[SOLVED!] Which is better; Audix i5 vs SM57?


Microphones have been known to be very important for quite some time now. They have proven to be one of the most important instruments when setting up a studio. A lot of people are always looking to ensure that they are able to get great choices.

The choice of the mic which you pick will determine the quality of the recording that can be gotten from it. The sound produced from such a mic must be clear and the machine must be reliable. There are different options or varieties of microphones today. Two of the best dynamic mic options; Audix i5 vs SM57. And many of them are known to sport a variety of features and special benefits.

Dynamic mics allow for a good vocal recording, have an impressive aesthetic appeal and are placed on shock mounts. They are also the best choice for a number of instruments while on stage. The reason why they are dynamic is that they can be used for virtually everything.

However, very few microphones compared to the quality of the Audix i5 and the sm57. For the purpose of this article, we’ll be taking a close look at these two microphones and comparing what you stand to gain from the use of both of them.

Audix i5

The price of this microphone is quite similar to that of the sm57. Despite the cheap price of the mic, the Audix i5 is known to pack quite a number of features that easily make it stand out. Physically the i5 doesn’t fail but is design is pretty basic.

It is made from a cast zinc-alloy case with a mounted XLR output. The mic is mostly colored in back aside from the metal grille and gold XLR pins. The blend of black and gold makes it very appealing. Other accessories that are included in the bag are a plastic swivel stand mount, a three head adaptor, and a nylon zip-up carrying case.

The Audix i5 is a small mic that is correctly shaped to get it into tight spots. If you love to make use of right-angled XLR connectors, then this mic would serve you quite well. It is also shorter than a number of other dynamic mics and it makes it easier to position around drums.

When making use of this mic, it’s obvious that it was designed to be used more with instruments than for vocal recording. So, don’t expect the sound to be perfect for a vocal recording. There’s a bass pump at 150Hz. The frequency response for this microphone ranges from 50Hz to 15kHz. It’s capable of handling SPLs as high as 140 dB, so you can be sure that the noise will not get to this mic and it will perform well.

When tested with a variety of instruments, the i5 performs well on guitars and even percussion instruments. This means that it’s reliable and you can always count on it for the great sound.

As a studio mic, the Audix i5 can be used for virtually any application which you can think of. When used to live, it also does well with instruments and vocals. There’s really a lot to look forward to in this dynamic mic. It’s solid build and reliable performance make this dynamic mic a typical first-choice for anyone.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Impressive shape and appearance
  • Durable construction
  • Good all-round performance


  • None


This mic is popular in the music business. You will get a chance to have your hands on it virtually everywhere. The reason behind its popularity is the fact that people can trust on this dynamic mic to do its job and offer the best quality of sound when used with either vocals and instruments.

You will get a glimpse of it at either a small club or a concert. The legendary mic has been used by past celebrities and is quickly becoming a top choice for the new generation. But you’ll find this masterpiece more in recording studios.

It can help to define the sound of instruments for an overall good recording. It has a warm and clean sound which really makes it the best choice to milk different instruments and create the best sound possible. The SM57 is designed into a cardioid pickup pattern which helps to ensure the main sound is clear and any background noise is reduced to the barest minimum. It is also a great choice for live recording because the mic can be set up anywhere and you get to enjoy its performance. When using it, there’s no feedback and its a great choice to use.

It can handle the highest sound level pressure without sounding messy or distorted. This makes it a great choice for recording loud instruments such as drums. A lot of hit recordings featured the use of the SM57 on the snares. It’s also a great choice for high-volume amplifiers.

Only a few microphones can compare with the reputation which the Shure 57 has. Since its release in 1965, it has soared and become a first-choice for everyone. It is usually used as a benchmark to compare the quality of any newly-produced mics. Due to its reliability, the SM57 has been the mic for the White House and has served different presidents since the 1970s.

The dynamic mic is a durable product that you can trust to make use on the road or for studios. The SM57 has also been subjected to the Shure Drop test. You can be confident about the durability which it provides and you are free to make use of it anyhow that you would like. Buyers and musicians can expose it too long hours of use


  • Impressive aesthetic appeal
  • Reliable performance
  • Durable construction
  • Can be used for a variety of applications


  • None


Taking a look at both dynamic mics, the quality of both is quite obvious. The SM57 is an industry faithful and has been trusted for years. However, the Audix i5 compares favorably to it. Both of them are top picks and you would enjoy your choice.