SOLVED! - Travelers Guitar Review: A guitar for the road

A guitar is a popular musical instrument and has been in existence for quite some time. Yes, there have been changes in how the instrument is designed and improvements have been made. However, none has come close to the innovative designs which are common to the Travelers guitar. 

Just its name implies this guitar is designed to help reduce the size and weight of the regular guitar. The Travelers Guitar Ultra-Light is one model that is clearly designed for this purpose. It is completely different from the traditional shape and is lightweight. This guitar possesses one of the least seen shapes and offers something completely different. Manufacturers of this guitar refer to it as the smallest, lightest full-scale travel guitar. Let’s take a closer look at the guitar and see how it compares to other similar products. 

What is the Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light?

It is one of the best travel guitars available and is a product of the company, Traveler Guitar. This little guitar was made from the Eastern American hard maple. It is available in a variety of finishes namely; black, antique, brown and natural. These finishes help to ensure the attractive nature of the grain. The guitar is small and barely about 28″ long. This makes it very easy to travel even on an airplane. It is also lightweight and weighs just over 2lbs (3lbs with the case). So, you don’t get to pay additional cargo charges. 

The neck is made from a one-piece maple body. The fretboard and all the 22 medium frets. It is designed with a lap frame and it makes it easier for you to sit and play. The hand-friendly smooth satin also makes the guitar comfortable to hold. It’s a playable travel guitar that is well-built. 

The guitar doesn’t come with a headstock. So, how do you get to tune your guitar? The neck of the guitar doubles as the headstock. Overall, the other hardware features of the guitar are known to be state-of-the-art. Also, the ultra-light comes with its custom soft gig bag. 

While the Ultra-Light is unplugged, it’s quite silent. It produces as much sound as likely another unplugged guitar. This means you shouldn’t be expecting to make use of it on its own. It would be useless for such a purpose and would produce little or no sound. Now, you obviously can’t make use of this guitar at a campfire or any event but it can still serve as very useful practice material. Basically, you’ll be able to practice with it anywhere without necessarily disturbing anyone. This guitar is built for traveling and it would definitely allow you to practice at your convenience. 

However, to get the most out of the guitar you would need to plug it into an amplifier. Once plugged, the piezo pickup can be trusted to do a very good job with the quality of the tone which it delivers. The major drawback of the sound produced by this guitar is the lack of a volume button. But there’s still a way to get around this and enjoy the instrument. 

Features of the Travelers Guitar Ultra-Light

Expert craftsmanship. The amount of work put into the design of this guitar is remarkable. One look at it may leave you confused by its awkward shape. However, this shape is due to the fact that this instrument was built to completely suit all the needs of a traveler. There’s a considerable difference between the Travelers Guitar and a regular guitar. This means that this special guitar will take up less space and is very convenient to move around with. 

The Travelers Guitar has a body that is 24% shorter and 64% lighter than a Les Paul. It’s worth noting that this smaller size doesn’t mean a compromise in quality. It still contains a 100% neck and scale length fretboard. 

Detachable Lap Frame. The guitar comes with a detachable lap frame. There’s no hiding it that the Travelers Guitar Ultra-Light is abnormally shaped. This shape can be a problem when trying to play in different positions. The purpose of the detachable lap frame is to make it easier to play the guitar while sitting down. 

Variety of finishes. The guitar is available in different finishes. These include; brown, antique, black and natural. 

Patented Stethophone. Now, the silent practice was mentioned earlier. The Travelers Guitar Ultra-Light is great for silent practice and the stethophone makes everything better. It allows you to listen to yourself without any noise as you practice. The telephone is quite sensitive and it’s a custom feature of the Travelers Guitar. It makes it quite different and innovative from all other guitars that are available. 


  • Durable guitar. The guitar is made from maple and designed to ensure that it is tough and resistant to damage. That is why people can travel with it. 
  • A variety of finishes are available for it. These finishes help to ensure that the guitar stays attractive and suits your style
  • It is very useful for silent practice. The stethophone further helps to make things easier when practicing. 
  • Can be used for a variety of playing styles and genres
  • Comfortable to hold, play and maneuver. The smooth satin finish on the neck helps to ensure this. Also, the detachable lap frame makes it possible for guitarists to play while seated. 
  • Portable and easy to carry around. It’s a small guitar and easier to transport or carry with you on your journeys. 
  • Tuning keys are kept in the neck to prevent damage to them. 
  • Comes with a custom gig bag


  • Can’t be played without plugging it in

Final Thoughts

The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light is almost perfect. It was designed to suit travelers and does it well. The design ensures that no space was wasted and at the end of the day, you still have an effective instrument to play. It’s a guitar that offers good value for money.