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laptop Waves Maxxaudio Pro best setting is a common searchphrase of Waves Maxxaudio Pro users that wish to improve audio quality as much as possible. Changes that people must make to optimize audio lie in the settings of Waves Maxxaudio Pro and Realtek sound card. To have a good experience while using Waves Maxxaudio Pro, you should spare some time to check out this article.

Characteristics Of The Application: Summary

illustrative image of waves maxxaudio pro best setting Generally speaking, in order to get the best setting for Waves Maxxaudio Pro, it’s of utmost importance that you familiarize yourself with its attributes. While everyone would be to figure out most of the basics all by themselves after messing around a bit, you better remember the following fundamentals: 
  • As Waves Maxxaudio Pro often run next to the operating system, you could open it using the active task tray.  So just look for the program icon and double-click it to open the application.  
  • To adjust the playback of your computer’s speakers, go to Equalizer which is the first tab in the application. Once everything is up to your liking, hit Save in order to access the same sound setting in the future. 
  • If you want to retrieve a saved equalization, all you have to do is to click “Load Preset” then select the sound setting you desire. 
  • Through the ‘Dimension” menu of Waves Maxxaudio Pro, it’s possible to test the integrated audio function of the application. Get a headset, connect it to your laptop and begin the test by playing songs.
  • You feel that the sound recording angle is barely acceptable? Then all you have to do is to head straight to the “Voice” menu to find the best catch position. In the same menu, you could record audios with camera and speaker of your laptop. Overall, the Waves application is able to record long videos as well as repeat presentations.       

Optimizing The Laptop Sound Setting: What Needs To Be Done

illustrative image of waves maxxaudio pro best setting All in all, as different users often have different preferences, it’s natural to see considerable variances between opinions about Waves Maxxaudio Pro best setting. Nonetheless, in the case you hate the default factory setting, you should make these adjustments:

In Waves Maxxaudio Pro

  • Tick MaxxBass (full bar), MaxxTreble (1/11 bar), MaxxDialog (half bar), Maxx Stereo (half bar) and MaxxExciter in the Control Panel 
  • In the Equalizer, set up the dB as follow: -3 dB (31), 1 dB (63), 1 dB (125), -1 dB (250) and 3 dB (16k) 
  • Finally, head over to Default (Speaker) Format and choose the highest format available (24bits, 192,000Hz) 

In Realtek Sound Card 

  • Enable “Loudness Equalization” as well as ‘Virtual Surround” 
  • Check “Equalizer” then go inside it and pick the “Powerful” preset 
  • Reduce the 4K all the way down  
  • Enable full-range speakers (Front left and right)
  • Enable “Stereo Mix” 
Assuming that you have done everything as instructed above, the sound performance of your computer would improve by large margins. Of course, feel free to go back and make adjustments if you don’t think what you have is the Waves Maxxaudio Pro best setting

Troubleshooting Audio Issues In Laptops

illustrative image of waves maxxaudio pro best setting So after making toms of change with Waves Maxxaudio Pro, the sound performance of your computer remains less than ideal? In that case, it’s strongly recommended that you follow the troubleshooting suggestion down below:
  • Restart: In a lot of cases, a simple reboot is more than enough to resolve whatever troubles you have with your laptop including persistent audio issues. Needless to say, remember to save current works before restarting. 
  • Check out the connections: Obviously, if the audio connectors of your laptop experience problems, the sound performance would suffer. Hence, check out the cables and plugs for odd signs. 
  • Set default playback device: In layman’s terms, the default playback device is the device that your laptop would use in order to play sound. Once you connect headphones, speakers and other audio devices to your computer, it’s going to prioritize the default device. 
  • Update driver and BIOS: By updating the drivers and BIOS of your laptop every now and then, you could keep your software stable compatible with other modules in the system. So if the sound performance falls short of expectations then it’s wise to check out for the newest updates.  
  • Perform A Windows System Restore: As an integrated Windows tool, System Restore is often used to repair the operating system. In the case System Restore still fails to address your audio issues then the only remaining option is to restore your laptop to factory settings. 
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