[SOLVED!] The Best Features of Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

Drumming has become a part of human life and living. Yamaha has been a household name that has produced some of the best drumming kits in history; just like the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage. But the creation of this impressive kit was done to provide drummers and musicians a low budget choice for all of their drumming needs.

Drums are known to cost a reasonable amount of money. And the best drums in the market are available at unbelievable prices. The cheaper drums are known to be quite challenging to use as they are usually made from a number of inferior materials. But Yamaha has set its foot forward to make a difference.

The Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage is a low budget drum which consists of some of the best features in the industry. Yes, this drum may come at a lower cost but it still promises a lot of value for money. Just like other Yamaha products you’re used to, this drum is going to prove to be money well spent.

The body of the drums in this kit is made from a variety of materials which include birch, oak, and mahogany. There is a full list of drums available in this series. It features a 14″ x 5.5″ snare drum and the majority of the hardware from the 700 Series. There’s only one 20″ bass drum with 10″ x 8″ and 12″ x 9″ universal mounted toms. You’ll also find a 14 Square inch floor tom. Depending on the particular type of Yamaha Custom Stage Advantage which you get, then the drums may vary slightly.

The hardware used on the drum kit includes a double tom holder. Here, you’ll find the signature Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System(YESS). The purpose of this system is to hold the drum firmly in place. A normal tom holder will pierce through the drum to hold it in place but the YESS doesn’t do this. The advantage of making use of this system is because it creates maximum resonance with minimal shell contact. The tom holders are also fitted hard resin ball clamps which allows for flexible use and tight angling of the toms. The remaining hardware of the kit is equally as impressive. The list of hardware includes Yamaha 700 series snare stand, hi-hat stand, two cymbal boom stands, and bass drum pedal.

The different components of the drum kit make it durable. The hardware is made from the highest quality and designed to be sturdy. To adjust the legs of the floor tom, you would need to make use of the drum key instead of the T-screw system. A T-screw system is a lot easier to adjust. The drum key is what you’ll also use to adjust the bass drums.

Let’s take a look at one of the models of the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage; the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau Series.

Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage Nouveau Series

What really differentiates this kit from the regular custom advantage is the Nouveau lugs. Much of the hardware is pretty much the same but the new lugs help to improve the performance of this drum. Musicians are not known to like radical changes but you’ll definitely love this.

Nouveau lugs are different from standard lugs because they can be removed and add extra functionality for the drummer. It’s quicker to loosen these lugs when compared with standard lugs. The lugs weight almost nothing and they make the drums lighter. This lightweight frame makes the drums lighter and gives it extra levels of projection.

The toms attack pretty well, have a large tuning range and a bright tone. There is also 17″ bass drum. At 17″, the drum is deep enough and can produce a dark and flat sound. The Nouveau lugs also make the bass drum lighter. The bass drum can take a lot of hard and heavy-hitting when playing loudly.

The two toms mounted on the bass drum are held by the YESS resonance isolation system. This is different from the type of mounts that you will find on other drums. The YESS isolation system is one of the lightest mounting systems which you can find on a drum but it still maintains a good level of sturdiness.

The hardware gotten from the 700 series offers more than you can ask for. Much of what you’ll find on the kit is pretty generous. The base tripods are single braced but are durable enough for heavy use. There’s really no need for a double brace unless you’ll be putting the drum through a lot of punishment. Asides that, the single brace will do enough. Both pedals have standard chain drives with basic adjustments. These chains are also very durable and can be used for a long number of years.

The hardware on this drum is really incredible. They are all courtesy of the Yamaha’s Indonesian motorcycle factory. Sounds funny, right? But this company knows so much about rivets, chains, but the ⅝sprockets. You can trust the quality of the chains which you’ll be getting from this factory as they are made to the best industry standards.

It’s also aesthetically appealing and looks beautiful on any stage.

Every part of this kit is designed to the best industry standards and you can be sure that you’ll get the best value for money.


Without any doubt, the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage is a nice drumming kit to get. It promises an all-round effective performance and its components are durable. Regardless of the model of the Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage which you get, you can be sure of the same high-quality sound from all of them.