[SOLVED!] Top Differences between Addictive drums vs Ezdrummer


Considering the popularity of virtual drumming, it’s no surprise that Addictive Drums vs Ezdrummer catches the interest of many drummers around the globe. The programs have their ups and downs so different people have different ideas about the winner. Spare a bit of time to check out this article and find the best software for you.

Addictive Drums

Since it’s inception in 2006, Addictive Drums has proven to be a great choice. It may not have the same level of adjustability as a number of other top choices but it still well offers everything which you could think of. When making use of this virtual drumming instrument, you are able to get the best results without unnecessary exertions.

Addictive drums have managed to create a constantly expanding library of drum kits and they have looked to include different options from the 1960s. You also get the option of making adjustments to the different kits and sounds produce to give yourself something unique.

With the latest version from addictive drums, a whole new world of possibility is even more achievable. To install the latest version of addictive drums, you would need a proprietary online installer. All you need to do is run the installer application and log into your account, then any existing AD libraries will be scanned.

The new AD version and its products will be displayed to you as an update. It’s easy to download and install and you can choose to do that whenever you are pleased.

Addictive drums make use of an interface that is easy to navigate. This makes it very easy for its users to get access to the many features of the virtual drumming kit. It has everything which you could possibly need. It easily allows you to choose the option which you would like to work on and to tweak it to your preferred choice.

The kit page on the software will display the number of kits that you have installed or purchased already. Now, its easier to identify and pick your favorite kit for use. It also allows you the chance to add as many as 18 kits to the virtual drumming instrument. All of the options in this kit allow you to mix it up and produce the ideal sound for you.

There’s an edit page where you’re free to make use of the equalizer as you wish. There’s a whole lot of increased functionality and adjustability which has been added to the latest version. There’s just so much to enjoy that makes the choice of Addictive Drums to be a no-brainer.


The Ezdrummer is a great alternative to addictive drums and helps to provide an equally impressive tool kit for producing some of the best beats. The latest version of the drummer features a new GUI, the sound engine, mixer, etc. This new interface makes it quite easy to get some of the best musical parts.

The Ezdrummer makes it easy for you to bring together different drum parts without needing to leave the creative space. You have all the tools you need to work and it can be done conveniently and quickly. The virtual drumming equipment will allow you to record your own grooves. Users are free to edit the grooves to perfection. You get as much as 100 levels of undo and that is just impressive.

It’s easy to navigate around the Ezdrummer and make use of its different tabs. The Browser and Search tabs make it easy for you to find whatever type of groove files will fit the project which you have at hand. The Song creator feature is a great way to set up your grooves. All you have to do is drag and drop a groove you like into the song creator and it will offer you suggestions for the whole arrangement. You can then make adjustments depending on what you need. There’s a lot of other things which you’re also allowed to tweak.

Depending on your work and choice when making use of this tool, your music can sound like a real drummer without having to do any MIDI recordings or editing. There are unprocessed kits that you can customize from the scratch and configurations which have preset tweaks.

Even presets can still be configured to suit your needs. They will help you to make adjustments to make each part of the drum sound at a particular level. At any point in the recording, you can swap any part of the kit and include something preferable.


Depending on what you would like to hear, you can choose between Addictive Drums and Ezdrummer. They are both useful in the creation of grooves that can be added to or used to record music. To decide on which to pick, its all about your preferences.