[SOLVED!] Keith Urban Guitar Review: The Guitar That Helps You Learn Faster


A handmade guitar by the Australian singer, songwriter and country music star Keith Urban, the Keith Urban “Player” Tour guitar is a great pick for beginners. Offered in a 50-piece package, you’ll take advantage of this durable guitar along with the 30-lesson DVD set prepared by the international star himself. With the simplified and easy-to-follow guitar lessons, even a complete beginner can learn 30 songs in just a month.

I can’t wait to share with you my review of this guitar. It has a wonderful build and great playability. These are just among the few selling points of the guitar.


Since it’s handcrafted by Keith Urban himself, you know it’s a quality guitar. As a seasoned artist, Urban knows what he’s doing and I’m pretty sure, he’s good at what he does. So, this all-wood guitar is very reliable and can take on heavy guitar sessions.

I’ll start with the Spruce body and Mahogany back and sides, dressed with the star-quality finish. You know that Spruce and Mahogany are known tonewoods and when combined,  offer a mellow tone with strong midrange and reduced overtones.

At the back, you’ll see a unique panel with silver-gray look-of-mother-pearl inlays. You can also see the Urban icon, logo and Urban’s signature imprint. It looks amazing, especially with the Rich Black finish at the back and the sides. The topwood includes finishes like Rich Black, Brazilian Burst and Military Green.

The neck is made of Eastern Mahogany featuring a fretboard that is decorated with big inlays and an Urban icon inlay at the 12th fret. It has a square-off cutaway that helps you access the upper frets easily. Most reviews said that the string height is much lower compared to other guitar models, which I find great for better playability.


Like most guitars, you can’t get great sounds out of the box. It needs tuning and setup. Likewise, the Keith Urban Player, needs proper tuning, as well. The good news is, this guitar already comes with low action, so, you don’t need to do the hassle of adjusting the truss rod and all. But, if it’s needed, better have a professional guitar tech do that.

It’s also important to change the stock strings to achieve a better-sounding guitar. However, compared to other guitars, its sound quality is best suited for home and practice use. It’s not ideal for stage performance or recordings. Keith Urban plays great, but it doesn’t have that desirable projection, especially when playing for a larger crowd.

In Use (Video)

You might not believe it, but you can really learn one song a day with the Keith Urban guitar. It includes a 30-DVD set that lets you learn how to play guitar easily, even if you have zero experience playing the instrument before.

What’s more amazing, you can learn guitar basics right from Keith Urban himself. So, if you’re a fan of Keith Urban, you’ll surely enjoy the lessons, as much as you’ll enjoy playing the guitar.

The very first lesson you’ll learn is tuning the guitar. Then, you’ll be taught to play just two chords. With these chords, you can now play the song “Live to Love Another Day.” Then, on the second day, you’ll learn another chord, which allows you to play different songs. Each day, you’ll learn to play new chords and new songs.

Overall, it includes 15 songs written and performed by Urban, himself. While the other 15 are classic songs. So, in just a month, you’ll get to play 30 songs easily. Here’s a video that gives you a glimpse of the performance and the sound of the guitar:


Features and Specifications

It’s among the lightest guitars weighing only around 4.75lbs with an overall length of 41-inch. It has a dimension of approximately 41-inch long, 15.75-inch wide and 4.75-inch high.

This is a six-string acoustic guitar with the traditional 3+3 headstock featuring the Urban icon, including the “URBAN” imprint. While some reviews said that the guitar barely stays in tune, I have better tuners that keep the perfect tuning for a while.

The bronze-wound steel strings stay well in place, with good nut and saddle. This is an acoustic guitar, so, it doesn’t have any electronics or pickups onboard.


  • Has comprehensive guitar lessons that help beginners learn to play guitar faster
  • With a gorgeous design and better playability
  • Affordable, given that it has the guitar lessons from a renowned artist


  • Not the most reliable guitar, especially for stage performances
  • Not ideal for players who want to level up their guitar skills


Keith Urban was able to pull out such a gorgeous guitar, bundled it with 30 guitar lessons and offered at a very enticing price. This guitar isn’t cheap, it’s inexpensive. And, it offers a great value for the money, especially for beginners.

This 50-piece guitar set gives you everything you need — from the initial setup up to learning the first chord on the instrument. So, you know that the 30 of the 50-piece is the guitar lessons, so what about the other 20? I’m going to break down the list for you.

First off, you’ll have the guitar, soft-shell guitar case, and the 58-inch adjustable strap. The remaining 17are accessories that include a full set of spare strings, Allen key for neck adjustment, chord chart poster, metal capo, eight custom-designed picks, and a guitar polishing cloth.

Is there another guitar set offered at around $300 with the same bundle as this?


Although it’s a durable and reliable guitar, it’s perfect for practice, but not for stage performance. Among the benefits you can get from the Keith Urban “Player” Tour guitar, are its playability and all the easy-to-follow DVD set. However, the sound quality isn’t the best to play in front of the crowd.

Intermediate and professional players might need a more advanced guitar, and not this Keith Urban guitar. Yet, for beginners, you don’t get this kind of deal often. Handcrafted by a superstar, it’s kind of hard to beat, especially at the price you’ll pay for this 50-piece guitar set.