[SOLVED!] Moondrop Aria Vs. Starfield: Sibling Rivalry


Introduced in the early 2020s, Moondrop Aria and Moondrop Starfield have earned Moondrop great fame but the rivalry between the siblings is intense as well. In use, Moondrop Starfield offers a dynamic and energetic audio profile ideal for pop, rock, electronic, … Meanwhile, Moondrop Aria provides a balanced and neutral sound well-suited for listening, monitoring, … If the topic of Moondrop Aria vs. Starfield piques your curiosity, my article is for you. 


Moondrop Aria Moondrop Starfield
Appearance Sleek design and aesthetic shell Premium metallic finish
Sound  Balanced and  neutral sound Dynamic with bass and treble emphasis
Build  Well-crafted and lightweight Sturdy metal housing
Noise Isolation Consistent isolation thanks to in-ear design Enhanced isolation as a result of metal housing

Moondrop Aria Vs. Starfield: Insights


Moondrop Aria features an elegant modern design with a cold matte shell and patterned gold stripes. As a whole, it gives a classy aesthetic that simultaneously captures the attention of its users and defines itself as a unique product. About Moondrop Starfield, it boasts a premium metallic finish that makes it look elegant and sophisticated. Besides that, it incorporates a stained-gloss glitter surface with a blue inner color that never fails to shine. 


Moondrop Aria delivers a neutral and balanced sound with well-defined mids and treble. Its sound profile prioritizes accuracy to make each audio element clear so it’s popular among users who desire clear audio representation. In the case of Starfield, since it puts together an exciting sound with emphasized bass and treble, it guarantees an energetic listening experience. Needless to say, it earns a shower of praise from people who listen to dynamic genres like rock, pop, etc.


To put it plainly, Moondrop Aria and Moondrop Starfield both have impressive build quality. 

Aria’s shell is well-crafted and showcases precision engineering for the best functionality. In the course of operation, it feels solid and holds together like a champ despite rough handling. Regarding Moondrop Starfield, it sports a metal housing that can take everything you throw at it. Its ability to endure hits makes Aria the superior model in Moondrop Aria vs. Starfield once it comes to ruggedness. 

Noise Isolation

Since Moondrop invests heavily in noise isolation, Moondrop Aria and Starfield excel at isolating noise, mainly because of their in-ear design. However, it is important to point out that Starfield’s metal casing adds some extra noise isolation and improves the listening experience. Therefore, those that care about noise isolation think of Starfield as the winner in Moondrop Aria vs. Starfield.

Note: For your information, noise isolation depends on whether the ear tips sit snugly in your ears. Well-fitted ear tips should squeeze on your ears and manually block out most of the noise.


Moondrop Aria is designed for comfort and integrates a compact build that allows for a snug fit.  It is light as well so you can wear it for a long period of time without getting uncomfortable or irritated. For Starfield, it also scores well in terms of ergonomics and people should have a good time using it. Its design is able to secure a pleasant and secure fit that won’t squeeze the ear and facilitate removal. 

Here, different users have different opinions but Aria’s lightweight will grant a higher level of comfort than that of Starfield.


In layman’s terms, Moondrop Aria and Starfield possess many similarities and differences. Still, their differences show specializations rather than weaknesses so it’s up to you to decide.  Compared to Moondrop Aria, Moondrop Starfield offers a more dynamic sound profile applicable for a wider range of genres. While Moondrop Aria is cheaper than Starfield, you should get more value from Starfield in the long run. 

Take your budget into account and make your purchase accordingly. 

Shopping For IEM Earphones: Guidelines 

  • Number of ear tips: IEM ear tips nowadays use all sorts of materials: rubber, silicon, foam, hybrid. A good IEM model must give you several choices so you can choose the one that presents the best fit and functionality. Silicon tips used to be quite popular but more and more users opt to change to foam since foam delivers superior passive noise cancellation.
  • Driver. In-ear monitors utilize dynamic and balanced armature drivers that differentiate their sound from earphones with only dynamic drivers. A couple of IEMs have more than one driver which improves sound production as a whole. For instance, high-end IEMs sometimes have multiple driver units but they don’t necessarily create the best sound for every genre. 
  • Cable and mics: Many in-ear monitors come alongside detachable cables that prove handy on various occasions. When a need arises, you may replace damaged cables, store cables and earphones separately for ease of organization, buy separate Bluetooth modules and so on. Most high-end IEMs don’t have in-line mics since they are exclusively for studio monitoring and performance. Feel free to get entry-level and mid-range IEMs with mics for gaming and making clear calls.