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You happen to be a talented writer with a passion for music who wishes to share ideas, opinions, instructions, and alike to line-minded people? If that is the case then Musictoob.com may be able to help you out. 

With a huge number of music enthusiasts visiting our site daily, we at Musictoob.com always welcome contributions from guest writers with knowledge in music.

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Articles That We Currently Publish 

At the moment, our site features quite a few articles with variable length, tones, formats, … The standard number of words is 1,000 but articles could be anywhere between 250 and 2,500-word-long. Here is a quick rundown of the types of articles 

Discussion: Aiming to trigger conversations as well as engagements with readers, Discussion articles should be short and to the point. The length of these articles usually varies from 250 to 500 words. 

Inspiration: As the name suggests, Inspiration articles “inspire” readers to take on something and share them on social media accounts. Articles of the type would have roughly between 500 and 1000 words. 

Journalism: Created to help readers take care of issues or provide them with important developments, Journalism articles involve extensive details. The number of words of this type of articles changes from case to case but it tends to revolve around 1,500. 

Authoritative: Containing well-researched readability-optimal contents, Authoritative articles dig deep into topics that readers want to get to know. The average length of articles of the type on our site never drops below 2,000 words. 

Our Rules For Guests Posts

We at Musictoob love posting the works of everyone but our readers expect a certain level of quality from articles. Hence, prior to submitting your guest posts to us, it’s strongly recommended that you check out the rules below 

Objective: We only consider articles with unbiased contents for approval. Therefore, you should refrain from submitting articles that happen to be filled with advertisements, spams, 

Readability: You don’t have to be a veteran at writing but you need to at least know how to avoid grammatical errors, organize punctuation, … Feel free to read a couple of articles on our site and learn our standards. 

Unquiquess: Guest posts must be written from scratch and contain no plagiarized contents in them. In the case that our editors notice signs of plagiarized contents from other music sites in your articles, we would never approve them for publication. Of course, it’s fine to place your articles on your site assuming that they get published on Musictoob first. 

Visual: Articles that consist of a sea of texts seldom attract the interest of readers. Thus, it’s widely advised that you included a couple of pictures here and there. You should stick to pictures that you own but you could use unsplash ones too. 

Bio: At the end of your guest posts, you need to leave a short bio that talks about your occupation, experience, hobbies and so on. Moreover, it’s a good idea to include links to your accounts on social media. 

What You Get In Return 

For all of the contributors, Musictoob guarantees the following benefits 

  • Exposure to a growing audience 
  • Experience in presenting web content 
  • Prominence in the music community 
  • Opportunities to work with leading music experts and analysts nowadays 

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