[SOLVED!] What are the features that make up the Esp Ltd ec-1000p review?


Before we start to talk about this guitar, take note that ESP stands for Electronic Sound Products which is now known as the ESP company. This company was created in 1970. Their aim was to make custom replacement of guitar and bass parts for improved performance. Then, the company started to make guitars. Since its inception, it has been known for the production of guitars by paying attention to industry standards. They had even produced different guitars to suit a variety of playing styles. Esp started the Ltd series in 1994. It was an affordable guitar that was to be sold to users outside the shores of Dubai.

Even in modern times, they have continued to make impressive products and Esp Ltd ec-1000 is one of those products. This is an instrument that has taken the younger generation by storm. Esp provides guitars at the same price and quality which can easily be afforded. They proved to the world that an electric guitar didn’t have to cost that much. Also, they established Japan as a location for the production of top guitars just like the United States.

Electric guitars are designed to be able to take some punishment and produce some very loud music. A lot of old electric guitars have started to fall short of the demands of the modern-day music industry. It was important to make changes to the pickups and hardware to meet up with the demands of heavy metal playing. Esp has designed guitars that have been able to bridge the gap and produce quality modern-day music.

Let’s take a look at what the esp Ltd ec-1000 has to offer.

Esp Ltd ec-1000 is a modern metal guitar that has looks, feels and sounds like the top guitars in the market. In one glance, this guitar looks like a professional one. It’s classy and has certain features that make it different from regular guitars.

General Description of the Esp Ltd ec-1000

Body and Neck

The Esp company has brought a lot of bling to its customers with the guitar. It really glows! The attention to detail which you’ll find on this guitar makes it look just like any of the luxury models which are available. First of all, the EC-1000 is known to have a classic Les Paul shape. It is a 24.75″ guitar which is made out of solid mahogany. There are not too many color variants to choose from. The finish looks very special and the quality of the work done on the guitar is quite obvious.

On the body, you’ll find a 3-piece mahogany neck. This neck has a Pau Ferro fretboard and 24 extra-jumbo frets. The neck makes it easier to handle and play at even high tempos. The guitar looks just as good as it plays. It can easily be compared to some of the best ESP guitars on the market.


The electronics and hardware of the EC-100 are equally as impressive. This guitar is equipped with two aggressive active EMG humbuckers with 60 at the neck and 81 at the bridge. The pickups of the guitar are hot and everyone likes their combination. The controls on the guitar are quite simple. They include; individual volume control for each pickup, a tone knob, and a 3-way toggle switch. These give a good amount of control over the output of the music which is produced by the guitar.

On the Esp Ltd ec-1000 has a TonePros Locking tune-o-Matic bridge. The bridge offers sustain and stability to players. It also contributes aesthetically due to its gold finish. The gold finish is also applied to the LTD locking tuners. These tuners do exactly what their name says; they lock the tune and are easy to use. Even when playing at a fast tempo and pressing the strings tightly, they remain in tune. It’s a great choice for practice and jamming. All that’s needed to complete the package is a case but is not available.


When it comes to the sound quality of the esp Ltd ec-1000, you’re going to be impressed. It was basically built to produce sound loud and heavy tunes. However, it can still be used to produce subtle tunes with a good amount of balance and clarity. All you have to do is make good use of the distortion pedal and you’ll have a lot of power to play with. The guitar is known to produce heavy but clear music which pays a good amount of attention to detail. The pickups do a very good job and you’ll enjoy listening to whatever you’re playing.

It can easily be used to play melodic tunes, blues, and rock.

What’s the shredding prowess?

The Esp Ltd ec-1000 is a shredding machine. This term is popular among fans of heavy metal music. The guitar produces a strong and full tone which a lot of people have compared to the sound of a Gibson. Shredding with the guitar is quite easy to do and natural. This is due to the excellent work done on the fretboard. It may not be a brand as popular as Fender and Gibson but the quality of the work is obvious.


  • Lightweight easy to maneuver
  • Smooth body and solid neck
  • Provides easy access to higher frets


  • Can be quite expensive for beginners


With an Ltd guitar like this, you’ve gotten pretty much on your hands. Yes, it’s not a popular brand but you can trust it just as much. There are only a few issues with this guitar and for that price, it offers real value for money. It is known for its consistency and can be used off-stage or on-stage. It also attractive and has a luxury feel. It has all the features to pass for one of the top guitars you’ll find in the industry.