[SOLVED!] Fender Pro Junior Vs. Blues Junior: The Best Of The Best


As a response to the rising demand for combo amps, manufacturers worldwide have introduced various models to the market and Fender is not an exception. Altogether, Fender combo amps perform well in use but in terms of popularity, Pro Junior and Blues Junior stand out from the rest. Versatile and flexible, the two amps from Fender can satisfy the needs and requirements of guitarists nowadays. However, once it comes to Pro Junior and Blues Junior, one topic still troubles people: the winner in Fender Pro Junior vs. Blues Junior.

An Overview Of The Amps

Note: It’s important to point out that like their contemporaries, Pro Junior and Blues Junior come in several variants. For the sake of convenience, I will only cover the latest variants: Pro Junior IV and Blues Junior IV.



Fender Pro Junior

Fender Blues Junior

Preamp tubes

12AX7 x 2

12AX7 x 3

Power tubes

EL84 x 2

EL84 x 2


Solid state

Solid state


15 watts

15 watts


Volume and tone

Volume, bass, middle, treble, master and reverb


Jensen P10R (10 inches)

Celestion A-type (12 inches)




Fender Pro Junior Vs. Blues Junior: Outlines 


At a glance, Fender Pro Junior and Blues Junior resemble each other here and there: they both integrate particle board cabinets, steel-reinforced handles, etc. However, it’s important to point out that a number of differences exist between the combo amps of Fender.

For instance, Fender Pro Junior features a lacquered tweed cover that gives off a vintage vibe. On the other hand, Fender Blues Junior boasts a black textured vinyl well-suited for modern settings. Besides that, while Pro Junior includes a fancy chrome front panel, Blues Junior packs a plain black front panel. Last but not least, for the strap material, Pro Junior uses leather but Blues Junior opts for plastic.

Winner: The diversity of tastes means no model holds an edge over the other regarding design. Blues Junior is popular among guitarists that play modern genres while those who seek a sense of nostalgia often favor Pro Junior.

Ease Of Use

For your information, the user-friendly nature of Fender Pro Junior is by all accounts one of its biggest strengths. Consisting of only two knobs (volume and tone), the interface of Pro Junior proves easy to manage for most of the time. In the case of Fender Blues Junior, its interface comprises six knobs (volume, bass, middle, treble, master and reverb) which grant guitarists plenty of options. Depending on your experience, you may need a bit of time to get used to Blues Junior but its interface permits delicate modifications.

Winner: Here, Pro Junior is the one that comes out on top in Fender Pro Junior vs. Blues Junior. That being said, you don’t have to be an expert in combo amps to master Fender Blues Junior and its interface.


Pro Junior differs from Blues Junior once it comes to speakers (Jensen P10R vs. Celestion A-type) so they produce distinct tones.

Compared to Blues Junior, Pro Junior sounds more open and organic, especially at high volumes. The generous amount of headroom also allows Fender Pro Junior to work alongside a wide range of effect pedals. Meanwhile, Blues Junior can produce all sorts of tones at low volumes and you get to apply changes at your leisure. From boosting the mids and taking the input gain up a notch, Fender Blues Junior lets you do everything to optimize sound quality.

Winner: Again, it’s tough to determine which model is superior in Fender Pro Junior vs. Blues Junior. For guitarists who play loud and high-intensity music genres on a regular basis, Pro Junior sounds great. About Blues Junior, people that like subtle songs and stick to low volumes usually appreciate its sound.


It’s not uncommon for prices of combo amps to rise and drop but between Pro Junior and Blues Junio, Pro Junior is the cheaper one. If money is not an issue to you at the moment, feel free to pick up whatever model you like. In the case that your budget is kind of tight, it’s suggested that you settle for Fender Pro Junior and save money for other needs. There is no need to go over budget unless you have particular demands for your amp.

Winner: It’s safe to say that in terms of affordability, Pro Junior wins hands down. Of course, you get what you pay for and depending on the situation it’s wise to spend extra money for extra capabilities.


Different guitarists expect different things from their combo amp which means there is no clear winner in Fender Pro Junior vs. Blues Junior. If you play songs in traditional settings and want to blow away the audience, you won’t regret buying Fender Pro Junior. If you only play contemporary genres and wish to closely manage the sound, it’s best that you acquire Fender Blues Junior. As long as your purchase is based on your desires, you can rest assured knowing you have a good amp to back you up on stage.