[SOLVED!] Fender’s Internal Inferno: Super Reverb Vs. Twin Reverb


Overall, considering the fame that Fender amps have gained over the years, it’s only natural that comparisons of Fender amps attract a lot of attention. That being said, in terms of prominence, not many can match Super Reverb vs. Twin Reverb at the moment. Dependable and reliable, both models receive a shower of praise from guitarists around the globe. If you have a hard time choosing between the two amps, my article is exactly what you need. 

Outlines Of The Amps


  Super Reverb  Twin Reverb 
Power rating  45W 85W
Speaker  4*10” Jensen P-10R 2*12” Jensen C-12K
EQ Section  2-Band 3-Band 
Bright switch  Yes  Yes 
Power Amp Tube  2*6L6  2*6L6 
Rectifier  1*5AR4 Solid State


Super Reverb Vs. Twin Reverb: Compilation 

Power Rating And Tone 

For your information, Super Reverb features a power rating of 45W so it might go into overdrive when you crank it up. The moment it enters overdrive, the amp will release distorted/saturated sound which no one wants. That being said, in most of the cases, the low power rating makes Super Reverb a great amp for home use. 

Meanwhile, Twin Reverb possesses a power rating of 85W, 40W more than that of Super Reverb. The High power rating allows Twin Reverb to keep the sound clean when you start cranking it up. If you need an amp for live performances, you won’t regret placing an order for Twin Reverb. Still, you should know that Twin Reverb may get a little loud when you play clean tones. 

Controls And Effects

Super Reverb consists of two channels, reverb control and vibrato control that controls the speed and intensity of sound. It boasts a bright switch too which allows high frequencies to get around the volume pot. Also, Super Reverb contains 2-band EQ, bass and treble control but it lacks an effect loop and you’ll have to run everything to the front-end. 

The controls of Twin Reverb resemble that of Super Reverb but a few differences exist. It carries two channels (reverb and vibrato) in addition to a bright switch. Aside from that, similar to Super Reverb, Twin Reverb lacks an effect loop. The key difference comes in the EQ-section as Twin Reverb sports a 3-band EQ-section that controls bass, mid and treble. 

Size And Weight

At a glance, it’s easy to see that Twin Reverb is bigger than Super Reverb (17.5 x 24.5 x 9.5 inches vs. 19.87 x 26.5 x 10.375 inches). Moreover, between the two amps, Twin Reverb is the heavier one (42 pounds vs. 64 pounds) which is no surprise owing to its power rating. If you don’t intend to move your amp after you finish setting it up, go for Twin Reverb. However, if you have to move your amp from time to time, invest in Super Reverb.


It’s hard to name the winner in Super Reverb vs. Twin Reverb as both models have their own plusses and minuses. That means you must take your needs and requirements into account then make your purchase accordingly. If all you need is a no-nonsense amp for casual use, Super Reverb is going to be your best bet. On the other hand, if you desire a capable amp that can match your demands, don’t hesitate to grab Twin Reverb. 

Notable Features Of The Amps 

Super Reverb 

Legendary Super Tone

Super Reverb is a perfect replication of the old-time tube amplifier but it also incorporates modern features to meet today’s needs. It sounds just like the original Super Reverb from the 1950’s and it does not require tedious maintenance. Consequently, Super Reverb is loved by most guitarists thanks to its ability to emulate the original design and satisfy contemporary preferences. 

Reverb And Onboard Tremolo 

Some of the features that make Super Reverb a famous amp include reverb and onboard tremolo. Fender gave these two special effects to Super Reverb just to preserve the authenticity of their products. In fact, reverb and onboard tremolo effects have even inspired new music. 

Rear Panel Controls

Musicians calculate the value of a piece of equipment based on the amount of control it gives them. Super Reverb leaves a panel of controls on its back so guitarists can air their tracks in whatever they like. Via the back of Super Reverb, people can access line output, level control, ground lift switch and three-way IR cabinet simulation. 

6-Way Power Attenuator Switch

In case you don’t know, Super Reverb permits you to manipulate the loudness of your music in a classic way. While it’s rated 45W, you can switch between levels depending on the situation from 0.5W for one room to 45W to entertain the entire house. 

Twin Reverb 

Tube Circuitry 

Fender’s tube amplifier has been assisting professionals in performing rich, pure and powerful songs for over 60 years. They became famous because of the detailed tone that matches various genres: jazz, blues, country music, rock and so on.  

Spring Reverb

Spring reverb is part of the sonic attributes of Twin Reverb and it lets people produce sound from subtle to cavernous. A combination of creativity and variety of sound controls will help you capture the audience.