[SOLVED!] Where are the Breedlove Guitars made? Secret Revealed


The inception of the Breedlove Legacy

The current times have witnessed the rise of Breedlove as one of the most adored acoustic guitars in the entire world. Apart from the market statistics and being one of the highest sold acoustic guitars of the past decade, Breedlove guitars have a long run legacy which is quite rare among the other brands. Renowned for its extremely innovative and precise sound quality as well as high end finishing, the Breedlove guitars have long been the favourites of many internationally renowned artists who have praised each and every aspect of the creation of Kim Breedlove, its founder.

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Where are the Breedlove Guitars made?

Well, this is the reason why we are here; where are the Breedlove guitars made? Well, Breedlove guitars are based in Bend, in the state of Oregon in the United States of America. Although Breedlove guitars were made exclusively in the US till 2003 with their Breedlove Discovery series, yet, it was this year when they expanded and made some guitars for the Asian market. With the Korea-based Atlas series of acoustic guitars, Breedlove becomes a global brand an today. It has manufacturing units in South Korea, Indonesia as well as China, apart from the US.  

One thing which might trouble you is that, can these Koran-manufactured guitars match up with the quality of the American ones? Well, you do not need to worry because Breedlove Guitars provides quality assurance and each and every product is individually checked for any issues and flaws.

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Mahogany- The Heart and Soul of a Breedlove

Mahogany is, perhaps, the heart and soul of an acoustic guitar and in recent years, it has become one of the most favoured materials for making acoustic guitars. Apart from being extremely lightweight and handy, the guitars made out of mahogany provides an unparalleled and unique feel to the player and also provides an amazing sound, which is perfect for outdoor shows and concerts.

Where it’s found?

Mahogany wood is mostly found in the southern rainforest of Mexico as well as in the interiors of Central America. The timber of mahogany is also exported from various areas of Bolivia and Southern Brazil. Apart from this, a quite thing about mahogany is that it acts as the national coat of arms as well as the national tree for Belize.

Mahogany is available in various colours, which vary from a lighter shade of brown to some darker shades. You can also find mahogany timbers which are slightly reddish in colour and since the overall tonewood of mahogany is deep and warm, it tends to balance the sound of an acoustic guitar and produces a soothing and balanced tune.

Tonewood of Mahogany

The reason which makes mahogany the ideal fit for making acoustic guitars is that the guitars which are made out of mahogany timber tend to provide a sustainable as well as a resonant tune, which is extremely peaceful to your senses. It is so famous that most of the guitar players have preferred mahogany over other Timber since it provides the most balanced sound compared to all of them. Apart from giving a balanced tune, guitars which are made out of mahogany timber provide a stable and soft touch as well as a warmer sound which makes it one of the most preferred among the experienced guitar players.

Mahogany Guitars

Breedlove has been known to make various guitars having different tonewoods, but the ones which were made with mahogany should get special attention. In recent times, Breedlove has released a range of USA series acoustic guitars which are made of the finest mahogany tonewood. Courtesy of its mahogany base, these guitars are known for having the finest finishing among the other acoustics. With a sleek dimension of 2mm on the rear and 5mm on the top, the USA series is carved out of the mahogany from Honduras and is known to be one of the lightest acoustic guitars you can see around. 

To conclude it all, it can be easily said that mahogany is the best tonewood for an acoustic guitar. Be its warmer tone or balanced sound, Breedlove guitars have brought the best out of mahogany in their guitars. And with precise control and easy manoeuvrability, mahogany is, surely, a secret ingredient of Breedlove’s success recipe.

Legends who donned the Breedlove

Frankly speaking, some of the best country artists have donned the Breedlove guitars during their prime and delivered some of their best with a Breedlove in their hands. The list of successful Breedlove veterans includes the following:

  • Lee Thomas Miller
  • Ed Roland
  • Lisa Loeb
  • Billy Goodwin
  • Lawrence Gowan
  • David Hodges
  • Craig Morgan and this list go on and on.

Why is Breedlove Guitars so Renowned?

Breedlove guitars are so well-known because of two main factors, which are mentioned as follows:

  • Overall Build Quality:

Extremely innovative design and sharp as well as balanced tones are the factors which have made Breedlove guitars a beauty to possess. The overall design and structure of a Breedlove acoustic guitar give it a premium touch and players have appreciated the overall design quality of them.

  • Amazing Sound Quality

Apart from being one of the most loved acoustic guitars for indoor events, Breedlove guitars have also come up as a top-notch option for most of the concert and other outdoor events. A rare compilation of sleek mahogany body with a precise and compact structure has bestowed the Breedlove guitars with one of the finest sound qualities. Apart from the mahogany base, you get an option of rosewood and Maplewood which adds to its distinct and unique pitch quality.

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To conclude, it would be absolutely correct and appropriate to state that courtesy of its extremely fine structure and amazing sound quality, Breedlove guitars have become the prime choice for most of the guitar players and with quality assurance of American standards, you will always get the best from the Breedlove guitars.