[SOLVED!] Dive Into Sonic Bliss: SoundMAGIC E10 Vs. E30


As a result of their fantastic performance, SoundMAGIC E10 and E30 have created quite a buzz despite being entry-level earphones. Considering their prices and the values they provide, it’s no surprise that a lot of people view both models positively. 

That being said, once it comes to the SoundMAGIC earphones, one topic is still hotly debated: SoundMAGIC E10 vs. E30. Different people have different preferences so the ideal model to others may be barely acceptable in your eyes. You want to make a wise investment and get the most out of your money? Then it’s suggested that you read to the end.

An Overview Of The Specs

Sound Pressure Level (SPl)102dB/mW 94dB/mW
Frequency range 15Hz – 22kHz15Hz – 22kHz
Impedance 46 Ohms12 Ohms 
Driver 10mm neodymium dynamic driver9mm neodymium dynamic driver
Cable 47 inches47 inches
Connector Straight 3.5mm connector.Straight 3.5mm connector.
Accessories Travel pouch and soft silicon ear tips (four sizes)Travel pouch, soft silicon ear tips (four sizes) and ear hooks.
Colors Black/Red, Black/Gold, Purple/Black and Silver/BlackWhite, Pink, Black and Blue
Price$30 (Amazon)$46 (Amazon)
Warranty 1 year1 year

SoundMAGIC E10 Vs. E30: Head-To-Head Review


Thanks to the superior SPl (102dB/mW vs. 94dB/mW), SoundMAGIC E10 is able to get louder than E30 provided that they use the same audio source. Needless to say, E10 proves popular among those who listen to music at high volumes. On the other hand, E30 can’t get as loud as E10 but it’s unmatched in terms of clarity and transparency. In the case that blasting songs all the time is not your style, it’s highly likely that you will come to like E30.


All in all, both models have long cables which enable you to connect them to audio sources with relative ease. Aside from that, the integration of straight 3.5mm connector means you don’t have to worry too much about compatibility. About fitness, the SoundMAGIC sits snugly in the ears and causes no discomfort for the most part. Of course, if you experience fitness issues, feel free to swap the tips until you find the situation to your liking. 

Note: It’s important to point out that unlike E30, E10 is capable of working as a headset when a need arises. That is a big plus if you desire a headset substitute in case of emergencies. 


Nowadays, it’s possible to get SoundMAGIC E10 and E30 from a wide range of sources from physical stores to online retailers. Quite a few factors influence the price of earphones on the market but E10 is usually cheaper than E30. Since the price difference is insignificant, it won’t be a dealbreaker regardless of your final choice. Upon purchase, E10 and E30 come alongside a 1-year warranty so you have something to count on if things go wrong. 


To put it plainly, both models have pluses and minuses so it’s up to you to decide the winner. If you seek no-nonsense earphones at bargain prices and place dynamic above all else, SoundMAGIC E10 is for you. In the case that you prioritize clarity and transparency while digging into the subtleties of songs, don’t hesitate to pick up SoundMAGIC E30. Give your style some thought and make your purchase accordingly to get the most out of your money. 

Earphones Not Working: Troubleshooting 

Compared to their predecessors, modern earphones suffer fewer malfunctions in use but they still act up from time to time. If your earphones stop working all of a sudden, here is what you must do:

  • Take power into account: If you use a wireless model, make sure that it’s charged. For wired models, it’s necessary to secure the plug on the end of the cable to the port. 
  • Turn up the volume: It’s possible that your earphones still work as normal but you can’t hear a thing because you have turned down the volume by mistake. To test that theory, turn up the volume all the way. 
  • Reset: It’s not uncommon for wireless earphones to bug out and reset is the best solution. If there is no reset button, you can power off the earphones, wait for a bit and power them on again. 
  • Unpair and re-pair. Connecting multiple wireless gadgets to the same devices sometimes leads to congestion and issues ensue. One simple solution is to unpair all wireless gadgets including your earphones and re-pair only the earphones. 
  • Contact customer service: You have tried everything but nothing works? Then your last resort is to contact customer service for post-purchase support. Depending on the situation, the staff may require you to bring your earphones to the store for inspection. Assuming that the warranty is still valid, you don’t need to pay for the repair/replacement of the earphones.