[SOLVED!] Taylor Big Baby Review: Top Features, Pros, and Cons of the guitar


There are a number of large guitars and travel guitars around the world. But the Big Baby Taylor is just in a class of its own. It tests perfectly in the middle of the whole park. Due to this, it’s able to leverage the features of both types of guitars available to instrumentalists. The Taylor Big Baby is a guitar that is able to retain the small size of travel guitars but with a better sound; more volume and bass response. Surely, you’ll fall in love with what you’ll end up hearing when the music starts. 

Taylor Guitars is now a big brand today and the quality of the work they produce can be trusted. The Taylor Big Baby is packed with features and promises to impress. 

General Description of the Taylor Big Baby

Body and Neck. As mentioned earlier, this guitar is only just larger than a travel guitar. The body and design of this guitar are quite unique. This guitar is known to have a full-body depth of 4″ and a scalable length of 25.5″. So, this instrument is smaller than a regular dreadnought but offers the promise of a better projection and rich sound quality. 

As a Taylor product, you can guarantee the looks and quality of the guitar. Yes, you may be unable to compare the quality of the materials uses in the guitar with other top guitars in the market. In the construction of this guitar, solid spruce was used in the top while the sides and back are made from laminated Sapele. The layered Sapele makes the instrument more resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. The body of the guitar has a refined matte finish. You’ll also find a ring rosette and tortoiseshell pickguard to further beautify the guitar. 

The neck of the guitar is made of solid Sapele. Also, you’ll find an original African Ebony fretboard which consists of 20 frets and dot inlays. The neck of this guitar is designed to be user-friendly and the smooth matte finish makes it easier to handle. The quality of work done in the guitar is obvious.

Hardware. The quality of craftsmanship done for this guitar is obvious. There is obviously great attention to detail and great hardware to use. To start with, there are a set of die-cast tuners that are found on the headstock. They serve as reliable tuning hardware that keeps in position when set. A Nubone nut is also available.

This bag also comes with its own custom-designed gig bag. The bag is stylish and well-made. The bag serves as an option to easily move your guitar from one location to another; whether it is for practice or it is to a performance. 

Sound. The Taylor Big Baby is a portable guitar and it has more than the sound of a small guitar. It’s near full-body depth allows it to have a projection which is uncommon among similar guitars. The resonance and sustain of the instrument are also admirable. The tonewoods used in the manufacture of the guitar help to ensure that it produces a rich and balanced tone. The sound produced by the Taylor Big Baby may not be as loud as a full-sized dreadnought but you can still trust the quality in its sound. Overall, the sound is balanced and steps can be taken to give even more projection. 

Features of the Taylor Big Baby

Aesthetic appeal. Everything about this guitar is designed to be attractive. The size has been reduced for more portability. It also has an impressive matte finish. The fretboard of this instrument is just as beautiful as they come. 

Great choice of tonewoods. Tonewoods are very important to the quality of the guitar. This guitar is known to be a combination of solid spruce at the top and laminated Sapele on the backs/sides. These tonewoods also directly influence the quality of the sound and projection. 

Impressive projection and resonance. While taking a look at the Taylor Big Baby its easy to think that the guitar won’t have a loud voice. However, the projection and resonance of this guitar are just fine. Surely, it isn’t as loud as dreadnoughts but it still packs a punch. You can plug it in it you’ll be performing at any outdoor events for optimal performance. 

Comfortable. Ranging from the design of the body, neck to finishes applied to this guitar, quite some work has been done on it to make it user-friendly. It’s an instrument that is quite easy to hold. You can easily make use of it to play higher tempos with little or no hassle. 


  • Affordable Pricing. It is one of the most affordable guitars from the Taylor brand
  • Manufactured with the highest quality of production techniques and expertise
  • Portable size makes it a great choice to carry around and for traveling
  • The guitar can be plugged in for on-stage performances
  • The fretboard is convenience and won’t hurt/damage your fingers
  • Easy to tune and keeps in tune for a long time


  • Back feels a bit grainy
  • Costlier than a majority of similar beginner-level guitars
  • This guitar comes without a one-piece neck
  • It’s better for fingerpicking than strumming

Final Thoughts

Now, any guitarist will enjoy making use of the Taylor Big Baby. It doesn’t matter if it’s a beginner or veteran, the instrument promises to offer them a lot. Due to its smaller size, it’s useful as a traveling guitar.

Despite its small size, it can easily be used as either the main guitar or for jamming sessions. This way, you have something to take to every event. It also has bright and balanced sounds and has the right level of protection. 

With this instrument, you stand to enjoy a lot from Taylor Guitars. For that extra amount of money, you can enjoy more value.