[SOLVED!] A detailed Yamaha FG800 review, take a look at it!


When you’re trying to get yourself an acoustic guitar, you may have to end up foregoing a good sum of money. Forget the numerous models of guitars that you would find around, the simple truth is that quality is hard to come by. Some people are usually unable to sort through the maze of guitars that they come across. This is why it’s important to look closely at the market before rushing to make any purchase. 

The Yamaha FG800 has been identified as one of the highest performers in the market. Yes, it is one of the top Yamaha products on the market. It is capable of doing many things and can be used for a variety of occasions. The Yamaha FG800 is just like other FG models in the series. It is an acoustic that looks to provide maximum output while spending minimal costs. 

Let’s take a look at what really makes this guitar special. 

Brief History on the Yamaha FG800

Yamaha Guitars are known to have a rich history. This history will highlight the difference which Yamaha has offered for years.  

The FG version was introduced by Yamaha in 1966. These guitars were created to offer impressive sounds without necessarily being a big financial burden. This series has maintained its traditional features for years. However, the tone has continued to get better with each version being created. FG guitars have been proudly owned over the years and the FG800 is no exception to this.

General Description of the Yamaha FG800

Body and Neck. It’s important to keep in mind that the FG800 is a cheaper variant to the FG830. Due to this, you won’t find any special aesthetic design on the FG800. Well, there’s no abalone rosette but it still has a very impressive appearance. Its main body is made from durable material and quality materials namely; scalloped braced solid Sitka spruce and laminated nato. 

It is quite comfortable to hold and the quality work is obvious in the design. It appears better than most guitars of a similar price. The Yamaha FG80P has a decent setup coupled with a gloss finish.

The neck of the guitar is equally as impressive as the body. The back and sides of the guitar are also made from laminated nato with a comfortable satin finish. It is an impressive design that offers a great level of playability. 

Hardware. The FG800 comes with good hardware. It shares similar hardware with the FG830. Due to this, the guitar is known for its gold reliability, consistency, and tone. There is a set of die-cast chrome tuners at the headstock. They help to always keep the guitar in tune. 

At the bottom of the guitar, you’ll find a urea nut and saddle, and a standard rosewood bridge. 

Sound. It doesn’t take long for anyone to know that the Yamaha FG800 produces a high-quality tone. Basically, it offers one of the best sounds you can find in a budget acoustic guitar. It is known to be loud and resonant. The sound quality of this guitar is due to the quality of the work put into the design of the guitar. Its tone is regarded to be sweet and warm with a great balance. It really sounds better than it costs when you play it. This is a very big bonus for all instrumentalists. 

Features of the Yamaha FG800 

What are the features which you should be looking to enjoy from this guitar?

Solid and Impressive design. Overall, the guitar is properly designed to maximize output and the production of sound by the instrument. It has a well-carved body and neat finish. This makes it easy to hold and solid. It doesn’t have the regular boring design and one look at this guitar will want to make you pick it up.

A balanced combination of materials. This acoustic guitar is made from different materials and structured to achieve the right level of balance. In the Yamaha FG800, the top is made from solid spruce while the sides and back are made from nato wood. On the bottom part of the guitar, rosewood is used for the bridge and fingerboard. 

This variety of wood helps to produce an exclusive sound which is characteristic of Yamaha. 

Lightweight. Despite its sturdy nature, the guitar is lightweight and easy to play. It is known to weigh a mere 10 pounds. 

Available in a range of sizes and colors. When purchasing this guitar, you get the choice of picking either the dreadnought or concert size. Each size has its features and is known to suit unique applications of instrumentalists. 

There is also a chance for you to pick a color. It is available in a natural color and ruby red. You get to pick either of these colors depending on your favored style and taste. 


Now, what are the advantages which the Yamaha FG800 guitar has over others?

  • The guitar is capable of producing string and quality sounds that fall in the mid and low-ranges. Basically, it sounds like you are making use of a professional instrument.
  • The bracing technology used in the guitar helps to keep the top in good shape. 
  • Easy to use for beginners. Professionals can also make use of this instrument for some light work.
  • It has a built-in tuner which helps to always keep the guitar in tune. Even when it falls out of tune, it’s easier to restore your settings. 
  • Affordable pricing. It is basically one of the cheapest guitars to offer its level of quality. 


The Yamaha FG800 isn’t without its drawbacks and they include;

  • The materials used in the production of this guitar are different from natural wood. 
  • The electrical acoustic is known to have bugs over time. 
  • Its large size can make it unfit for certain instrumentalists.

Final Thoughts

For the price which you would purchase this guitar, there are a lot of benefits to enjoy from it. It provides a balanced performance and can be used as a reliable instrument. To top it all, Yamaha offers users a variety in choosing the color and size of the guitar.