[SOLVED!] The Contest Of Epicness: Epiphone 335 Vs. 339


Needless to say, once it comes to determining the winner in Epiphone 335 vs. 339, aspects such as specifications, features and so on prove influential. From the outside, Epiphone 335 and 339 seem nearly identical but they actually differ from each other in a few regards. If you struggle to tell which model is the instrument you need, my article is going to be of use to you. Down below is everything that you should know about the Epiphone guitars. 


 Epiphone 335Epiphone 339
Body SizeFull-size semi-hollowReduced size semi-hollow
Dimensions16″ (W) x 2.75″ (D) x 20″ (L)14.25″ (W) x 1.75″ (D) x 19.75″ (L)
Best GenresJazz, blues and classic rockBlues, rock, indie and jazz
Access to Higher FretsIt may be less convenient for someOffers excellent access for lead players
TonalityFull and warm sound with solid resonanceFocused, modern and articulate
Scale Length24.75 inches (628.65 mm)24.75 inches (628.65 mm)

Epiphone 335 Vs. 339: Reviews Of The Guitars


As a full-size semi-hollow guitar, Epiphone 335 resembles the classic Gibson ES-335 at a glance. Measuring 16 inches in width, 2.75 inches in depth, and 20 inches in length, Epiphone gives off a big-bodied feel. On the other hand, inspired by Gibson ES-339, Epiphone 339 is more compact than Epiphone 335. Consequently, Epiphone 339 is held in high esteem by those who find full-size guitars unwieldy. 


Being semi-hollow guitars, Epiphone 335 and 339 have similar tonal properties: their sound is warm and resonant plus the sustain is amazing. Additionally, the semi-hollow design also adds to the acoustic properties of Epiphone guitars and gives them a distinctive character. That being said, the large body of Epiphone 335 means it’s superior to Epiphone 339 in terms of resonance and low-end richness. About Epiphone 339, its small body results in focused and tight sounds that emphasize the midrange.


The Epiphone guitars look a lot like each other if you disregard the size, F-hole and double-cutaway designs. Therefore, once it comes to aesthetics, preferences will be decisive in most of the cases. 

Ease Of Use

In case you don’t know, owing to its short scale length, Epiphone 339 boasts a lower string tension compared to that of Epiphone 335. As a result, lead players who incorporate techniques like bending and vibrato rate Epiphone 339 above Epiphone 335 in Epiphone 335 vs. 339.  Meanwhile, the long scale length of Epiphone 335 requires the guitarist to exert more strength to play its strings. However, thanks to its long scale length, Epiphone 335 guarantees enhanced sustain, improved clarity and boosted intonation. 

Of course, as the larger guitar between the two, Epiphone 335 is heavier than Epiphone 339. Depending on the settings, the mass of Epiphone 335 can cause handling issues in draw-out gigs and tours. For Epiphone 339, since it’s small and compact, its portability is by all accounts outstanding. If you desire a guitar the feel comfortable to carry over an extended period of time, go for Epiphone 339. 


Both guitars pack tip-top adaptability and can handle a wide range of music styles like rock, jazz, …Various guitarists believe that Epiphone 335 is ideal for blues and jazz as those genres match its sound characteristics.  Regarding Epiphone 339, its tight sound is well-suited for rock-inspired tones. Aside from that, it’s possible to use Epiphone 339 cut through the mix when a need arises. 

Final Words 

In layman’s terms, Epiphone 335 and 339 share many similarities that make it difficult to choose between them. Once it comes to Epiphone 335 vs. 339, the main considerations should be play style and music taste. If you are a fan of classic, full-bodied sound that focuses on low-end warmth then 335 is your best bet. About Epiphone 339, it’s a wise investment for players that desire emphasis on the midrange. 

Naturally, you should assess your physis while playing to ensure that you won’t waste money. Epiphone 399’s small size permits players to reach upper frets with relative ease and support complex chord voicings. Meanwhile, Epiphone 355 is a solid model for large guitarists that can manipulate it at their leisure. 

Pickups On Epiphone 335 And 339: Compilation 

It’s important to point out that a number of variations exist in terms of pickups on Epiphone 335 vs. 339. For most of the time, the variations depend on the year of production and the model you get. The Epiphone guitars typically come alongside humbucker pickups that prove popular for their thick and warm tones. Specific models have different configurations: some have stock pickups and deliver vintage-inspired tones while others have high-output pickups with aggressive and modern sounds. You should review the specifications on the model you like and note changes in electronics and pickups. Manufacturers will provide detailed information on each product to ensure customer satisfaction.