[SOLVED!] Fender Play Review: Features, Advantages, and Disadvantages


Everyone learns a musical instrument at one stage of their life or the other, especially when they are young. However, the process is difficult and young children easily get discouraged from doing it. The problem with learning musical instruments is that things get tough and kids are unable to get the support that they truly need. 

Music lessons are quite expensive and people look for different alternatives to make sure they can get what is required. A number of people end up searching through the endless resources on the internet for help with these complicated music instruments. The problem with this is that music enthusiasts often have to spend a lot of their time looking for the best resources to use. At times, they also end up patronizing resources that don’t offer enough value for money. 

Fender Play review shows that it has come as an option to help with this problem.  It is a third party option that provides its users with professional video tutorials designed to help learners. This way, you get all you need to know in one location. No one could have asked for better. Fender Play is a mobile app and can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad, and Android. It’s also possible to access Fender from a web browser on your laptop or PC. To make use of Fender’s services you would need to sign up on the website. 

How does Fender Play work?

So what do you stand to gain from the use of this app? The truth about Fender Play is that it offers something completely different from what you may be used to. 

First, the videos on Fender are usually of high production quality. This means you can easily grasp the purpose of the whole lesson. The videos are usually shot from different angles with close-ups to show what each hand or fingers are doing. This way, you can easily learn how and where to place your fingers. Oftentimes, these would be displayed on a split-screen, so you get to see both hands in action at the same time. 

There are usually a lot of instructors to learn from. However, these videos are usually structured such that learners can grasp as much information as possible. Each video on this app was created with insight from different music schools. It also offers a variety of lessons; ranging from basic tutorials to advanced lessons or even playing popular songs. 

The lessons on this instrument are broke down into bits for easier assimilation and fast learning. You also get to learn at your own pace, skip lessons or practice sessions during your free time. Each lesson is usually between 3-15 minutes long; depending on the type of lesson. 

Also, the interface of the app is properly structured and it makes easier to navigate around the different options on the website. It shows completed lessons and uncompleted ones. It also allows users to easily keep track of progress on a certain course. 

Furthermore, there are structured lessons in different music styles. Musical styles which are available include; Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, and Blues. Recently, Ukelele and Bass have been to the list. This means you can easily find something for everyone who’s interested in learning. Now, you don’t have to finish up all the levels before you can pick another course. If you feel certain lessons are to easy for you, its possible to skip them for the more advanced ones. You’ll have to be true to yourself though and assess yourself properly. There will be no teacher to enforce anything, so it’s all in your hands. 

The experts at Fender understand that learners don’t want to spend hours of their time learning about scales and the technical parts of music. Most people are more concerned about learning to play their favorite songs and we look to ensure that they can do just that. This special feature has been included in every lesson. Basically, you may get to learn chords or notes. But it’s all geared to make you able to play your popular songs. 

A lot of lessons on this app would encourage you to practice because only practice makes perfect. It offers you the chance to practice along with the tutor. There have also been some recent lesson additions to the curriculum.  This way learners can benefit from targeted learning programs. The lessons are done in a way such that they don’t get the learner frustrated. 

Features of Fender Play

Simple Guided Learning Path. Come and learn from the expertise of different instructors. All of the lessons are targeted at a single goal; teaching you the instruments such that you are able to play your favorite song in no time. The lessons have been simplified and broken into bits.

Access to a variety of songs. The fender music library is rich and has something for everyone. Beginners get to choose the songs of their choice which have bee arranged based on the instrument and level of expertise. 

Progress Tracker. Using Fender Play, it’s much easier to keep track of the learner’s progress in all the lessons. Students can view completed lessons, courses or songs learned. It’s also possible to easily review previous lessons. 

Bonus Perks. Fender Play comes with different bonuses. Students get to enjoy discounts on the use of this app and the purchase of gadgets or accessories. 


  • Easily accessible from different corners of the world
  • Videos are of high production values. 
  • Allows for targete5d lessons. 
  • It can be used by beginners or professional instrumentalists. 
  • Encourages personal practice. 


  • Can only be used to learn the guitar

Final Thoughts

Overall, Fender Play is a great app choice for learners. It’s a one-stop location for anything you need to learn. It helps to teach what really matters; popular songs and riffs. 

Fender Play is a simple and structured way of learning that works for most people.