Come in Paris Hilton, your time is up

Paris Hilton: is your vice like grip on the public imagination starting to slip? Judging by these pictures, not if you can help it.

La Hilton was partying at Las Vegas nightclub Surrender this weekend when Rn’B star Ne-Yo called her to the stage.

While Ne-You sang his hit Miss Independent, Paris performed a raunchy dance routine which involved her pulling her short gold and black dress up and almost showing her ass to the paying audience at the Vegas club.

Hilton was evidently thrilled by her sexy performance. She tweeted: “so amazing last night when Ne-Yo took me onstage during his performance of my favourite song Miss Indepnedent. I love when lyrics ring true.”

Hilton was delighted to be single after splitting with her ex, Hills star Doug Reinhardt, she added.

“I’m one hundred per cent single and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve never been single before in my life and I am really enjoying it. I’ve got some bad people out of my life. People who had bad intentions. I cut those people out.”


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