll find a Micarta Wave saddle, a Tusq nut, for consistent tone and performance. The guitar also comes with its custom-made case which can easily be used to move the guitar from one place to another. It’s your pride and joy, so you should be proud to carry it around.


The Sitka spruce top is the reason behind this guitar’s dynamic range. But the Sapele sides and back also contribute to the volume, consistency, and brightness of the guitar. It has a bright sound and will resonate well. Its a great choice for subtle players. This guitar will feel all playing styles as it suits finger stylists and heavy strummers. There’s no even need for a long adaptation period.

Yes, it can be used for professional performances. However, to do this, you can make use of the Expression System 2. It makes sure that the sound is bright and clear but is still well-balanced. The controls are quite easy to use but they may not have the same range as other systems. It means that you can get your best choice of music without having to do too much.


This is one of the best acoustic brands around the world, so you should expect some increase in price and volume. The prices of this guitar may be considered to be a bit high. However, the value is consistent. The impressive thing about Taylor is their consistency. The guitar is properly set up. The sound and build quality are maintained. When buying online, this is the type of value for money which you want.

The build quality of the guitar is quite perfect with almost no identifiable flaws. Overall, it’s a great guitar choice where there’s no imperfection on the model but it’s really something to admire. The guitars will have been properly coupled and setup from the factory. The price of the guitar is completely justifiable.


The Taylor 314ce is a simple and overall all-round balanced guitar. It’s impressive to use and it produces a bright and responsive sound. It is capable of producing loud sounds which you would feel comfortable playing in an Auditorium, coffee house or church. That’s how much that it can really offer when you want to make use of it. The guitar is not cheap but when you compare it to the prices of other Taylors, you’ll find out that you’ve enjoyed value for an All-American electro-acoustic guitar. It has basically all that you need to create the best music that you want.