[SOLVED!] Mackie CR 3 Review: Is it the Perfect Studio Monitor?


Mackie is a brand that knows how to sell its products. Now, the CR3 has not just been referred to as a studio monitor. Instead, they are referred to as “multimedia monitors” and they live up to their name. The Mackie CR3 can serve as an indicator of the quality of the sound which is produced by it. Well, there are a lot of reasons not to easily that this product but it has quickly managed to become a favorite. It is well-nigh after on Amazon and other top retail platforms, but how does this instrument really perform.

The CR series was developed by Mackie to represent their entry-level speakers which as good as studio monitors. The Mackie CR3 is a good example of these speakers. It isn’t necessarily as good as studio monitors but bears a close resemblance to it. They end up being very valuable products and offer you the best value for money. Also, it’s a speaker that can be used by beginners and even professionals who are used to larger studio monitors.

Specifications of the Mackie CR3 

  • .75″ Tweeter
  • Frequency Response: 80Hz – 20kHz
  • Back bass port
  • Input ports: 1/4″, 1/8″, RCA

How does the Mackie CR3 compare against other studio monitors?

If you’re new to studio monitors, what are they? Let’s do a quick recap of what it really is.

Studio monitors are speakers meant to give you quality sound and help you balance your mix of instruments. It will also help you ensure that nothing goes wrong with your mixing. The purpose of mixing is to ensure that you can get top sound from whatever type of speaker you use. For instance, you can mix sound between good and detailed speakers and other speaker types.

Regular speakers try their best to refine the sound that is produced. Theoretically, the goal of a studio monitor is to find the defects in the sound and correct them.

Now, the Mackie CR3 may not be as detailed as the top speakers but its work is considered to quite satisfactory. The level of detail may not be the same when it comes to the sound stage. The sound stage allows you to hear music in 3D and the sound looks to be coming from every corner of the room. It even allows you the chance to decide how to place your music; either to the right or to the left.

To describe the sound which comes from the CR3, think about a gamer with his headphones. It allows him to hear the sound of his immediate environment easily. This makes it a simpler thing to target and kill enemies. This type of detailed sound is what you get from the CR3. But don’t go expecting anything extra. The sound is very solid and basic.

Features of the Mackie CR3

These speakers really pack a punch with some of the features which they have. The CR3 has 3 woofers which have frequencies of 80Hz. Don’t expect too much bass from these speakers. How you set up your studio may help against this or may even cause big problems. So, they won’t cause too much noise to disturb the neighbors.

A .75 Tweeter of a frequency of 20kHz; which is actually impressive. It is also known to have a 50W power output.

The design of the Mackie CR3 is impressive and simple. Only one of the speakers houses the amplifier while the other is passive. This helps to cause a nice level of balance to occur in the tone produced. To get things working all you have to do is plug the power cord in the outlet, two wires will run from the active speaker to the passive one, plug your audio source into the active one and you’re good to go.

The active speaker contains a majority of the main sound inputs and even the volume. You won’t find any equalizer options for a speaker at this price. Also, the volumes of both speakers are linked and you can’t reduce them independently but don’t expect much at this price.

One of its nicest features is the ability to change the side of the active speaker. All you have to do is flick a switch to toggle it from left to right or vice versa. It can be a way to offer you some flexibility. It is helpful in scenarios of short cables.

Also, the volume/on-off button is placed at the front of the speaker to make it easily accessible. This makes the monitors easy to control. A lot of other large monitors do not have this feature because manufacturers expect them to be controlled by other devices.

The input and output ports are also found at the front. This means that you can easily plug in your phone as an input or make use of your headphones as output without interfering with anything at the back.

Who should buy the Mackie CR3?

They are great speakers that are good for anyone who works with sound such as vloggers, filmmakers, musicians and so on.

Because of the quality of the tune that comes out of these speakers, they can be used to replace computer speakers or TV speakers.

It’s actually a reliable piece to use but you have to be careful with your expectations. If you’re able to set things right, you may just avoid spending to get those $500 monitors or speakers. It’s a very good value for money.


The Mackie CR3 speakers would do no harm when used. However, there may be a need for some corrections, settings or tunings when it is to be used for professional purposes. Look to take advantage of all the benefits of this speaker.