[SOLVED!] Rickenbacker 360 Vs. 330: What You Must Know


You have nothing but admiration for models in the Rickenbacker 300 Series but struggle to make a decision once it comes to Rickenbacker 360 vs. 330? Then you should spare some time to take a look at this article. Down below is everything that you must keep in mind about Model 360 and Model 330 in the Rickenbacker 300 Series. Read to the end to be able to tell which guitar suits you most. 

An Overview Of The Models


If you set up Model 360 and Model 330 next to each other, you should see that the former is longer than the latter by a quarter of an inch. Aside from that, the models feature different fretboard inlays: Model 360 packs triangle inlays while Model 330 contains dot inlays. In case you don’t know, the triangular inlays use crushed pearls but the dot inlays use pearls. Last but not least, Model 360 incorporates inlays with round edges and binding on the back edges while Model 330 possesses the trademark Rickenbacker “slash” soundhole.

Note: Model 360 and Model 330 used to have similar necks but 330s nowadays have narrower and chunkier necks than 360s. 


Both models integrate the twin truss rod adjustment which could take some time to get used to. In addition, if you desire tension, the low action of Model 360 and Model 330 would cause some issues in the beginning. Still, in play, models from the Rickenbacker 300 Series prove versatile and work well in vintage music. Assuming that you have the time to practice, you should have no trouble mastering 330 as well as 360.


To casual listeners, Model 360 and Model 330 sound identical but a few differences exist. In most of the cases, 360s have cleaner and more focused sound while 330s have more distorted tones. In detail, the Model 360 boasts a more sophisticated sound but Model 330 delivers a more aggressive and punky sound. 


All in all, guitars made by Rickenbacker seem expensive but the quality of the models matches the steep prices. In the case of Rickenbacker 360 vs. 330, 360s cost more than 330s so to budget-minded guitarists, Model 330 is the one that comes out on top. 

Rickenbacker 360 Vs. 330: Summary

SpecificationsRickenbacker 330Rickenbacker 360
Body TypeSemi-AcousticSemi-Acoustic
Body WoodMapleMaple
Neck WoodMapleMaple
Neck BindingNoYes
Fingerboard WoodRosewoodRosewood
Fret Marker StyleDotTriangle
No. Frets2424
Scale Length24 ¾ – inch24 ¾-inch
No. of Pickups22
Type of PickupsHi-gainHi-gain
Output TypeMonoMono and Stereo
Overall Length39 ½-inch39 ¾-inch
Weight8.0 lbs8.0 lbs

Rickenbacker: An In-Depth Guide 


Rickenbacker International Corporation is a string instrument manufacturer located in Santa Ana, California. The corporation was the first producer of electric guitars with a steel guitar in 1932 and throughout its history, it has produced a variety of electric guitars and basses. Well-known users of Rickenbacker products include George Harrison of the Beatles, Roger McGuinn of the Byrds, Pete Townshend of the Who, Tom Petty, etc. 

Summary Of Rickenbacker 360 Vs. 330

Both models belong to the Rickenbacker 300 Series and between the two, Model 330 boasts superior sales records. At the moment, Model 330, Model 360 and Model 4003 make up  70% of the sales of the company. A little-known fact about Rickenbacker 360 was that it was once produced with slanted frets for “a natural finger angle” but the company eventually had to switch back to perpendicular frets due to the negative responses. There is also an interesting story about Rickenbacker 330: a version with a light organ built-in was available from 1970 to 1974 and it was known as Rickenbacker 331. 


Different guitarists look for different things in their guitars so the community is at odds about the winner in Rickenbacker 360 vs. 330. To make a wise investment, it’s strongly recommended that you take your needs and requirements into account.