[SOLVED!] Predecessor And Successor: Sennheiser E935 Vs. E945


Effective and efficient, Sennheiser E935 and E945 receive positive remarks from audiophiles around the world. Owing to their dates of introduction, quite a few people believe that E945 will outperform E935 in the course of operation. That being said, in reality, the two Sennheiser mics share various similarities here and there. If you want to know which model comes out on top in Sennheiser E935 vs. E945, continue reading.

Characteristics Of The Mics


Once it comes to build quality, Sennheiser E935 and E945 give a good account of themselves as dynamic live-vocal microphones. In case you don’t know, dynamic live-vocal microphones not only have excellent versatility but also boast excellent durability. Furthermore, the use of neodymium ferrous magnet and boron allows the mics to withstand many unusual weather conditions. Needless to say, the two Sennheiser mics prove well-suited for outdoor applications.

Noteworthily, Sennheiser E935 and E945 make use of an internal shock mount so internal parts remain protected at all times. The shock mount also helps eliminate handling noises on stage and provides crystal clear sounds. As proof of confidence, Sennheiser distributes both mics alongside a 10-year warranty. If your mic fails due to manufacturing defects, you can rest assured knowing Sennheiser will set things straight.

In addition, Sennheiser E935 and E945 incorporate a sleek metal design that practically never goes out of style. Adorned vertically on the handle, the Sennheiser Logo gives the two mics a dignified look. The only difference between the two is that E945 is noticeably heavier than its predecessor.

Sound Quality

If you’re an audio enthusiast, it’s highly likely that you have heard of Sennheiser and its exceptional products. In use, E935 and E945 by all accounts live up to the reputation of the brand. The tip-top sound quality of both mics lets them match a wide range of settings. Still, there is a very important difference between the mics regarding their pick-up patterns:

  • Sennheiser E935 packs a cardioid pick-up, thus, it can pick up sound from 130 degrees around the axis. In other words, all sounds directly behind the microphone will be eliminated, a big plus if you want to minimize unwanted noises.
  • Sennheiser E945 is accompanied by a super cardioid pick-up. Similar to E935, E945  won’t pick up sounds directly behind it. The main difference here is that the pick-up range is 115 degrees around the axis, instead of 130. While its range is not as high as its predecessors, E945 makes up for it with excellent noise rejection, sensitivity and sound quality.


  • E935 possesses very pleasant, clear and audible trebles without being too ear-shattering.
  • E945 provides clean high-end thanks to its super cardioid pick-up design. It gives a nice punch to the highs while further reducing any unwanted ambiance sound.


  • E935’s mid-range is fairly crisp with a nice ambient feel. The voice can also effectively cut through the mix.
  • E945 is considered to be superior to the E935 in the mid range with generous fullness. Experienced musicians should appreciate the extra nuances and subtlety in the voice.


  • E935 sports a good bass range, the lows aren’t too boomy and add a subtle warmth to your voice
  • E945 features a slightly livelier output than that of E935 but the difference is negligible.

 Sennheiser E935 Vs. E945: Decision, Decision, Decision

Sennheiser E935 Sennheiser E945
Design Metal Metal
Build Extremely durable, lighter Extremely durable, heavier
Pick-up pattern Cardioid pick-up Super cardioid pick-up
Sound quality Great Excellent
Sensitivity Worse Better
Noise rejection Worse Better

Both mics have their ups and downs so it’s up to you to device the winner in Sennheiser E935 vs. E945. To put it plainly, if you want to have an up-to-date mic for modern genres, go for E945. On the other hand, if all you desire is a time-tested, long-range mic, don’t hesitate to grab  E935. As long as you know what you want, you should be able to make a wise investment.

Background Of The Mics

In layman’s terms, Sennheiser E935 and E945 belong to the same series: Sennheiser Evolution 900 series. The series is not new though as mics from the series have been around since 2003 and remain the go-to choice for today’s musicians. Renowned for their natural, clear sound and unique sensitivity, Evolution mics hold an edge over many stage microphones.

However, being models of the same series also means they have their fair share of similarities. While the E945 is better in some aspects due to being a more modern model, you have to wonder what exactly it brings to the table E935 can’t.