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SOLVED - How To Destroy Speakers From A Distance: In-Depth Instructions SOLVED - How To Destroy Speakers From A Distance: In-Depth Instructions

How To Destroy Speakers From A Distance: In-Depth Instructions

Neighbors come in all kinds: sensible ones, helpful ones, friendly ones, …..and ones that refuse to stop playing music over the speakers at maximum volumes. Though it’s everyone’s right to listen to their favorite songs, some just have to ensure that the block knows which tunes they like. Needless to say, people that have to live around such music enthusiasts often hold a grudge toward the broadcasting speakers. That sentiment is so common that sites such as Reddit, Quora, … tend to be filled with threads about how to destroy speakers from a distance.

 You also want to take out the infuriating loudspeakers of your unreasonable neighbor without having to use heavy-handed methods? If that is your desire, this article is for you. Down below, you would find everything you must keep in mind while facing neighbors that play loud music on speakers 24/7. 

Silencing The Speakers Remotely: Suggestions

Regarding disabling loudspeakers from afar, people nowadays come up with a variety of unique ideas. That being said, if you happen to be a reserved person and don’t want to take on unnecessary risks, check out the following options. 


  • Option 1: Fast, Simple Yet Inconsistent 


Grab a cheap handheld radio, ideally a Yaesu, from hardware store then hook it up to a car mount antenna. Next, proceed to point the antenna straight toward the presumed location of your neighbor speakers. If you manage to nail the frequency then the speakers should be silenced within moments. The mechanism is straightforward: noise overdrives the input transistors of the speakers which causes a square wave on the outputs. Once that occurs, the speakers would be useless so you could enjoy yourself in peace.  


  • Option 2: Tedious But Guarantee Results 


So you want a reliable way to kill speakers remotely and have money to spend? If that is the case, you must buy these items.  

  • A cheap CB radio
  • A linear amplifier 
  • A CB antenna 

Here is the idea: You talk through your CB radio, amplify the signal through the amplifier and transmit the amplified signal using the CB antenna. The audio cables in the speakers of your neighbor should pick up the signal as well as whatever you transmit. Considering the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, your neighbor speakers don’t need to be on for the trick to work. In order to raise the chance of success, it’s strongly recommended that you stand up the antenna before transmitting. 


  • Option 3: Work Well Albeit Expensive  


Assuming that you know your way around radio technology, Option 3 is definitely going to be the best option for you. Like Option 2, you need to gather a couple of components:  

  • An SSB transmitter: For your information, SSB is, in essence, a type of AM transmission. In most of the cases, a 10-meter transmitter shall suffice. 
  • A power amplifier: Obviously, you need to get an amplifier that matches the transmitter you have (10-meter wavelength, AKA HF). On a side note, in the US, the legal limit is 1500w so that it likely the highest you could buy on the market nowadays. 
  • An antenna: To achieve the most compact short of a dummy load, it’s widely advised that you purchase a loaded coil vertical for 10 meters. Of course, if you want to save money, feel free to string a horizontal dipole. 
  • A tone generator: Ipods, computers, laptops,… a lot of things would work as tone generators for your little science project. It’s highly likely that you must prepare proper adapters so as to connect your radio to the tone generator. Set up a choke between the receiver and the source. In addition, think about the shielding for your household electronics. 

After you have everything on hand, proceed to connect one part to the other: signal source to transmitter, transmitter to amplifier and amplifier to antenna. The process involves a lot of cables to just take your time instead of rushing. Once you finish assembling the parts, you could leisurely kill the speakers of your neighbor.  

Facing Loud Neighbors: Essential Rules

Using the above instructions on how to destroy speakers from a distance, you could finally bring peace to your ears.  Nonetheless, deliberately killing your neighbor speakers outright should only be considered as the last resort. It’s unfortunate to have loud neighbors but it’s nonetheless necessary to remember certain rules while addressing the situation. 


  • Always Pick Your Fight Wisely 


Generally speaking, it’s indeed a good idea to draw the limit but you better avoid taking on every fight. That is going to make you seem irrational and unreasonable. 


  • Settle The Issue In Person 


Many people go straight to the authorities if they find the neighbors to be too loud which is totally understandable. That being said, it’s strongly recommended that you have a talk with your loud neighbor before filing a complaint. Don’t bother with sticky notes, text messages,… you need a face-to-face meeting. 


  • Be Neighborly At All times  


It’s of utmost importance that you also take a step back and ask yourself: am I a good neighbor? Sure, your neighbor is playing loud music over the speakers but what about you running your lawnmower at 7 a.m?  In most of the cases, people could easily tell the faults of others but they rarely see flaws they have. As a result, make sure that you prove yourself to be a good neighbor first. That is going to allow you to approach your loud neighbor without getting stuck into “Well, how about you and your blah blah blah” arguments. 


  • Refrain From Getting Too Defensive     


Everybody makes mistakes from time to time but as long as you have the gut to accept your shortcomings then you would be able to hold friendly talks with others. Because of that, it’s widely advised that you don’t get too defensive while talking with your loud neighbor. Instead of insisting that your neighbor is the guilty party, you should attempt to come up with a workable compromise. 

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